I don’t want to be that crude and absolute about it, but it’s really not such a stretch to describe Tony Blair’s entire career as essentially being a fervent implementer for the will of organized Jewry, presenting Jewish values, such as globalism, mass immigration and White Genocide as something Gentile and of essential interest to everyone. As such, his latest move should come as little surprise:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair launched a campaign Friday to persuade the U.K. to rethink its decision to leave the European Union, saying those who want to remain should rise up and make their wishes known. Blair argued that the Conservative government’s drive to leave the EU “at any cost” will hurt future generations and damage the unity of the country itself.

Last year’s vote to leave the 28-nation bloc was “based on imperfect knowledge” and Britons made their decision without knowing the true terms of Brexit, he said in a speech in London

Blair is a strange mix of high corruption -insomuch as his corruption is obscured by high-minded self-deception and blessed by those he serves, and a kind of extreme evangelical mania. Where a wishlist from Jewish and corporate elites ends, and his own psyche begins is extraordinarily difficult to tell, but he’s certainly very much aligned to the former, having presided over the most radical and explicitly anti-white government in the history of the United Kingdom.

Then there are some significant parallels between Tony Blair and his ghoulish wife Cherie, and the intrigues of the Clintons, even down to Cherie’s own bizarre version of ‘spirit cooking’ which involves collecting her husband’s toenails in a jar for a witch to perform spells over.

Certainly, Tony Blair is somebody who’s sold his soul to the Devil in return for power. He’s a destroyer, a nation-wrecker and a committed servant of the forces of evil. His job, whether as prime minister, ‘European extremism (aka antisemitism) chairman‘, or now as somebody trying to interfere with Brexit, is to manipulate white people into believing that their genocide is a good and healthy progressive advancement; a kind of ‘necessity for the modern age’.

If they can just make way for the swarms of child-raping, illiterate mud people, just allow more multinational mega-corporations to ruin their communities, just give up the last remains of sovereignty, humanity and dignity they have, just allow their institutions to be poisoned and overthrown, just consent to more wars for Israel, just become compliant drones living in a government-run panopticon -managed by unaccountable invisible elites somewhere then real social progress will have been made.

The rightful next stage for Blair’s career is simply to be hung from a lamppost.


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