I have the same reservations many of us have about Milo Yiannopoulos, although when it comes to winning, and how we get there, I’m increasingly becoming less of a purist. The fact is the ‘Alt-Light’ has been extremely useful for us.

From what I can understand Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart News because of pressure over some ‘edgy’ comments he had made in a video that have been presented as an endorsement of pedophilia.

Again I have many reservations about Yiannopoulos, but I suspect the allegation is somewhat disingenuous, or at least certainly hypocritical.

We can look at this in two ways: that there could be limits to the role of homosexuality on the Right (considering the Right as a broad spectrum not just WN), and that it will have a tendency to degenerate into advocating for pedophilia and pederasty. Then that person, whatever their political and rhetorical skills, is going to rightfully become a prime target for other conservatives.

Or we could say there has been a concerted effort to ‘get’ Yiannopoulos for a long time, to break him away from his own platforms, not because they really believe he’s one of us, which he clearly isn’t, but because he’s undermining to an ultimately -anti-white- discourse –helping shift the window of acceptable discussion away from the Left’s constraints by attacking Islam, feminism, political correctness while at the same time endorsing a president who’s interested in immigration restriction. And where will that end, right ?

The situation is also disturbing, as the media and the Left really doesn’t dislike pedophilia and in fact are insidiously pushing the world towards an acceptance of pedophilia along the same lines as homosexuality and transgenderism.

From a post from /pol sourced by Vox Day:

Milo, Southern, McInnes, Crowder, Compound Media are basically the right’s version of MSNBC/Vice/Daily Show/Colbert Report. I’d also toss in Alex Jones, but Jones is considered a whole other beast in than the others in a lot of ways, by my fellow journalists so I’m leaving him out.

Them being on the internet also puts them beyond the traditional media’s reach to silence them. And they are bringing in the young conservatives and converting jaded, pissed off liberals to the right.

They want them dead, now while they are still on the brink of mainstream acceptance, because the left is TERRIFIED of the right having their own version of John Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Samantha Bee/John Oliver types and the mainstream media definitely wants to kneecap the right claiming any significant internet territory to rival the left’s control over most of the internet.


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