Trump Needs More Power

The media have been relentless in attacking President Trump in office so far. Their intention is to delegitimize him at every turn, particularly his policies on immigration –and his more sane approach to Russia– by wearing him down with leaks, rumors, and lies, painting his administration as bungling, ill-formed, not quite ‘real’, somehow being run or manipulated by Russia, and as a curious mistake of American history that needs to be moved on from rapidly.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, these allegations of some sort of collusion with Russia, to paint Trump effectively as a traitor, are just laughable on their face. There is only one country with an inappropriate and gross influence over the United States government, and that is Israel. Of course, the media never complains about US officials in their dealings with Israel however sordid, corrupting, abusive and undermining they are to the United States.

Trump has to be able to keep the public who voted for him on his side, and not let the media run the government for him, or detach him from it, which is what they are trying to do. At the same time, to get his ideas through, Trump has to start thinking about the machinery of government and state and how it’s going to be a barrier to him, and really ask what he can do to dismantle the layers of judicial and ideological sludge that have built up.

The Constitution, while still upholding important values, has also been deformed by decades of Jewish interpretation into something to promote equality and diversity.

It’s distasteful to consider, but it will only be a matter of time before some new Muslim terrorist atrocity happens, and Trump would benefit from a big political opportunity to acquire more power and consent and also to say, “Look I told you so”. And he needs to use any opportunity to mount an attack on the structures that are likely to be a barrier to his program.

In any event, I feel the biggest mistake Trump can make is to try to tone down his policies. He needs to go more radical, more extreme as the bargaining point, and then as politically necessary, bring his positions slightly more towards the center to give the impression of concession and flexibility and ‘politics as usual’ to his critics, this final policy with grudging consensus being the intended policy.

UN, Israel, Obama, Trump

If Obama really wanted a reasonable political legacy instead of the one he has: as a hollow symbol of diversity that exacerbated black hatred of whites, he should have been doing this stuff as a matter of course:

Reuters: The United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building, defying heavy pressure from long-time ally Israel and President-elect Donald Trump for Washington to wield its veto.

Trump should be congratulating Obama, or criticizing Obama that it has taken so long. But of course he’s not. He’s basically spouting on about how Israel will be in a safe pair of hands again when he takes over and this will ‘never happen again.’

I love the way Trump has shaken up American politics, the impact he’s made and the way he’s energized the Right. It’s difficult not to, but I don’t believe, as some really seem to, that it’s possible to extract a serious strategy that suits white people out of Trump’s positions on a lot of issues, including Israel. I think people give him way too much credit.

There will be people right now, scrambling to declare that Trump ‘the great negotiator’ is giving Jews what they want, or want to hear with Israel, to buy some more breathing space for white people in America, as a kind of a trade. ‘Great.’

Or they will say Trump is “setting up the Jews” and will “pull the rug out from under them later” and they will claim with absolute straight-faced certainty that the average person doesn’t get this because they “can’t see the big picture of what Trump is doing”.

This strategy– that Trump gets to build The Wall in America, and maybe tinker with immigration if he simply denies or ignores Jewish Israeli crimes in the occupied territories; that Trump can end white genocide by pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby, is a really bad one and it won’t work because collective Jewish demands are not reasonable ones, they won’t ‘stop’ at a certain point, and white genocide is key value of organized Jewry. In any implicit ‘deal’ like that, they will just consume more and more and more like a political Pacman, and what they will consume will far outweigh some watered-down version of The Wall.

Then you have Trump’s policies on Iran, which appear to mysteriously be in accord with Israel’s.

No one knows what’s really going on in Trump’s mind, but trying to please the Jewish lobby will not help whites in the long run and will just continue to dig America and the rest of the world even further into diversity, terrorism and war.

The only way for a patriotic real leader to deal with the Jewish lobby is to refuse what it wants. On this issue, at this moment in time, I’m sorry to say Obama is doing slightly better than Trump.

Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith

Sorry things have got way behind here. There’s a lot to talk about with Trump, the US election, Wikileaks and other breaking Clinton scandals, and of course the ongoing stink-shit hell of diversity but I’ll get on that stuff shortly.

Today, I wanted to share this interview, from some days back, with Daryl Bradford Smith, an American expatriate who lives in France.

Many/some of you will be aware that for long period Daryl Bradford Smith was a prominent, and frankly sometimes incendiary figure in the American patriot movement, who ran the important website (archive) which, after a long run, he closed earlier this year due to potential pressures from the French authorities.

It’s ironic, that talking about Jewish influence today, while still difficult publicly, has become almost trendy, ‘edgy’ and that’s a great thing that we welcome, but ten or more years ago it really wasn’t. was perhaps the first major grassroots internet effort, certainly the most well known, to popularize the notion that Jewish power was a considerable political problem and that ignoring it wasn’t really an option. At its peak, it was probably the most developed, popular and influential strictly counter-Semitic website up until the rise what we call the Alternative Right today and also one of the most controversial.

It deserves enormous credit, and Daryl’s bravery at attacking a topic that very few people were at the time, should be applauded.

The site was extremely influential on me in my early understanding of Jewish power.

In the interview on Andrew Carrington Hitchock’s site, titled, October 18 2016 Daryl Bradford Smith – World War 3, Daryl reflects on his work and closing his site, often with his usual bitterness:

If you read the new Patriot Act for France, it looks like they wrote it to come and get me, if you read it and translate it into English.

So with all my health issues I would not be a good candidate for a six by eight room with bed and a stainless steel toilet.

That would be a bad place for me to hang out, so I decided that to serve my family interests as well as my health that I would step back, and hopefully the seeds that I planted around the internet were going to show some promise. That’s only been half realized in my view.

But you know something ? I don’t actually with agree Daryl, I believe Daryl’s work has been a significant dynamic, a considerable influence, one important factor in bringing to light the Jewish Question, that has contributed to the popular backdrop for what is called the ‘Alternative Right’ today.

Daryl just needs to sit back, relax and feel good that his work has had an effect, and believe people have picked up the ball and that this is a long journey, and isn’t going to be fixed overnight. We are trying to undo decades of brainwashing, entrenched policies and aggressive lobbying.

And sure, he made some mistakes along the way. He got involved with some crappy people. People who – while they were effective polemicists against Jewish power, were also vitriolic spreaders of lies, disinformation and outright filth against other opponents of Jewish power, often out of nothing more than a combination of jealousy, spite and seriously deranged thinking.

I always got the impression Daryl’s impatient desire for the truth and antagonistic streak led him into associating with too many of the wrong people and, then consequently attacking the wrong people.

And Daryl could, and as the interview shows, still can be, overly negative and conspiratorial, framing events in excessively doomed terms. Everyone is a bad guy from Trump to Putin, all are somehow on the payroll of Jewish power.

“He’s no better than Hillary Clinton in the final analysis… They are making it seem like there is two separate camps of influence in this election but reality is it’s going to be decided by the people behind.”

I’ve been open here about Trump’s policies on Israel and highlighted them.

But that Trump has, like every American political candidate – or indeed world politician, courted Jewish Zionist power in his campaign, does not mean he is in the pocket of Jewish power.

Whatever sweeteners and concessions Trump has made, whatever Trump’s flaws, make no mistake organized Jewish power is overwhelmingly against Donald Trump and his policies.

Nonetheless, these are small issues in the big picture. Daryl Bradford Smith deserves a tremendous amount of credit for all he has done.

If you’re not familiar with IamtheWitness there is an archive of it below. There are many interesting interviews (particularly for me, the period early 2006-2007 and many important books have been collected there by historical critics of Jewish power)

Archive of

Israel had a campaign of stealing Arab children

Independent: Over the past 70 years, Israelis have become familiar with tales of Jewish immigrants from Arab lands who say their children simply vanished, possibly kidnapped, in the late 1940s and early 50s, soon after arriving in Israel.

In some cases, the children were taken away, never to be seen again. In others, parents were told their babies had died suddenly. According to some theories, the children were handed to childless couples, possibly Holocaust survivors who could not conceive. Others think the babies may have been shipped to Jewish families in the United States.

Those who have studied the mystery point to the aggressive state-building process adopted by the ruling elite at the time – white, Ashkenazi Jews from Europe – and perhaps paternalistic notions they held toward uneducated Arabic-speaking immigrants who arrived penniless with multiple children. Some even might have thought they were helping the families by giving their children better lives.

Make of it what you will.

Politics as usual on Israel

James Zogby: The Republican document is particularly extreme, even bizarre. Finding opportunities to mention Israel in five different sections, the GOP platform: refers to Israel as “beacon of democracy and humanity”; claims that “support for Israel is an expression of Americanism”; “recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and calls for the American embassy to be moved there; terms the BDS movement “anti-Semitic; “rejects the faulty notion that Israel is an occupier”; and calls for “an immediate halt to all US funding” to entities that admit the Palestinians as a “member state”—singling out the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Because the GOP platform committee specifically rejects any reference to either two states or to recognition of Palestinians as a people, the only time Palestinians are even mentioned in the document is in the context of the funding cut proposed for the UNFCCC.

Trump: The Right’s position on his Other policies ?

The Right understands that in the world of mainstream politics, for political parties and leaders to get elected – courting the approval of the Jewish lobby is nothing new. Any US Presidential nominee who wants to win in the current system, has to have a deliberate strategy to secure support from the organized Jewish community. Indeed many politicians are perceived to have made brazen careers out of little else.

I think a lot of people also accept a degree of compromise in mainstream politics in general. They don’t necessarily like it. But realize ‘tough choices’ are something politicians and their advisory teams are constantly considering to place their candidate in the most central and appealing light to a non-ideological Joe Average voter.

Trump has of course made some very significant concessions, some abrupt policy shifts and in particular – significant appeals to Jewish interests during his campaign.

I’m not really sure what the Right feels about those appeals.

If taken at face value – does the Right feel Trump’s appeals to Jewish power are something that’s going to come home to roost later down the line?

Or are they just strategic hot air that will be safely deep-sixed when in office ?

Should they be considered as necessary annoyances to get his other policies through ?

Is Trump setting up the Jewish lobby with nonsense policies which he will later blame Israel as blocking and then won’t fulfill ?

Do they matter at all ?

Trump’s pro-Jewish positions on the Middle East are ostensibly more zealous than any US government’s including not recognizing a Palestinian statehood and even ‘committing’ to Israel’s illegal settlement building.

As Trump’s campaign developed, his position moved from an organic neutrality on the Middle East to abandoning neutrality in his AIPAC speech:

Trump, the Republican front-runner who has raised eyebrows in debates and interviews by asserting that he would be “neutral” in peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians and questioning US aid to the Jewish state, executed a 180-degree turn as he delivered what appeared to be his first prepared campaign speech before an enthusiastic crowd of 18,000 at a Washington sports arena.

Trump’s position switched on Jerusalem:

“Trump declines to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel”:

Donald Trump was heavily booed Thursday after refusing to say whether he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

then a month later it was ‘Donald Trump Has Decided Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel – The U.S. Has Not’:

The key point here is the United States does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, whatever wishful thinking might be employed by Trump and other Republicans.

Or Trump on Iran:

Well, I just see what is happening and I am so saddened by this Iran deal. It’s one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen under any circumstances, any deal, not just deals between nations. I think it’s a tremendous liability to Israel. I think it’s going to actually lead to nuclear proliferation and it’s going to cause a lot of problems. I will be very good to Israel. People know that. I have so many friends from Israel. I have won so many awards from Israel. I was even the grand marshal for the Israeli Day Parade a few years ago.

A lot of people, some of whom I really admire on the Right, credit Trump with enormous forward-thinking smarts about this kind of stuff. They may be right.

They would see all this as Trump courting the support of the organized Jewish community by announcing some unfulfillable show of commitment to Israel pre-election that’ll be lapped up by US Zionist elements (Jewish and Christian), that will be condemned by most of the international community, and at the same time tempting Israel to finally blow what remains of its cover as a ‘moral state who wants peace and just defends itself from terrorism’. At the same time to Joe Average – brought up on a diet of Israel propaganda soda – it sounds good.

They may be right. Please put me in the camp of ‘don’t know’, as I don’t.

If you think you do then please comment.