Jewish pressure gets holocaust revisionist books removed from Amazon but the holocaust is already broken

I see that a campaign in the world’s media, complaining that there were ‘holocaust denial’ books available on Amazon, and that this was unacceptable amidst a ‘new wave’ of antisemitism has been successful:

Amazon UK has removed four books from sale which question or deny the Holocaust, following discussions with the Board of Deputies.

The titles, including ‘Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told’ and ‘The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry,’ were withdrawn from sale this week, despite it being legal to sell them in the UK.

This action was the culmination of a broad campaign by Jewish groups to shame Amazon, who really need little persuasion anyway to drop these titles. And you have probably noticed that every few years a ‘new wave’ of antisemitism, or a ‘new antisemitism‘ is announced by Jewish groups, as a justification for some neurotic incursion on the choices of the others.

Of course this latest outrage is not some moral accomplishment, or the righting of some injustice as Jewish groups claim, rather it’s the creation of a considerable injustice, and makes Amazon appear partisan, corrupt and incapable of their job as a retailer.

At the heart of these actions lies Jewish narcissism and Jewish hatred. Jewish groups are looking around to find things that might be a threat to their identity, even though they spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to undermine the identity of other groups, especially whites. They then abuse their collective power to shame companies into complying with their identity. It’s really that pathetic, by presenting the issue as a moral outrage, claiming the retailer is ‘supporting hate’ Jews get to dictate how the world is supposed to see them.

Look, as we all know, the holocaust is used as a weapon:

  • To promote the idea of uniqueness of Jews as victims, and therefore the uniqueness of Jews as people.
  • To instill whites with guilt about pursuing their own destiny.
  • To provide a moral cover for Israel’s crimes in the Middle East.

And it’s been an extremely effective weapon.

Material that interferes with that weapon has long been the subject of attack by Jewish groups who are terrified of different views of the holocaust becoming normalized. I don’t think it’s doubts about the alleged six million they really fear, a but a sense of their weapon, and therefore cultural influence slipping. They dread the day the world isn’t walking on eggshells around their sensibilities.

We do need to take these things seriously though. Every time a book that isn’t favorable to Jewish interests is banned, it’s a symbolic victory for Jewish organizations, and these actions accumulate to form a dire poisoned culture, where everyone is only permitted to have certain thoughts, so it’s critical that we completely reject the idea that banning books Jewish groups dislike is some ‘moral milestone’.

Thinking about holocaust revisionism, I have a lot of time for Germar Rudolf, I think his work is extremely impressive and reasonable, yet in every day life, I don’t care a lot about the holocaust. I think it’s boring, and we hear far too much about it. But if I’m pushed again to think about the holocaust by the inappropriate actions of Jewish groups, I would like to reframe the issue of the holocaust itself.

For some time I have felt that because of the particular way Jews have exploited and abused whatever their collective experiences were in World War II that has included: constantly misrepresenting the period in films, television shows and books, seeking to make a ‘Jew-worship/guilt’ culture of out those experiences for Gentiles with museums and education, pushing governments to institute laws punishingly non-belief, holding up the holocaust as a justification for wars today, and even using it as the basis of an extortion racket, amongst many other issues, I personally think the debate about the extent of the mistreatment of Jews during WW2 can no longer be answered rationally in the toxic environment Jews have created around the topic, and doesn’t require one.

What I’m saying is, Jews have poisoned their own cake by their inability to resist fetishizing and misusing this. Even if it was the worst tragedy in history with a zillion victims, it’s simply impossible to ever truly voluntarily know, because that position is enforced by fear, coercion, brainwashing and punishment, and to accept that position is simply to submit or agree to that ethnic coercion on the topic. No thanks.

So who cares what happened to Jews during the War ? Please count me as a new kind of denier.

Trump Needs More Power

The media have been relentless in attacking President Trump in office so far. Their intention is to delegitimize him at every turn, particularly his policies on immigration –and his more sane approach to Russia– by wearing him down with leaks, rumors, and lies, painting his administration as bungling, ill-formed, not quite ‘real’, somehow being run or manipulated by Russia, and as a curious mistake of American history that needs to be moved on from rapidly.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, these allegations of some sort of collusion with Russia, to paint Trump effectively as a traitor, are just laughable on their face. There is only one country with an inappropriate and gross influence over the United States government, and that is Israel. Of course, the media never complains about US officials in their dealings with Israel however sordid, corrupting, abusive and undermining they are to the United States.

Trump has to be able to keep the public who voted for him on his side, and not let the media run the government for him, or detach him from it, which is what they are trying to do. At the same time, to get his ideas through, Trump has to start thinking about the machinery of government and state and how it’s going to be a barrier to him, and really ask what he can do to dismantle the layers of judicial and ideological sludge that have built up.

The Constitution, while still upholding important values, has also been deformed by decades of Jewish interpretation into something to promote equality and diversity.

It’s distasteful to consider, but it will only be a matter of time before some new Muslim terrorist atrocity happens, and Trump would benefit from a big political opportunity to acquire more power and consent and also to say, “Look I told you so”. And he needs to use any opportunity to mount an attack on the structures that are likely to be a barrier to his program.

In any event, I feel the biggest mistake Trump can make is to try to tone down his policies. He needs to go more radical, more extreme as the bargaining point, and then as politically necessary, bring his positions slightly more towards the center to give the impression of concession and flexibility and ‘politics as usual’ to his critics, this final policy with grudging consensus being the intended policy.

Random thoughts on the Left

Two worlds currently coexist which are completely incompatible with each other. The first is an emerging nationalist, populist and for us, racial world, the other is a globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world.

The overwhelming bulk of mainstream discourse supports the globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world by spreading lies and delegitimizing its primary intended victims: whites.

But when the propaganda of that system no longer works, however loudly it tries, when it’s been peeled away as a ridiculous offensive lie, when more and more people know it’s a lie, that system no longer has a certain future. Change has to come. It’s only a matter of time. And I think we are seeing some signs of that, of which President Trump is obviously a considerable factor.

Naturally a lot of people still want to cling desperately to the old world. To cling on to the lie. They want to believe they are ‘fighting Nazis’ and ‘ending hate’ etc. Some of them really want to believe in a post-racial utopia, even though they strenuously avoid living in it themselves, preferring their gated mono-racial communities. They really want to believe Trump is Hitler just for having some sensible and quite moderate ideas about immigration. It makes them feel good to believe that. Indeed, it makes them feel good to have the approval of Jewish power, and the approval of others who are also under the thrall of Jewish power.

Whether those people can ever be fixed or not, remains an open question, but it’s an increasingly less important one. For now they have chosen their side simply because it makes them feel like bigger, more important people.

Meanwhile, what is becoming clear from some of the violence of the Left, which is nothing new, is that this war won’t be won by reason alone. Our enemies are not reasonable, do not listen to reason, and do not hold reasonable positions. That means they should not be treated reasonably.

I haven’t looked into this in depth, but I strongly suspect Antifa is basically Jews with very priviliged parents on top selling drugs, and underneath a swarm of degenerates and broken damaged young people buying drugs and who are looking for a sense of group belonging. They are looking to ‘fit in’ and will do stuff to please those at the top of their social hierarchy. It’s a pretty pathetic life, full of self-hatred, full of denial, full of pain. I should know. Part of my teenage years were regrettably spent around something not so dissimilar.

Perhaps if the drugs were removed they could see things a little clearer, but drugs on the developing mind + self hatred fueled by Jewish propaganda is a pretty lethal combination.

Clearly this contingent of the Left intends violence, and should be treated exclusively as such.

But not all variations of the Left are quite so loyal to all aspects of Jewish power. The anti-globalization and anti-Zionist left, while it may frequently pay homage to notions of anti-racism has been a thorn in the side of Jewish groups for a long time -as a ‘new antisemitism’. It might be useful for the Right to exploit this with the intention to collapse the Left entirely.

What should happen to Dylann Roof ?

Dylann Roof

I haven’t seen that much written about Dylann Roof lately on the Right, who’s now been sentenced to death for the Charleston Church shooting. It’s almost as if people want to distance themselves from his fate.

I suppose one can understand that, as any glimmer of reasoned consideration to Roof could be seized upon by the media as a kind of endorsement. (The conspiracy theorist in me has niggling questions in the back of my mind about the shooting as well). But in any case, I don’t think it’s realistic, appropriate or fair to simply ignore Roof’s situation, pretending he doesn’t exist.

Taken at face value, Roof is somone who’s used violence to change politics. That would make him a terrorist by any standard definition, yet he was clearly never presented, let alone tried as one. There’s no mention of terrorism in any of the Washington Post articles about his trial, nor in his Wikipedia entry, but there are of course many references to the word ‘hate’. Consider the original federal charges against him:

…a grand jury had indicted Roof on 33 federal charges: nine counts of using a firearm to commit murder and 24 civil rights violations (12 hate crime charges under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act and 12 counts under a second hate-crime statute that prohibits using force or threatening the use of force to obstruct a person’s free exercise of religious beliefs), with 18 of the charges carrying the federal death penalty

Despite that fact that Roof’s political grievances were entirely real, apparently seeking to defend white people -through violence in this case, does not even count as an authentic political motive. It’s purely ‘hate’ and can be trivialized as such. (Compare to blacks killing cops at a BLM rally)

My personal view, is that after the ‘hate’ dimension is thrown in the trash can where it belongs, Roof’s actions –and any punishments, should be seen in the context of a racial conflict that has been imposed on white people, and where white people are overwhelmingly the victims of horrendous violence against them by blacks –and increasingly other imported groups, which is remorseless in nature. This remorselessness is inextricably a part of blackness and the laws as they stand are completely useless in dealing with black crime.

The media encourages this violence by constantly denigrating whites, and presenting attacks on whites as a victimless crime, –by simply lying about the conflict, painting whites as a group as the privileged supremacist oppressors, while blacks as a group are perpetually elevated as the ‘pious oppressed’. Day in, day out savage violence against whites by negroes is routinely explained away as a conflict between the ‘haves and have nots’, the ‘racist majority against the minority’, denied or outright justified.

The federal government in the United States is also fully aware of racial crime statistics and that they are putting white people disproportionately at risk of serious violence and death by forcing them to coexist with blacks.

So Roof has used violence to impact politics –to try to change a dire and oppressive political situation, but is himself a victim of partisan ‘hate’ laws that simply negate his motives. His politically true understanding of the situation and his authentic political demands need to be formally recognized.

Roof should not be executed to publicly cleanse the ‘sin’ of white racism – so white cucks and liberals can self-flagellate, worshiping at the altar of diversity, venerating blacks as some kind of religious icon to signal their piety to other white cucks and liberals, and their (((masters))).

Nor should Roof be executed to ‘send a signal’ to other potential white racial terrorists or to uphold the broken lying system that created him in the first place.

And Roof should not be executed because he responded to whites being killed by blacks.

In fact Roof should not be executed at all. He should be isolated to a place for white political prisoners until some formal acceptance and reconciliation is reached with the US government over the realities of racial conflict, that takes into account: the government and media’s own role in fomenting and facilitating that conflict, and that whites are overwhelmingly the victims of that conflict. He should then be conditionally released as part of a brokered deal in resolving and ending the conflict by racial divorce.

UN, Israel, Obama, Trump

If Obama really wanted a reasonable political legacy instead of the one he has: as a hollow symbol of diversity that exacerbated black hatred of whites, he should have been doing this stuff as a matter of course:

Reuters: The United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building, defying heavy pressure from long-time ally Israel and President-elect Donald Trump for Washington to wield its veto.

Trump should be congratulating Obama, or criticizing Obama that it has taken so long. But of course he’s not. He’s basically spouting on about how Israel will be in a safe pair of hands again when he takes over and this will ‘never happen again.’

I love the way Trump has shaken up American politics, the impact he’s made and the way he’s energized the Right. It’s difficult not to, but I don’t believe, as some really seem to, that it’s possible to extract a serious strategy that suits white people out of Trump’s positions on a lot of issues, including Israel. I think people give him way too much credit.

There will be people right now, scrambling to declare that Trump ‘the great negotiator’ is giving Jews what they want, or want to hear with Israel, to buy some more breathing space for white people in America, as a kind of a trade. ‘Great.’

Or they will say Trump is “setting up the Jews” and will “pull the rug out from under them later” and they will claim with absolute straight-faced certainty that the average person doesn’t get this because they “can’t see the big picture of what Trump is doing”.

This strategy– that Trump gets to build The Wall in America, and maybe tinker with immigration if he simply denies or ignores Jewish Israeli crimes in the occupied territories; that Trump can end white genocide by pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby, is a really bad one and it won’t work because collective Jewish demands are not reasonable ones, they won’t ‘stop’ at a certain point, and white genocide is key value of organized Jewry. In any implicit ‘deal’ like that, they will just consume more and more and more like a political Pacman, and what they will consume will far outweigh some watered-down version of The Wall.

Then you have Trump’s policies on Iran, which appear to mysteriously be in accord with Israel’s.

No one knows what’s really going on in Trump’s mind, but trying to please the Jewish lobby will not help whites in the long run and will just continue to dig America and the rest of the world even further into diversity, terrorism and war.

The only way for a patriotic real leader to deal with the Jewish lobby is to refuse what it wants. On this issue, at this moment in time, I’m sorry to say Obama is doing slightly better than Trump.

How Jewish power has distorted government policy, policing and social media, Gilad Atzmon

If you wanted a clear example of what’s really going on over at Twitter, and how these unacceptable purges are not constrained to ‘Nazis’, but any opponents of Jewish power and narcissism, you really you couldn’t find a better one than described by Gilad Atzmon, in his article: Twitter joined the Zionist Purge –An Interview with Jo Stowell:

“A Zionist purge is taking place on twitter. The British ultra Zionist Community Security Trust (CST) reported recently that it has been “collaborating” with the social network platform for sometime to stop the so-called ‘antisemites.’ I guess that the freedom to express your thoughts about Israel or Jewish politics is now officially restricted on Twitter. Is this going to make Israeli politics or Jewish lobbying more popular amongst those with a critical eye on politics? I really doubt it.

Every day I learn about more friends who happen to find out about their Twitter accounts being terminated for criticising Israel. The latest one, in an ever growing list of activists, is Jo Stowell, Jo is a genius photographer, a staunch opponent of the Jewish lobby as well as a master Twitterati and a supporter of the right for free speech. I spoke with Jo this morning

GA: I do realise that a score of anti Zionists have been kicked out of Twitter in recent days, can you brief us about it?

JS: Your are correct. I believe that freedom of speech in the UK is basically an illusion. UK citizens have been indoctrinated since birth to think and behave according to a historical political narrative. Anyone deviating from this “accepted” narrative is always labeled a radical, a racist, a fascist, a Nazi, a member of the far left, or far right, a Marxist, a communist, an antisemite, an islamophobe, lunatic, etc. etc.

People seem to have a visceral, as opposed to a cogent, reaction to the question of why Zionist Israelis are the only people on the planet allowed to be nationalist? In fact, you’re not even allowed to question anything about Zionist Israeli politics and power in the UK. The reaction of Twitter to me is clearly proof of that.

Anyone challenging and questioning the perceived “established order” of things is banned from Twitter and, in some cases, arrested, harassed, bullied and subject to intensive abuse (including physical threats of harm). From my perspective, the UK police are powerless to act against this abuse and in some regards are complicit in the inertia.

GA: Can you tell us about the emerging collaboration between the ultra Zionist Community Security Trust (CST) and Twitter?

JS: I first noticed the collaboration between CST and Twitter when anonymous vicious “trolls” targeted my tweets by tagging in CST along with Barnet police and/or Metropolitan Police forces. Subsequently, at approximately 1am, I was called by a policeman from Barnet Police Station (which by the way is the head quarters for CST ) who insisted on persistently calling me an antisemite. I was shocked by this action from what I was told was an “officer of the law”. Futhermore, if this was an officially sanctioned intervention, why was my local police force (Avon and Somerset) not the harbinger of such devastating accusations. The officer was dismissive, abusive and unprofessional with me and put the phone down on me when I tried to explain the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Clearly, not someone who was impartial and seeking to find out the facts.

A few days later, however, I was visited by my local police force who said there had been a complaint made against me by the CST. The CST claimed that I was inciting hatred of all Jewish people because of my tweets. I asked how I could offend a ‘charity’ and the policeman couldn’t answer. I also asked for the name of a person that I could apologise to and discuss my thoughts about Zionism and Israeli politics. The policeman refused, stating that he had no actual names and that “his hands were tied.”

So I’ve now concluded, that any Zionist Israeli, or an individual with an affiliated religious belief, in the UK can go to CST claiming to be offended and CST will target, harass and abuse the perpetrator using a network of online trolls and the UK police to do it.

What is most disturbing is that these actions are being instigated by an anonymous organisation. Think about it, a UK government funded “charity”, whose only prerogative is to stifle debate about the action of a certain state and those that affiliate themselves with it, has the power to shut people up in the UK. “

Read the entire article…

Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit

Dr Andrew Joyce/Occidental Observer: Quite apart from any ‘conspiracy theory,’ the facts about the legal challenge to Brexit are as follows:

The legal bid appears to have been initiated by Alex Chesterman, a Jewish businessman.

The bid was delegated to the law firm Mischon de Reya, founded by a Jewish lawyer, and that has retained a strong synthesis between its work and that of Jewish interests.

The legal bid has been led by a Jewish lawyer, David Pannick, QC.

In an effort to obscure the staffing and clientele behind the bid, David Pannick approached the Royal Courts of Justice to obtain masking measures for the bid.

This measure was granted by Lord Justice Sir Brian Leveson, also Jewish.

Finally, the legal bid was accepted by three judges at the High Court, two of whom, Terence Etherton and Philip Sales, are Jewish.

Read entire article…

Diversity in Britain (and everywhere) has failed. UK is a pool of brown sludge that no sane white wants to live in anymore.

The Daily Mail reports (with some fake virtue-signaling) that the UK has become a pool of unrecognizable seething, violent brown sludge that whites naturally don’t want to live in anymore:

Entire districts of British cities are becoming racially segregated as white populations move out and the proportion of ethnic minorities increases, a major report said yesterday. The study, by Professor Ted Cantle, said cities were suffering from deepening polarisation between white and minority groups that had gone largely unnoticed by academics and politicians.

Not really. It’s been willfully denied and buried by academics and politicians who don’t want to lose their careers as a result, so they have to be seen to be eagerly devouring the fecal pie of diversity and pretending it tastes like delicious top grade caviar.

Meanwhile Jewish academics celebrate white genocide, and actively advocate for more of it. I suspect this is what this report could be about.

Professor Cantle named Slough, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Bradford and a series of London boroughs as ‘areas with an increasingly dwindling white British population and growing minorities’.

His report also called for concerted state action to reverse segregation. This included the suggestion that white pupils should be diverted to schools in districts with greater ethnic minority populations;

So they will get bullied, beaten up, raped and pushed into depression and despair? So you can you feel either morally superior or ‘special’ you sickening cunt.

I can’t tell for sure if Cantle himself is Jewish and advocating a Jewish position. This site believes he is, and the Mail’s article states that he partnered with another academic who is very likely Jewish:

Professor Cantle, who after the 2001 riots warned that populations in northern cities were living ‘parallel lives’, produced the report, Is Segregation Increasing In The UK?, with Professor Eric Kaufmann of Birkbeck College

According to the Mail, Cantle was bestowed with the worthless job of ‘investigating diversity’ back under Tony Blair’s days after the UK’s 2001 race riots – i.e: so Blair could evade conceding that diversity is a murderous failure and be put in the awkward position of having to explain its consequences himself.

(These ‘reports’ are almost always a way for government to pass something awkward and embarrassing – that they know the answer to, to a third ‘neutral’ party, and hopefully get back a sterilized result that supports government policy.)

Said the Government needed to do more to encourage white British residents to remain in diverse areas;

The report’s demand for state-directed desegregation echoes the controversial attempts to reverse racial division made by American cities in the late 20th century, known as ‘busing’

No. Too late. It’s all just declarations of hollow dead rubbish – Jewish sputum aimed at hurting what pitiful spaces remain for whites in the UK.

Here’s the facts: The UK is dead. It’s over. It’s finished. Whites are leaving. They don’t want to live around negroes, Somalis or Muslims because these groups are an alien hostile Other: violent, primitive, cognitively retarded and culturally barbaric, they are nothing to do with the history whites have created for themselves, they can’t hope to meaningfully contribute to a world whites need to prosper, and are in fact, gibs/KFC and iPhones aside, completely hostile to it and want to change it into a Third World society that suits their collective psyche and biological blueprint.

Should different species of animals be forced to live together in the same cage to please the ego of the zookeeper ? That’s basically what’s happening here, fully typical of the destructive pattern of Jewish influence on immigration and diversity.

It was time for the Government to move in to stop the spread of ethnic division, said Professor Cantle, who runs the iCoCo community cohesion foundation. ‘This has gone under the radar, but it is time this became a national priority because cohesion is at stake,’ he said.

Translation: It’s time to coerce whites into abandoning their race and identity so we can make sure Jews carry on feeling like very special little people.

The correct way to deal with the Cantles and Kaufmanns of this world is to hound them out of their jobs. The UK needs to create the kind of contemporary post-Jewish pressure where that is now possible.

After all fair’s fair. It’s what Jews have been doing to their opponents for decades.

Trump vs Clinton vs Jews ?

From everything I’m reading – and it’s a deluge coming thick and fast all the time, Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House now appears to be under some pressure.

The handling of government information on the email server, the Wikileaks revelations, a resurgence of those around Clinton in sexting scandals and the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into the email affair are like a growing rolling snowball of bad feels.

It’s completely naturally for us to take sides. For the White World, Trump represents at least something in their interests, while Clinton represents the continuation of the appalling decline of the West.

And I still think that is essentially true.

Clinton is corrupt and feels a duty to make war. She will create more war and flood America with a new tsunami of murderous, unassimilable low-IQ diversity.

She is close to lobbyists like George Soros who means harm for America and Whites everywhere.

She will placate violent negroes and their representation in the form of BLM with more ‘historic’ gibsmedat.

She will ignore diversity-related crimes against whites.

She will ignore Muslim terrorism and blame guns and ‘inequality’.

She will put pressure on the Second, and possibly the First Amendment for Americans and she could make nominations to the US Supreme Court that are extremely damaging for America and White people.

She could even trigger a Third World War with Russia.

While the Wikileaks stuff is compromising, I don’t think there’s anything in it, at least that I’ve seen, that’s particularly surprising.

And who is Guccifer 2 ?, the mysterious hacker entity that has been feeding the DNC material to Wikileaks ? Or Fancy Bear? involved in the Podesta emails ?

There is an elite public consensus that Guccifer 2.0 and ‘Fancy Bear’ are really Russia, and Clinton herself has tried to tie this allegation to Trump’s campaign.

If Russia are behind it, it’s a good thing, and speaks to Putin’s values.

But I guess the conspiracy theorist in me can’t help at least considering the dark possibility that there could be other forces involved in seeking to make sure she doesn’t become US president for quite different reasons than ours or Russia’s.

Clinton hasn’t always been liked by Jewish power, as this article from 2009 by the late great Michael Collins Piper points out:

…Mrs. Clinton is very much under scrutiny. Although it has not been widely reported, the fact is that after seeing the devastation wrought by Israel’s bloody incursion into Gaza, Mrs. Clinton outraged supporters of Israel by urging Israel to speed up aid to Gaza. The headline “Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton Over Israel Criticism,” as reported by the website of the CBS affiliate in Manhattan, told the story. The report noted that top Jewish leaders say that the “new” Clinton is “not the Hillary Clinton they used to know.”

CBS quoted Mortimer Zuckerman as among those in distress. This is significant. Zuckerman, publisher of The New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, is a prominent member of the New York City Jewish Community Relations Council and former president of the Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the official umbrella group of the Jewish lobby.

New York State Rep. Dov Hikind (D) expressed the view of many who have long been suspicious of Mrs. Clinton’s real attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying, “Now, I wonder—as I used to wonder— who the real Hillary Clinton is.” Another Clinton critic, Babak Chafe, charged, “She is pro-Palestinian 100 percent, really. Of course, we always knew it.”

As first lady—at the time when hard-line elements in Israel were working with their allies in the United States to undermine Bill Clinton’s efforts to build a consensus for peace in the Middle East—Mrs. Clinton called for a Palestinian state, even in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky affair first unveiled by pro-Israel stalwart William Kristol. As a consequence, when Clinton first ran for the Senate in New York, she received barely more than half the Jewish vote even as Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate, was winning 80 percent. Now that she is in a policy-making position, perhaps having foresworn future elective ambitions, the Jewish lobby clearly fears Mrs. Clinton may be reverting to form.

The weight of Jewish disdain and elite media hatred has clearly fallen on Trump and his supporters, but it does make you wonder if another faction could have a different set of concerns about Clinton.

Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith

Sorry things have got way behind here. There’s a lot to talk about with Trump, the US election, Wikileaks and other breaking Clinton scandals, and of course the ongoing stink-shit hell of diversity but I’ll get on that stuff shortly.

Today, I wanted to share this interview, from some days back, with Daryl Bradford Smith, an American expatriate who lives in France.

Many/some of you will be aware that for long period Daryl Bradford Smith was a prominent, and frankly sometimes incendiary figure in the American patriot movement, who ran the important website (archive) which, after a long run, he closed earlier this year due to potential pressures from the French authorities.

It’s ironic, that talking about Jewish influence today, while still difficult publicly, has become almost trendy, ‘edgy’ and that’s a great thing that we welcome, but ten or more years ago it really wasn’t. was perhaps the first major grassroots internet effort, certainly the most well known, to popularize the notion that Jewish power was a considerable political problem and that ignoring it wasn’t really an option. At its peak, it was probably the most developed, popular and influential strictly counter-Semitic website up until the rise what we call the Alternative Right today and also one of the most controversial.

It deserves enormous credit, and Daryl’s bravery at attacking a topic that very few people were at the time, should be applauded.

The site was extremely influential on me in my early understanding of Jewish power.

In the interview on Andrew Carrington Hitchock’s site, titled, October 18 2016 Daryl Bradford Smith – World War 3, Daryl reflects on his work and closing his site, often with his usual bitterness:

If you read the new Patriot Act for France, it looks like they wrote it to come and get me, if you read it and translate it into English.

So with all my health issues I would not be a good candidate for a six by eight room with bed and a stainless steel toilet.

That would be a bad place for me to hang out, so I decided that to serve my family interests as well as my health that I would step back, and hopefully the seeds that I planted around the internet were going to show some promise. That’s only been half realized in my view.

But you know something ? I don’t actually with agree Daryl, I believe Daryl’s work has been a significant dynamic, a considerable influence, one important factor in bringing to light the Jewish Question, that has contributed to the popular backdrop for what is called the ‘Alternative Right’ today.

Daryl just needs to sit back, relax and feel good that his work has had an effect, and believe people have picked up the ball and that this is a long journey, and isn’t going to be fixed overnight. We are trying to undo decades of brainwashing, entrenched policies and aggressive lobbying.

And sure, he made some mistakes along the way. He got involved with some crappy people. People who – while they were effective polemicists against Jewish power, were also vitriolic spreaders of lies, disinformation and outright filth against other opponents of Jewish power, often out of nothing more than a combination of jealousy, spite and seriously deranged thinking.

I always got the impression Daryl’s impatient desire for the truth and antagonistic streak led him into associating with too many of the wrong people and, then consequently attacking the wrong people.

And Daryl could, and as the interview shows, still can be, overly negative and conspiratorial, framing events in excessively doomed terms. Everyone is a bad guy from Trump to Putin, all are somehow on the payroll of Jewish power.

“He’s no better than Hillary Clinton in the final analysis… They are making it seem like there is two separate camps of influence in this election but reality is it’s going to be decided by the people behind.”

I’ve been open here about Trump’s policies on Israel and highlighted them.

But that Trump has, like every American political candidate – or indeed world politician, courted Jewish Zionist power in his campaign, does not mean he is in the pocket of Jewish power.

Whatever sweeteners and concessions Trump has made, whatever Trump’s flaws, make no mistake organized Jewish power is overwhelmingly against Donald Trump and his policies.

Nonetheless, these are small issues in the big picture. Daryl Bradford Smith deserves a tremendous amount of credit for all he has done.

If you’re not familiar with IamtheWitness there is an archive of it below. There are many interesting interviews (particularly for me, the period early 2006-2007 and many important books have been collected there by historical critics of Jewish power)

Archive of