World’s Worst interview with Jared Taylor

Described on YouTube as “Editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor sits down with ABC News’ (((Amna Nawaz))) on “Uncomfortable” for a blunt discussion of race and racism in America.”

Every time this woman starts to get in over her head with the facts she demands to “move on” to another subject.

Actually there is a worse interview with Mr Taylor with a ridiculous wigger.

Black responsible for London attack: Race>Citizenship

So it turns out the London ‘terrorist’, Khalid Masood – born Adrian Elms from Kent, was actually a rather typical violent, maladjusted negro with mixed parents, completely at odds with the very white environment it grew up in, and sought outlets for its own biological tendency towards extreme violence. Islam, which it picked up in prison, provided this creature with a new kind of legitimacy for its own tendencies.

This was a very typical black, who’s unwelcome presence predictably managed to harm a rural community in the UK where it was born, thanks to its race-mixing selfish stupid cunt-whore white mother:

Adrian Elms was born on Christmas Day 1964, in the Dartford area of Kent, to a white British mother and a black father, who were not married. Twenty years later they moved to Tunbridge Wells where they set up home with his stepfather and two half-brothers.

where it notched up a string of convictions for serious violent offenses, which it claims it was driven to, because of ‘muh racism’.

So we come full circle. Islam is a problem, and it has no place in European countries, but blacks are violent anyway, including blacks with white blood, and anything that gives them a further sense of purpose and legitimacy to their violence is only going to escalate their violence. The appalling savagery of this non-human entity predates its involvement in Islam, and it just happened to be, that its final piece of violence was more spectacular and lethal than its previous ones.

We also need to remind ourselves just what a monstrosity race-mixing is, how harmful it is, and how we really need to move to a world where it incurs serious penalties.

I keep reading in the media how Masood/Elms was ‘British born’, but of course all that proves is that nations based on citizenship mean absolutely nothing as the pull of ethnicity and biology is far stronger, and that European nations have to re-establish themselves as ethnically-based, as opposed to ‘values based’ to be meaningful at all, and if they actually want these appalling atrocities to end.

The Gorilla Effect

I missed this one at the time.

Former ESPN commentator Doug Adler, dropped by the channel following his “gorilla effect” comment during the match between Venus Williams and Swiss Stefanie Voegele, has filed a lawsuit against the network.

The comment, which Adler made during the broadcast of the Australian Open women’s singles second round match between Williams and Voegele on January 19, sparked outrage on social media, with many observers challenging the insensitivity of the comment.

“She (Venus) puts the gorilla effect on,” said Adler during the broadcast.

The commentator, however, claims that he was talking about “guerrilla” tactics, and says he in no way intended to compare the African American athlete with a “gorilla.” Adler did though apologize for the poor word choice.

The sports network nonetheless decided to part ways with the commentator.

It was reported by ESPN on Wednesday that Adler has cited “emotional distress” in the filing with the Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that he has lost other TV opportunities after being wrongly branded a racist.

The lawsuit calls for punitive financial damages, although the amount isn’t mentioned.

Everything you need to know about Black History Month

black history month

To have a meaningful history as a people, you need to have a firm grasp of the concept of history, a means of recording that history, the desire to learn and discover new things from that history that inform the present. You need a sense of time. You need a sense of right and wrong, of good and evil, of morality, of justice and injustice , of purpose, of process. You need the ability to embrace and interpret facts. Perhaps most significantly of all, you need the capacity to desire a history, to want it, to care about it.

Call me blunt, but blacks as a race don’t possess any of those attributes sufficiently.

As it happens, black history month owes its origins to an early kind of ‘black studies’ promoted by the negro Carter Godwin Woodson who said:

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization.”

While that has some truth to it, the reality is, Woodson had to imitate the importance of history to other groups. He had to be influenced by the experience created by American whites. He had to embrace something blacks themselves didn’t actually have and can’t ever really possess.

The truth is black history is really a history of the biological differences between blacks and whites; it’s a history of primitivism, dysfunction and violence. It’s a history of rape, murder, assault and looting. It’s history of incapacity, inability, of being trained like chimpanzees to ride a comedy bike by well-meaning whites. It’s a history where everything blacks appear to have actually comes from whites and other groups.

If you want to get a good understanding of black history just follow the trail of spit on the sidewalk. That is black history.

If you want to understand black history look at the crime statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at the education statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at Chicago, Detroit, South Africa, Haiti.

As far as whites are concerned, their interest in a ‘black history month’ is because they know deep down, blacks are not capable of having one. So it’s a compensation for not having a history. It’s a pretense, another vulgar way for whites to demonstrate their virtue to other whites, and feel bigger and smugger by ‘helping’ blacks.

Further reading: black history month resources at Counter-Currents

Message to President Trump: HINT: IT’S BLACK ‘PEOPLE’

As I’m catching up with recent news, it appears the early signs with President Trump on The Wall and immigration reform are extremely promising.

Trump also made a comment about ‘sending the feds into Chicago’, which appears to be a message that he’s not interested in maintaining the malignant culture that has coddled negro violence.

The question is, will Trump really be able to give the problem in Chicago its proper name, in the way he demanded with “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, rightly scoring a significant political blow on Obama for refusing to ?


It will be fascinating to see what Trump does here. As every honest person knows it’s normal black biology; normal black ‘culture’ that has ruined Chicago and every other fucking place blacks have shitted up.

Blacks in Chicago are shooting each other to settle petty scores and to increase their status among other blacks, because ‘black culture’ celebrates extreme and savage violence as its central ‘cultural’ pillar.

Cognitively, blacks have very little in the way of impulse-control. They don’t have the capacity to really think about the future or the consequences of their actions and so are not deterred by the same punishments and legal frameworks whites are. Negroes don’t have remorse, which makes them more like animals; chimpanzees running around with loaded guns –as neither blacks nor chimpanzees could actually invent a gun for themselves, so consequently they lack the restraint not to use them arbitrarily.

I would like to think Trump is implying blacks require ‘special treatment’ when it comes to law and order. So do I.

Blacks kidnap and torture white disabled man and stream on Facebook

A disabled white guy in Chicago was kidnapped and tortured by negroes and the attack streamed on Facebook for the amusement of other negroes. I haven’t watched it. I don’t need to. The description is enough.

And there’s very little unusual about this attack. It’s just unusual that it was streamed live on Facebook, but now even this is becoming a way for negroes to present their violence to other negroes and earn some ‘respect’.

Again and again on here I’ve written that negroes don’t have the moral equipment to not to do this stuff. These monsters, these shit animals, were not just attacking the person because they were white. They are attacking them because they were white and defenseless and represent an easy victim. They were torturing him because blacks feel gratification from this kind of violence and it’s a central pillar of ‘black culture’. They were torturing a white disabled guy because blacks don’t consider the future and worry about consequences. Because blacks lack empathy. That’s because blacks are not sufficiently human by white standards.

When Hillary Clinton described negroes as ‘super predators’ who have ‘no conscience, no empathy’, a term which ironically and stupidly was used by some MAGA types to convince liberals that Clinton was the ‘real racist’, she wasn’t incorrect. The Washington Post incidentally declared ‘super predators’ as a “now-debunked theory”. Go and watch the video and tell me if you think it was debunked. (Fact check: Blacks are super predators: True.)

Until racial separation happens there needs to be a different standard of law and punishment that applies to blacks that reflects their cognitive and moral realities, their tendencies towards extreme and harrowing violence, their lack of remorse and empathy, and the fact that the more extreme and savage the violence the more it is celebrated as the cornerstone of ‘black culture’.

Some of you will say, “Well not all blacks are like this”, but right now privately a lot of blacks are celebrating this, finding it exciting, inspiring. Or are completely ambivalent to it.

The correct way forward needs to recognize that blacks only naturally understand violence. They don’t adequately resonate with the delicate moral and legal frameworks whites have created for themselves. Blacks tend to see these structures as ‘raciss white man sheet’ that stops them having fun and interferes with their identity.

What the world has done is to try to placate negroes with more ‘stuff’, more gibs, more unearned artificial ‘opportunities’, and more lies to stop them acting like animals so white people can pretend to themselves they are not and can continue to feel smug and righteous. Obviously such a strategy to deal with black violence is neither just nor real.

It’s a lie. It’s a lie with appalling consequences.

In the Daily Mail, Pieres Morgan laments the attack not immediately being declared a hate crime and says:

“Imagine for a moment that a young black man with special needs had been kidnapped, abused and tortured by a gang of smirking white youths?

Imagine watching a video of this black man’s horrific ordeal streamed live on Facebook?

Imagine seeing and hearing the white assailants systematically torment their black victim, physically and mentally?”

Firstly, I think such a crime is unlikely by whites, but Morgan can’t understand the reality that ‘hate’ is not a fair concept. We have to understand hate as a theme in the law, was simply a way for Jews to maintain their ethnic privileges through proxy groups. Hate has never been some universal idea, it’s a specifically anti-white tool to delegitimize any resistance whites might have to their own displacement by other groups. It’s presented in moral universalist terms, but is implemented selectively in ways which exclude whites as victims.

Outside of pointing out the glaring double standard, I don’t believe justice can be achieved in pursuing ‘hate’ as a theme, but by rejecting the concept and coming up with something better that is just.

The answer here is not to worry about ‘escalating tensions’ as Morgan considers but to consider the future. Blacks have to be removed from the white experience, and until that happens the state needs to inflict on blacks the same or worse violence that they inflict on whites.

These are not ‘underprivileged kids’, they are part of a group not sufficiently separated from non-human primates. Blacks do not deserve the same rights.

Michelle Obama likened to an ape again. Is there a pattern ?

I missed this just before Christmas. On the one hand we constantly hear about how ‘popular’ Michelle Obama is – how ‘well liked’ she is by Americans, but for someone so well liked, Obama certainly attracts a lot of unflattering comments and comparisons to non-human primates, as the New York Times reports:

Carl Paladino, a western New York builder, one-time Republican candidate for governor of New York and political ally of President-elect Donald J. Trump, came under fire on Friday for racially offensive comments about President Obama and the first lady… […]

“I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla,” he said.

Objectively, it should be of major concern that the First Lady of the United States is sometimes not perceived as a human woman.

So are the people who liken Obama to an ape or gorilla morally-flawed, unsophisticated or stupidly hateful ? Or are those who don’t liken Obama to an ape or gorilla lying about –or suppressing, what they actually see?

Black people and apes: just a racist slur ?


The relationship of blacks to apes and monkeys, and its depiction is perhaps the most sensitive taboo of race. It’s so immediately problematic precisely because this association does contain several uncomfortable truths, with profound ramifications about the societies we live in and historical choices that were made for them.

A couple of days ago the Washington Post reported that:

Pamela Taylor, whose racist comments about Michelle Obama propelled a small West Virginia town into an unflattering national spotlight and prompted the mayor to resign, will return to her job as head of a government-funded nonprofit group later this month.

Taylor was removed from her position as executive director of the Clay County Development Corp. after she used a derogatory term in a Facebook post about the coming shift from Obama to Melania Trump. “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House,” she wrote last month, adding: “I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Of course, it’s not the first time Michelle Obama has been compared to an ape:

Michelle Obama chimpanzee comparision

The article goes on:

There is a long and ugly history of comparing black people to apes.

“In the 19th century and well into the 20th, popular media from movies to fiction to political cartoons frequently portrayed blacks as more simian than human,” social psychologists Phillip Atiba Goff and Jennifer L. Eberhardt wrote in the Los Angeles Times

The ‘long and ugly history’ of comparing blacks to apes is because the comparison is not without value. Blacks do have measurable traits that can be empirically determined -signs that -as a group- they are physically and cognitively intermediate between whites and other great apes (extant and extinct) and overall, not as separated from these other hominids. From skeletal qualities like bone density, limb length, prognathism and various skeletal ratios, to brain development, intelligence, morality, responsibility and sexual behaviors.

That many blacks do strongly resemble gorillas facially and have accumulative physical attributes –which they share to some level of development, with other non-human ape species like gorillas, is because blacks and gorillas haven’t diverged as much as say whites and gorillas.

There are collections of stuff, sometimes hazy and vague, overlapping blobs of characteristics, yet often startling to non-blacks, that blacks and these other primates share, enough that if blacks and whites were any other organisms they would almost certainly be classified as distinct species.

The appalling problems of black crime, black dysfunction and black educational failure stem from blacks on average, being sufficiently unadapted –from being too biologically-disconnected from the White systems they have been inserted into.

The best resource on this entire subject, is the groundbreaking book Erectus Walks Amongst Us which compiles a lot of material together. The book is an extremely valuable work, and I’m only sad that the website seems to be down but there is an archive here (The prior link has the PDF).

Contrary to a lot of noise, it is not just a ‘racist slur’, a hate-filled association for the unsophisticated. Rather the reverse, that there is a powerful tendency among good-willed whites –further multiplied by media and academic dishonesty– to negate this relationship, to turn it upside down, pretending it is some historical artifact of white racism, when it is in fact the overwhelming reason for black violence and dysfunction.

Moreover, it is a fundamental reason there is this thing called ‘racism’ -the claim of which has simply become an embarrassed way of morally compensating blacks for this uneasy association which is seen but buried.

Ape mob violence

The Atlantic: “It started with a scream.

It either came from a fleeing gorilla named Inshuti, or from the three males who were chasing him. Whatever the case, seconds later, Inshuti was on the ground, surrounded by a mob of 25 other gorillas. They pinned him down by his arms and legs. They screamed and grunted as they bit, kicked, and hit him. They pulled out chunks of his hair. The biggest of the attacking silverbacbehks repeatedly sank his teeth into Inshuti’s body and shook his head, like a dog with a bone.

Four minutes later, the mob dispersed silently and Inshuti slunk away. His injuries were severe, but he survived.

Gorillas are not meant to behave like that. Males will sometimes kill babies or youngsters, or even each other in one-on-one fights. But here was a large group, including females and juveniles, attacking a single male. Humans do that. Chimpanzees do that. Gorillas supposedly don’t, but try telling that to Inshuti.

“I’ve spent a lot of time watching wildlife and that was one of the most shocking things I’ve seen,” says Stacy Rosenbaum, from the University of Chicago. She witnessed the attack in October 2004. “It was the incredible speed, and how coordinated they were. In a typical gorilla interaction, you get lots of running around and chest-beating, but it never seems like they’re doing the same thing at the same time. In the incident I saw, all the gorillas attacked at the same time. It was very fast, no hesitation at all.”

Such “mob violence,” as Rosenbaum puts it, is especially surprising because it took place near Rwanda’s Karisoke Research Center, the institute established by the prominent primatologist Dian Fossey in 1967. The gorillas there are some of the most well-studied primates in the world, and yet no one had seen anything like the 2004 attack before.

It wasn’t a one-off incident, either. In June 2010, the Karisoke staff saw another mixed-sex group of 42 gorillas beating, biting, and dragging a lone male for 18 minutes. The victim escaped, but died from his injuries. In May 2013, another group of nine gorillas was seen attacking two victims—again including poor Inshuti.

These acts are somewhat similar to those documented in chimps, where groups of males will deliberately kill individuals from rival groups, attacking them in teams and beating them to death. One such campaign, which lasted for four years, has been described as chimp warfare.

But while the Karisoke gorillas were attacking in groups, they didn’t stalk their victims like chimps do. “We didn’t have any evidence of premeditation,” says Rosenbaum. Instead, it seems that Inshuti and the other targets just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, in chimps, it’s only the males that wage war. Among the gorillas, females and juveniles also took part in the beatings.

That was the most surprising part of the discovery, says Martha Robbins, a primatologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology who has studied these gorillas. “I find it extremely unlikely that an adult female with a small baby attached would start biting a silverback, who is twice her size,” she says. And yet that’s exactly what Rosenbaum saw. “They were actual participants: hair-pulling, biting, kicking.”

“You might think this is the kind of thing animals do all the time, but they rarely do,” says Joan Silk, from Arizona State University. This suggests that for most species, the costs of such violence outweigh the benefits. And in a minority, the balance shifts.

Outnumbering your opponents, for example, greatly reduces the cost of violence; you’re less likely to suffer retaliatory injuries if you attack together. In chimpanzees societies, groups frequently split apart and reform, which creates many chances for coalitions to come across lone individuals. Such encounters are rare for gorillas, which typically live in large stable groups with several females and a single dominant male.”

Somalia in America

Challenging bigoted racist stereotypes of Somalis as savage degenerate apes, one intrepid young Somali Muslim decided to prove them all wrong:

An Ohio State University student posted a rant shortly before he plowed a car into a campus crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife in an ambush that ended when a police officer shot him dead, a law enforcement official said.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, wrote on what appears to be his Facebook page that he had reached a “boiling point,” made a reference to “lone wolf attacks” and cited radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

“America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah [community]. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” the post said.

Officials cautioned that they have not determined a motive for the ambush

We see a lot of this blatant motive denial in the media when it comes to Somalis, even when the killer makes their motives abundantly clear: as a Muslim intent on causing death to non-Somali non-Muslims..

But these attacks remain just one big mystery to the media.

It’s part of the same white-genocide-protecting lie machine that claimed ‘mental illness’ was the cause of Somali-on-white terrorist violence