After a lot of controversy, buildup, and a last minute legal case that forced the university to host the speech, Richard Spencer gave his talk at Auburn University in Alabama.

It’s a great talk, and there’s a lot of wonderful moments in it, but I still believe Spencer would be better off playing these events just a little differently, remembering it’s not just an ‘edgy’ talk for the converted in a lecture hall, but that his speech has a far wider potential audience through live broadcasts and recordings. Currently, I don’t think this is being adequately exploited.

While I value Spencer’s courage tremendously, agree with his message, and condemn to hell the cowardly attacks that have been made against him and his family, I still think there is a style risk of coming across as the arch villain from the Hellfire Club, especially to normies, those who are undecided or just getting into this. A sprinkle of that is ok, but too much, however much we ‘get it’ or like how it triggers the left, is going to switch a lot of other people off and remain a unnecessary wedge between concentric circles of the Right.

As the most famous and visible modern ambassador of the Right, I would like it if Spencer would do a little more of what he has done at his NPI conferences and in his interviews, that is, seek a more positive and dare I say, almost restrained delivery when doing these lectures, or at the very least focusing in on one topic.

Needless to say, this is nothing to do with what I feel about race, or about legitimate anger and emotion we have as white people which should be expressed, or about the essence of the Right which I don’t think we should dumb-down or pretend doesn’t exist, rather it’s about deciding which are the best energies to channel when communicating to and recruiting a wider audience of people.


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