I see that a campaign in the world’s media, complaining that there were ‘holocaust denial’ books available on Amazon, and that this was unacceptable amidst a ‘new wave’ of antisemitism has been successful:

Amazon UK has removed four books from sale which question or deny the Holocaust, following discussions with the Board of Deputies.

The titles, including ‘Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told’ and ‘The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry,’ were withdrawn from sale this week, despite it being legal to sell them in the UK.

This action was the culmination of a broad campaign by Jewish groups to shame Amazon, who really need little persuasion anyway to drop these titles. And you have probably noticed that every few years a ‘new wave’ of antisemitism, or a ‘new antisemitism‘ is announced by Jewish groups, as a justification for some neurotic incursion on the choices of the others.

Of course this latest outrage is not some moral accomplishment, or the righting of some injustice as Jewish groups claim, rather it’s the creation of a considerable injustice, and makes Amazon appear partisan, corrupt and incapable of their job as a retailer.

At the heart of these actions lies Jewish narcissism and Jewish hatred. Jewish groups are looking around to find things that might be a threat to their identity, even though they spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to undermine the identity of other groups, especially whites. They then abuse their collective power to shame companies into complying with their identity. It’s really that pathetic, by presenting the issue as a moral outrage, claiming the retailer is ‘supporting hate’ Jews get to dictate how the world is supposed to see them.

Look, as we all know, the holocaust is used as a weapon:

  • To promote the idea of uniqueness of Jews as victims, and therefore the uniqueness of Jews as people.
  • To instill whites with guilt about pursuing their own destiny.
  • To provide a moral cover for Israel’s crimes in the Middle East.

And it’s been an extremely effective weapon.

Material that interferes with that weapon has long been the subject of attack by Jewish groups who are terrified of different views of the holocaust becoming normalized. I don’t think it’s doubts about the alleged six million they really fear, a but a sense of their weapon, and therefore cultural influence slipping. They dread the day the world isn’t walking on eggshells around their sensibilities.

We do need to take these things seriously though. Every time a book that isn’t favorable to Jewish interests is banned, it’s a symbolic victory for Jewish organizations, and these actions accumulate to form a dire poisoned culture, where everyone is only permitted to have certain thoughts, so it’s critical that we completely reject the idea that banning books Jewish groups dislike is some ‘moral milestone’.

Thinking about holocaust revisionism, I have a lot of time for Germar Rudolf, I think his work is extremely impressive and reasonable, yet in every day life, I don’t care a lot about the holocaust. I think it’s boring, and we hear far too much about it. But if I’m pushed again to think about the holocaust by the inappropriate actions of Jewish groups, I would like to reframe the issue of the holocaust itself.

For some time I have felt that because of the particular way Jews have exploited and abused whatever their collective experiences were in World War II that has included: constantly misrepresenting the period in films, television shows and books, seeking to make a ‘Jew-worship/guilt’ culture of out those experiences for Gentiles with museums and education, pushing governments to institute laws punishingly non-belief, holding up the holocaust as a justification for wars today, and even using it as the basis of an extortion racket, amongst many other issues, I personally think the debate about the extent of the mistreatment of Jews during WW2 can no longer be answered rationally in the toxic environment Jews have created around the topic, and doesn’t require one.

What I’m saying is, Jews have poisoned their own cake by their inability to resist fetishizing and misusing this. Even if it was the worst tragedy in history with a zillion victims, it’s simply impossible to ever truly voluntarily know, because that position is enforced by fear, coercion, brainwashing and punishment, and to accept that position is simply to submit or agree to that ethnic coercion on the topic. No thanks.

So who cares what happened to Jews during the War ? Please count me as a new kind of denier.


2 thoughts on “Jewish pressure gets holocaust revisionist books removed from Amazon but the holocaust is already broken

  1. Great points you make. The official story cannot withstand forensic scrutiny and therefore any who objectively critique it must have their books, tapes, DVDs, etc. suppressed. Could it be that the actions of some Jews serve to provoke resentment among others?

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    1. There is this observation that Jews are on autopilot culturally and do things that are guaranteed to cause a backlash against them. Then Jewish groups welcome the resulting anti-Jewish sentiment as it helps reinforce their own identity and separateness. I think there’s a lot of truth to that.

      We just need to stop looking at every new thing that Jews get banned or removed as some new moral milestone, Unfortunately the media presents every new thing that Jews manage to get banned or removed as some new moral milestone, so this needs some heavy and consistent countering in the alternative media.

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