George Lincoln Rockwell

March 9th marked the birthday of George Lincoln Rockwell, and there’s been quite a lot of articles and coverage on him going around. I do think Rockwell was a great and good man, and his assassination an immense tragedy and injustice.

Listening to some of the commentary in this podcast between Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks one can sense the great admiration still held towards Rockwell.

One of the topics discussed was Rockwell’s interactions with black groups. I do think the Right has a tendency with blacks to credit their leadership with more moral agency than they really have.

When we see black goals coincide with our own, we like to say ‘well it’s good if blacks follow their own racial destiny’. Sure it’s fine to say that as a political device, or even to believe as a principle of nationalism, but the problem I have with this, is I don’t accept blacks are really capable of engineering any sort of independent destiny for themselves, especially in America, Europe or any other historically white country.

Blacks will always have a predisposition to disorder and violence, and even on the Right we tend to mistake black rhetorical slickness for black intelligent purpose, and we misinterpret blacks expressing political goals for black ability to maintain those goals over time.

Also, for negroes to be truly free of the white man, would mean them relinquishing the entire support network that provides them with anything at all, including life itself. Without whites, blacks really don’t have anything.


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