So it looks as if Trump has caved in to Jewish and deep-state pressure in launching some limited attack on Syria over an alleged (but widely questioned) gas attack by Assad.

Needless to say, a lot of people on the Right are extremely angry with Trump and feel enormous betrayal. Trump has decided to pick up a totally corrupt and destructive neoconservative adventure, despite all his protestations about Syria and claims of America First before becoming president.

Personally, I don’t think he was being dishonest there at the time, But I do think Trump’s mind is fragile and erratic, and, as Richard Spencer says, there’s a good chance Trump is not fully in control of his own presidency.

Regrettably, it does at least appear strongly from a distance neoconservatives and deep state actors have taken command of Trump and are getting him to twist his professed policies 180 degrees towards their ones. And many neocons, who were staunch Trump haters are now applauding Trump’s attack on Syria.

Some of us may be even more cynical, saying ‘Trump was bait put out there by Jews”. I’m not persuaded by that narrative, and I would be extremely skeptical when you hear that line generally as it can come from Jews to sow mistrust among the Goy, although I suspect on the balance of things, Trump may be more committed to his own ego than to protecting the white race.

Yet another more mundane possibility is that the role of POTUS, particularly when it comes to foreign policy, may be much more boxed-in by long-standing state, and deep-state goals than anyone would like it to be. Accompanying that situation is immense pressure that’s actually extremely difficult to ‘just say no’ to, with presidents tending to get led by these circumstances rather than lead, resulting in symbolic presidencies, or at best as glorified managers.

There were also huge hopes by the left for Obama about ending wars, but Obama actually exacerbated some military operations, and went back on certain key election promises to vast disappointment.

To be completely fair, Trump appears to have tried to deliver in some key areas, but has spectacularly and quickly failed on this particular area of his policy platform, and a huge movement of people who supported him, and frankly helped get him into office – are extremely angry with Trump right now.

But let’s not forget, it’s those people who really matter, who really are the movement. Trump became a kind of locus for the Right, but it’s always been bigger than Trump himself.


4 thoughts on “Trump attacks Syria, alienates Right

    1. Yes it does appear that way. I tend to think he’s a fool and his turbulent personality makes him vulnerable to this. He may not feel he is a tool, he may not feel he is consciously trying to please Jews, but he may well have been swayed by their advice when it’s framed as ‘what’s good for America’.

      Some of these people around Trump like Kushner are clearly going to be pushing him in bad directions and need to be excluded.

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