The media have been relentless in attacking President Trump in office so far. Their intention is to delegitimize him at every turn, particularly his policies on immigration –and his more sane approach to Russia– by wearing him down with leaks, rumors, and lies, painting his administration as bungling, ill-formed, not quite ‘real’, somehow being run or manipulated by Russia, and as a curious mistake of American history that needs to be moved on from rapidly.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, these allegations of some sort of collusion with Russia, to paint Trump effectively as a traitor, are just laughable on their face. There is only one country with an inappropriate and gross influence over the United States government, and that is Israel. Of course, the media never complains about US officials in their dealings with Israel however sordid, corrupting, abusive and undermining they are to the United States.

Trump has to be able to keep the public who voted for him on his side, and not let the media run the government for him, or detach him from it, which is what they are trying to do. At the same time, to get his ideas through, Trump has to start thinking about the machinery of government and state and how it’s going to be a barrier to him, and really ask what he can do to dismantle the layers of judicial and ideological sludge that have built up.

The Constitution, while still upholding important values, has also been deformed by decades of Jewish interpretation into something to promote equality and diversity.

It’s distasteful to consider, but it will only be a matter of time before some new Muslim terrorist atrocity happens, and Trump would benefit from a big political opportunity to acquire more power and consent and also to say, “Look I told you so”. And he needs to use any opportunity to mount an attack on the structures that are likely to be a barrier to his program.

In any event, I feel the biggest mistake Trump can make is to try to tone down his policies. He needs to go more radical, more extreme as the bargaining point, and then as politically necessary, bring his positions slightly more towards the center to give the impression of concession and flexibility and ‘politics as usual’ to his critics, this final policy with grudging consensus being the intended policy.


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