“We are not afraid” people are just afraid of being called racist

After the latest enriching diversity-violence in London, an old meme quickly reemerged from the cobweb-covered wardrobe of white pathology and UK government propaganda.

‘We are not afraid’ first appeared immediately after the 7/7 bombings in London 2005, attributed to some pleb, but was rapidly adopted as a central piece of government and media propaganda under the Blair government.

You know, sometimes it’s just not appropriate to say you’re ‘not afraid’.

That statement implies you are afraid. Afraid of dealing with the real cause of the problem. You’re afraid of having to confront reality. You’re afraid of all of the accumulated lies you’ve absorbed and consented to spilling out over the floor, and how that will make you look. How are you going to explain them ? How are you going to explain to people in your life that you’ve actually been trying to harm them with these lies ?

You’re deeply afraid of being made a social pariah, of being called a racist. And you would rather people die and get maimed than be called a racist.

You are afraid. You are pathetic.

Terrorism is easy to be brave and stoic with, it’s ‘abstract’, ‘out there somewhere’ and the actual day-to-day risks of death from terrorism are still remote, albeit significantly increased by the presence of non-white populations.

Being brave and defiant towards the idea of a kind of abstract violence that you will probably never have to confront, claiming you will ‘not let it divide us’ allows you to signal your compliance to power, to demonstrate you are a ‘good person’, bypassing the actual reason it happened at all.

It must feel great to be a useful idiot –reinforcing the narrative and taboo of diversity, thereby ensuring more people are victims of terrorism.

The right advice to Londoners, and people in the UK generally is do be afraid.

And if you’re not afraid of getting run over by some worthless hate-filled negro, with a history of racially-motivated serious assault who wants his worthless life to mean something in the eyes of other negroes, and who believed in his worthless shit-brain that Islam makes his hatred righteous, be afraid of acid being thrown in your face, of rape, of remorseless violence. Be afraid of your daughters being dragged into a Pakistani pedophile ring, and the authorities being too afraid of being called racist to do anything – my God they could really have done with the ‘We are not afraid’ meme.

Also be afraid of what your government will do to clamp down on your rights after every new terrorist act, introducing new laws about hate speech, incitement, and pushing for more internet snooping as they will always do – their real target being whites. It’s all part of the enriching effect of diversity.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


While I’ve been reading and listening to Rightist material, and picking up what major stories I can, I haven’t been able to focus on writing adequately the last couple of weeks, despite the fact there’s a lot I want to say.

Hoping to correct that now.

Milo Yiannopoulos

I have the same reservations many of us have about Milo Yiannopoulos, although when it comes to winning, and how we get there, I’m increasingly becoming less of a purist. The fact is the ‘Alt-Light’ has been extremely useful for us.

From what I can understand Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart News because of pressure over some ‘edgy’ comments he had made in a video that have been presented as an endorsement of pedophilia.

Again I have many reservations about Yiannopoulos, but I suspect the allegation is somewhat disingenuous, or at least certainly hypocritical.

We can look at this in two ways: that there could be limits to the role of homosexuality on the Right (considering the Right as a broad spectrum not just WN), and that it will have a tendency to degenerate into advocating for pedophilia and pederasty. Then that person, whatever their political and rhetorical skills, is going to rightfully become a prime target for other conservatives.

Or we could say there has been a concerted effort to ‘get’ Yiannopoulos for a long time, to break him away from his own platforms, not because they really believe he’s one of us, which he clearly isn’t, but because he’s undermining to an ultimately -anti-white- discourse –helping shift the window of acceptable discussion away from the Left’s constraints by attacking Islam, feminism, political correctness while at the same time endorsing a president who’s interested in immigration restriction. And where will that end, right ?

The situation is also disturbing, as the media and the Left really doesn’t dislike pedophilia and in fact are insidiously pushing the world towards an acceptance of pedophilia along the same lines as homosexuality and transgenderism.

From a post from /pol sourced by Vox Day:

Milo, Southern, McInnes, Crowder, Compound Media are basically the right’s version of MSNBC/Vice/Daily Show/Colbert Report. I’d also toss in Alex Jones, but Jones is considered a whole other beast in than the others in a lot of ways, by my fellow journalists so I’m leaving him out.

Them being on the internet also puts them beyond the traditional media’s reach to silence them. And they are bringing in the young conservatives and converting jaded, pissed off liberals to the right.

They want them dead, now while they are still on the brink of mainstream acceptance, because the left is TERRIFIED of the right having their own version of John Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Samantha Bee/John Oliver types and the mainstream media definitely wants to kneecap the right claiming any significant internet territory to rival the left’s control over most of the internet.

Random thoughts on the Left

Two worlds currently coexist which are completely incompatible with each other. The first is an emerging nationalist, populist and for us, racial world, the other is a globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world.

The overwhelming bulk of mainstream discourse supports the globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world by spreading lies and delegitimizing its primary intended victims: whites.

But when the propaganda of that system no longer works, however loudly it tries, when it’s been peeled away as a ridiculous offensive lie, when more and more people know it’s a lie, that system no longer has a certain future. Change has to come. It’s only a matter of time. And I think we are seeing some signs of that, of which President Trump is obviously a considerable factor.

Naturally a lot of people still want to cling desperately to the old world. To cling on to the lie. They want to believe they are ‘fighting Nazis’ and ‘ending hate’ etc. Some of them really want to believe in a post-racial utopia, even though they strenuously avoid living in it themselves, preferring their gated mono-racial communities. They really want to believe Trump is Hitler just for having some sensible and quite moderate ideas about immigration. It makes them feel good to believe that. Indeed, it makes them feel good to have the approval of Jewish power, and the approval of others who are also under the thrall of Jewish power.

Whether those people can ever be fixed or not, remains an open question, but it’s an increasingly less important one. For now they have chosen their side simply because it makes them feel like bigger, more important people.

Meanwhile, what is becoming clear from some of the violence of the Left, which is nothing new, is that this war won’t be won by reason alone. Our enemies are not reasonable, do not listen to reason, and do not hold reasonable positions. That means they should not be treated reasonably.

I haven’t looked into this in depth, but I strongly suspect Antifa is basically Jews with very priviliged parents on top selling drugs, and underneath a swarm of degenerates and broken damaged young people buying drugs and who are looking for a sense of group belonging. They are looking to ‘fit in’ and will do stuff to please those at the top of their social hierarchy. It’s a pretty pathetic life, full of self-hatred, full of denial, full of pain. I should know. Part of my teenage years were regrettably spent around something not so dissimilar.

Perhaps if the drugs were removed they could see things a little clearer, but drugs on the developing mind + self hatred fueled by Jewish propaganda is a pretty lethal combination.

Clearly this contingent of the Left intends violence, and should be treated exclusively as such.

But not all variations of the Left are quite so loyal to all aspects of Jewish power. The anti-globalization and anti-Zionist left, while it may frequently pay homage to notions of anti-racism has been a thorn in the side of Jewish groups for a long time -as a ‘new antisemitism’. It might be useful for the Right to exploit this with the intention to collapse the Left entirely.

Millennial Woes

Despite intending to, I hadn’t written anything about Millennial Woes yet on here, the popular Scottish vlogger who’s become something a hub for a lot of AltRight discussion on YouTube, and who was recently spitefully ‘doxxed’, i.e his real name exposed by a Scottish newspaper.

I’d like to comment a little more about this shortly, but for now, I think the good thing is MW has built up quite a support network through his channel that can help. As I understand it, he’s not a fugitive in the sense of being a criminal on the run, but certainly I can understand why he would feel that way.

When I first came across his work about a year ago, my very first impressions were this was great, I liked his style a lot, and his verbal skills. At the same time, I also thought wouldn’t it be great if there were a 1000 Millenial Woes doing this or 10,000 ? I had hoped he would inspire others to get in front of the camera and start talking about the issues. There’s a safety in numbers, and it would send a clear signal that our message isn’t going to be marginalized by threats.

After MW appeared at the NPI conference, the UK media started to take more of an interest in him. It was clearly intolerable to the Jewish establishment and their controlled minions that a guy from the UK could hold these views.

Here is some commentary on his current situation:

Remembering Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015)

A nice post found on Stormfront by someone called Advocate reflecting on the late Michael Collins Piper.

I met Mike at the 2005 Euro Conference. We spoke together during the socializing and rode on the shuttle to the air port after the conference ended. What a great guy!

A couple of weeks later there was a package in the mail for me. It was a brand spanking new copy of the latest edition of Final Judgment that was personally inscribed to me by the author himself. Here he was a pillar of the movement and the author of many wonderful books and he was kind enough to send to me, a comparative nobody, a copy of his most important book and sign it to me.

We met at other events and became friends and correspondents. I was a faithful listener to his pod casts and ocassionally he would share with his audience some interesting historical nugget I came across and emailed him. It was always a thrill for me to hear him mention something I brought to his attention. To think that I could add to his encyclopedic knowledge was very exciting to me.

He was always a gentleman and unwavering in his life long search to find the truth and write about it.

During the last tumultuous year with the TRUMP candidacy and all the other political developments, I often thing of Michael Collins Piper and wonder what he would have to say about it. I wish he could have lived to see it, whatever its long term significance might be. How many times have I said silently to myself, “What would Mike Piper say about this?”

Apart from TRUMP, there has been a WHITE AWAKENING and Michael contributed a great deal to it.

A great voice in a great cause has fallen silent, but the power of his written word and the many contributions will survive.

Thank you for posting this thread.


Happy Christmas to all.