Richard Spencer Auburn University Speech

After a lot of controversy, buildup, and a last minute legal case that forced the university to host the speech, Richard Spencer gave his talk at Auburn University in Alabama.

It’s a great talk, and there’s a lot of wonderful moments in it, but I still believe Spencer would be better off playing these events just a little differently, remembering it’s not just an ‘edgy’ talk for the converted in a lecture hall, but that his speech has a far wider potential audience through live broadcasts and recordings. Currently, I don’t think this is being adequately exploited.

While I value Spencer’s courage tremendously, agree with his message, and condemn to hell the cowardly attacks that have been made against him and his family, I still think there is a style risk of coming across as the arch villain from the Hellfire Club, especially to normies, those who are undecided or just getting into this. A sprinkle of that is ok, but too much, however much we ‘get it’ or like how it triggers the left, is going to switch a lot of other people off and remain a unnecessary wedge between concentric circles of the Right.

As the most famous and visible modern ambassador of the Right, I would like it if Spencer would do a little more of what he has done at his NPI conferences and in his interviews, that is, seek a more positive and dare I say, almost restrained delivery when doing these lectures, or at the very least focusing in on one topic.

Needless to say, this is nothing to do with what I feel about race, or about legitimate anger and emotion we have as white people which should be expressed, or about the essence of the Right which I don’t think we should dumb-down or pretend doesn’t exist, rather it’s about deciding which are the best energies to channel when communicating to and recruiting a wider audience of people.

Trump attacks Syria, alienates Right

So it looks as if Trump has caved in to Jewish and deep-state pressure in launching some limited attack on Syria over an alleged (but widely questioned) gas attack by Assad.

Needless to say, a lot of people on the Right are extremely angry with Trump and feel enormous betrayal. Trump has decided to pick up a totally corrupt and destructive neoconservative adventure, despite all his protestations about Syria and claims of America First before becoming president.

Personally, I don’t think he was being dishonest there at the time, But I do think Trump’s mind is fragile and erratic, and, as Richard Spencer says, there’s a good chance Trump is not fully in control of his own presidency.

Regrettably, it does at least appear strongly from a distance neoconservatives and deep state actors have taken command of Trump and are getting him to twist his professed policies 180 degrees towards their ones. And many neocons, who were staunch Trump haters are now applauding Trump’s attack on Syria.

Some of us may be even more cynical, saying ‘Trump was bait put out there by Jews”. I’m not persuaded by that narrative, and I would be extremely skeptical when you hear that line generally as it can come from Jews to sow mistrust among the Goy, although I suspect on the balance of things, Trump may be more committed to his own ego than to protecting the white race.

Yet another more mundane possibility is that the role of POTUS, particularly when it comes to foreign policy, may be much more boxed-in by long-standing state, and deep-state goals than anyone would like it to be. Accompanying that situation is immense pressure that’s actually extremely difficult to ‘just say no’ to, with presidents tending to get led by these circumstances rather than lead, resulting in symbolic presidencies, or at best as glorified managers.

There were also huge hopes by the left for Obama about ending wars, but Obama actually exacerbated some military operations, and went back on certain key election promises to vast disappointment.

To be completely fair, Trump appears to have tried to deliver in some key areas, but has spectacularly and quickly failed on this particular area of his policy platform, and a huge movement of people who supported him, and frankly helped get him into office – are extremely angry with Trump right now.

But let’s not forget, it’s those people who really matter, who really are the movement. Trump became a kind of locus for the Right, but it’s always been bigger than Trump himself.

World’s Worst interview with Jared Taylor

Described on YouTube as “Editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor sits down with ABC News’ (((Amna Nawaz))) on “Uncomfortable” for a blunt discussion of race and racism in America.”

Every time this woman starts to get in over her head with the facts she demands to “move on” to another subject.

Actually there is a worse interview with Mr Taylor with a ridiculous wigger.

Trump must drain the diversity swamp to get policies through

So once again, the price of diversity for a country, even higher IQ diversity, is shown to be extremely high. Two diversity judges: Derrick K Watson, who despite his English name, is a native Hawaiian, and then Theodore D. Chuang have interfered with Trump’s watered-down plan to block Muslims from some countries.

NYT: A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking President Trump’s ban on travel from parts of the Muslim world, dealing a stinging blow to the White House and signaling that Mr. Trump will have to account in court for his heated rhetoric about Islam.

A second federal judge in Maryland ruled against Mr. Trump overnight, with a separate order forbidding the core provision of the travel ban from going into effect.

I don’t exactly understand how this works, so forgive me if it’s muddled, but reading the NYT it seems a lawsuit was brought about by Hawaiian attorney general Doug Chin (Chinese) in regards to “an individual plaintiff, Ismail Elshikh, the imam of the Muslim Association of Hawaii” (who it was believed) ” had reasonable grounds to challenge the order as religious discrimination”.

So you have a Chinese attorney general in Hawaii, a native Hawaiian judge appointed by a black president, a Chinese judge in Maryland and a Muslim plaintiff. Then you have a Jewish New York Times declaring it a great triumph of morality.

The only good thing I can see about this is it really does illustrate that diversity will tend to coagulate into an anti-white goo to serve its own interests and will pursue those interests through the machinery of state. Diversity, in positions of authority will try to sabotage even implicitly white policy interests.

It’s just not possible for whites to feel good, virtuous and altruistic towards other groups, share what they have with them and be in control of their own destinies.

Whites have to pick one or the other.

It also underlines some of the limitations of civic nationalism, in that totally sane and justifiable policies which appear to discriminate against certain groups will be obstructed simply on the basis of them being discriminatory:

Judge Watson flatly rejected the government’s argument that a court would have to investigate Mr. Trump’s “veiled psyche” to deduce religious animus. He quoted extensively from the remarks by Mr. Trump that were cited in the lawsuit brought by Hawaii’s attorney general, Doug Chin.

“For instance, there is nothing ‘veiled’ about this press release,” Judge Watson wrote, quoting a Trump campaign document titled “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

I’m not sure what Trump can do to straighten things out, but to fulfill the policies he was voted in on, he really needs more powers. He needs to find a way of melting the coagulated goo of diversity interests out of the machinery of state. And that’s going to be very hard. It’s also hard within the confines of the kind of civic nationalism Trump represents, which while thankfully pushing ideas and values of interests to whites, avoids identifying them as white values.

Trump has come to power with a serious appeal to the American white vote, but non-whites are obstructing his manifesto. He’s finding the swamp needs draining even more that he first thought.

George Lincoln Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell

March 9th marked the birthday of George Lincoln Rockwell, and there’s been quite a lot of articles and coverage on him going around. I do think Rockwell was a great and good man, and his assassination an immense tragedy and injustice.

Listening to some of the commentary in this podcast between Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks one can sense the great admiration still held towards Rockwell.

One of the topics discussed was Rockwell’s interactions with black groups. I do think the Right has a tendency with blacks to credit their leadership with more moral agency than they really have.

When we see black goals coincide with our own, we like to say ‘well it’s good if blacks follow their own racial destiny’. Sure it’s fine to say that as a political device, or even to believe as a principle of nationalism, but the problem I have with this, is I don’t accept blacks are really capable of engineering any sort of independent destiny for themselves, especially in America, Europe or any other historically white country.

Blacks will always have a predisposition to disorder and violence, and even on the Right we tend to mistake black rhetorical slickness for black intelligent purpose, and we misinterpret blacks expressing political goals for black ability to maintain those goals over time.

Also, for negroes to be truly free of the white man, would mean them relinquishing the entire support network that provides them with anything at all, including life itself. Without whites, blacks really don’t have anything.

Trump’s View of the Media is Correct and Welcome

NYD: President Trump launched another salvo in his incessant war against reporters, saying that the news media is “the enemy of the Ameican people.”

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @Nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!,” the President posted on Twitter Friday afternoon.

The post was quickly unavailable after it was posted, though later reappeared with the addition of CBS and ABC and without the “SICK!”

Lashing out at news outlets he doesn’t like has long been a personality trait of Trump, but the term “enemy of the people” is an escalation over his normal assertions that they are “fake” or “failing.”

Trump’s comments are essentially the same as those of American Free Press, who’s mantra always was “The media is the enemy”

Trump Needs More Power

The media have been relentless in attacking President Trump in office so far. Their intention is to delegitimize him at every turn, particularly his policies on immigration –and his more sane approach to Russia– by wearing him down with leaks, rumors, and lies, painting his administration as bungling, ill-formed, not quite ‘real’, somehow being run or manipulated by Russia, and as a curious mistake of American history that needs to be moved on from rapidly.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, these allegations of some sort of collusion with Russia, to paint Trump effectively as a traitor, are just laughable on their face. There is only one country with an inappropriate and gross influence over the United States government, and that is Israel. Of course, the media never complains about US officials in their dealings with Israel however sordid, corrupting, abusive and undermining they are to the United States.

Trump has to be able to keep the public who voted for him on his side, and not let the media run the government for him, or detach him from it, which is what they are trying to do. At the same time, to get his ideas through, Trump has to start thinking about the machinery of government and state and how it’s going to be a barrier to him, and really ask what he can do to dismantle the layers of judicial and ideological sludge that have built up.

The Constitution, while still upholding important values, has also been deformed by decades of Jewish interpretation into something to promote equality and diversity.

It’s distasteful to consider, but it will only be a matter of time before some new Muslim terrorist atrocity happens, and Trump would benefit from a big political opportunity to acquire more power and consent and also to say, “Look I told you so”. And he needs to use any opportunity to mount an attack on the structures that are likely to be a barrier to his program.

In any event, I feel the biggest mistake Trump can make is to try to tone down his policies. He needs to go more radical, more extreme as the bargaining point, and then as politically necessary, bring his positions slightly more towards the center to give the impression of concession and flexibility and ‘politics as usual’ to his critics, this final policy with grudging consensus being the intended policy.

Everything you need to know about Black History Month

black history month

To have a meaningful history as a people, you need to have a firm grasp of the concept of history, a means of recording that history, the desire to learn and discover new things from that history that inform the present. You need a sense of time. You need a sense of right and wrong, of good and evil, of morality, of justice and injustice , of purpose, of process. You need the ability to embrace and interpret facts. Perhaps most significantly of all, you need the capacity to desire a history, to want it, to care about it.

Call me blunt, but blacks as a race don’t possess any of those attributes sufficiently.

As it happens, black history month owes its origins to an early kind of ‘black studies’ promoted by the negro Carter Godwin Woodson who said:

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization.”

While that has some truth to it, the reality is, Woodson had to imitate the importance of history to other groups. He had to be influenced by the experience created by American whites. He had to embrace something blacks themselves didn’t actually have and can’t ever really possess.

The truth is black history is really a history of the biological differences between blacks and whites; it’s a history of primitivism, dysfunction and violence. It’s a history of rape, murder, assault and looting. It’s history of incapacity, inability, of being trained like chimpanzees to ride a comedy bike by well-meaning whites. It’s a history where everything blacks appear to have actually comes from whites and other groups.

If you want to get a good understanding of black history just follow the trail of spit on the sidewalk. That is black history.

If you want to understand black history look at the crime statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at the education statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at Chicago, Detroit, South Africa, Haiti.

As far as whites are concerned, their interest in a ‘black history month’ is because they know deep down, blacks are not capable of having one. So it’s a compensation for not having a history. It’s a pretense, another vulgar way for whites to demonstrate their virtue to other whites, and feel bigger and smugger by ‘helping’ blacks.

Further reading: black history month resources at Counter-Currents

What should happen to Dylann Roof ?

Dylann Roof

I haven’t seen that much written about Dylann Roof lately on the Right, who’s now been sentenced to death for the Charleston Church shooting. It’s almost as if people want to distance themselves from his fate.

I suppose one can understand that, as any glimmer of reasoned consideration to Roof could be seized upon by the media as a kind of endorsement. (The conspiracy theorist in me has niggling questions in the back of my mind about the shooting as well). But in any case, I don’t think it’s realistic, appropriate or fair to simply ignore Roof’s situation, pretending he doesn’t exist.

Taken at face value, Roof is somone who’s used violence to change politics. That would make him a terrorist by any standard definition, yet he was clearly never presented, let alone tried as one. There’s no mention of terrorism in any of the Washington Post articles about his trial, nor in his Wikipedia entry, but there are of course many references to the word ‘hate’. Consider the original federal charges against him:

…a grand jury had indicted Roof on 33 federal charges: nine counts of using a firearm to commit murder and 24 civil rights violations (12 hate crime charges under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act and 12 counts under a second hate-crime statute that prohibits using force or threatening the use of force to obstruct a person’s free exercise of religious beliefs), with 18 of the charges carrying the federal death penalty

Despite that fact that Roof’s political grievances were entirely real, apparently seeking to defend white people -through violence in this case, does not even count as an authentic political motive. It’s purely ‘hate’ and can be trivialized as such. (Compare to blacks killing cops at a BLM rally)

My personal view, is that after the ‘hate’ dimension is thrown in the trash can where it belongs, Roof’s actions –and any punishments, should be seen in the context of a racial conflict that has been imposed on white people, and where white people are overwhelmingly the victims of horrendous violence against them by blacks –and increasingly other imported groups, which is remorseless in nature. This remorselessness is inextricably a part of blackness and the laws as they stand are completely useless in dealing with black crime.

The media encourages this violence by constantly denigrating whites, and presenting attacks on whites as a victimless crime, –by simply lying about the conflict, painting whites as a group as the privileged supremacist oppressors, while blacks as a group are perpetually elevated as the ‘pious oppressed’. Day in, day out savage violence against whites by negroes is routinely explained away as a conflict between the ‘haves and have nots’, the ‘racist majority against the minority’, denied or outright justified.

The federal government in the United States is also fully aware of racial crime statistics and that they are putting white people disproportionately at risk of serious violence and death by forcing them to coexist with blacks.

So Roof has used violence to impact politics –to try to change a dire and oppressive political situation, but is himself a victim of partisan ‘hate’ laws that simply negate his motives. His politically true understanding of the situation and his authentic political demands need to be formally recognized.

Roof should not be executed to publicly cleanse the ‘sin’ of white racism – so white cucks and liberals can self-flagellate, worshiping at the altar of diversity, venerating blacks as some kind of religious icon to signal their piety to other white cucks and liberals, and their (((masters))).

Nor should Roof be executed to ‘send a signal’ to other potential white racial terrorists or to uphold the broken lying system that created him in the first place.

And Roof should not be executed because he responded to whites being killed by blacks.

In fact Roof should not be executed at all. He should be isolated to a place for white political prisoners until some formal acceptance and reconciliation is reached with the US government over the realities of racial conflict, that takes into account: the government and media’s own role in fomenting and facilitating that conflict, and that whites are overwhelmingly the victims of that conflict. He should then be conditionally released as part of a brokered deal in resolving and ending the conflict by racial divorce.

Message to President Trump: HINT: IT’S BLACK ‘PEOPLE’

As I’m catching up with recent news, it appears the early signs with President Trump on The Wall and immigration reform are extremely promising.

Trump also made a comment about ‘sending the feds into Chicago’, which appears to be a message that he’s not interested in maintaining the malignant culture that has coddled negro violence.

The question is, will Trump really be able to give the problem in Chicago its proper name, in the way he demanded with “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, rightly scoring a significant political blow on Obama for refusing to ?


It will be fascinating to see what Trump does here. As every honest person knows it’s normal black biology; normal black ‘culture’ that has ruined Chicago and every other fucking place blacks have shitted up.

Blacks in Chicago are shooting each other to settle petty scores and to increase their status among other blacks, because ‘black culture’ celebrates extreme and savage violence as its central ‘cultural’ pillar.

Cognitively, blacks have very little in the way of impulse-control. They don’t have the capacity to really think about the future or the consequences of their actions and so are not deterred by the same punishments and legal frameworks whites are. Negroes don’t have remorse, which makes them more like animals; chimpanzees running around with loaded guns –as neither blacks nor chimpanzees could actually invent a gun for themselves, so consequently they lack the restraint not to use them arbitrarily.

I would like to think Trump is implying blacks require ‘special treatment’ when it comes to law and order. So do I.