Two worlds currently coexist which are completely incompatible with each other. The first is an emerging nationalist, populist and for us, racial world, the other is a globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world.

The overwhelming bulk of mainstream discourse supports the globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world by spreading lies and delegitimizing its primary intended victims: whites.

But when the propaganda of that system no longer works, however loudly it tries, when it’s been peeled away as a ridiculous offensive lie, when more and more people know it’s a lie, that system no longer has a certain future. Change has to come. It’s only a matter of time. And I think we are seeing some signs of that, of which President Trump is obviously a considerable factor.

Naturally a lot of people still want to cling desperately to the old world. To cling on to the lie. They want to believe they are ‘fighting Nazis’ and ‘ending hate’ etc. Some of them really want to believe in a post-racial utopia, even though they strenuously avoid living in it themselves, preferring their gated mono-racial communities. They really want to believe Trump is Hitler just for having some sensible and quite moderate ideas about immigration. It makes them feel good to believe that. Indeed, it makes them feel good to have the approval of Jewish power, and the approval of others who are also under the thrall of Jewish power.

Whether those people can ever be fixed or not, remains an open question, but it’s an increasingly less important one. For now they have chosen their side simply because it makes them feel like bigger, more important people.

Meanwhile, what is becoming clear from some of the violence of the Left, which is nothing new, is that this war won’t be won by reason alone. Our enemies are not reasonable, do not listen to reason, and do not hold reasonable positions. That means they should not be treated reasonably.

I haven’t looked into this in depth, but I strongly suspect Antifa is basically Jews with very priviliged parents on top selling drugs, and underneath a swarm of degenerates and broken damaged young people buying drugs and who are looking for a sense of group belonging. They are looking to ‘fit in’ and will do stuff to please those at the top of their social hierarchy. It’s a pretty pathetic life, full of self-hatred, full of denial, full of pain. I should know. Part of my teenage years were regrettably spent around something not so dissimilar.

Perhaps if the drugs were removed they could see things a little clearer, but drugs on the developing mind + self hatred fueled by Jewish propaganda is a pretty lethal combination.

Clearly this contingent of the Left intends violence, and should be treated exclusively as such.

But not all variations of the Left are quite so loyal to all aspects of Jewish power. The anti-globalization and anti-Zionist left, while it may frequently pay homage to notions of anti-racism has been a thorn in the side of Jewish groups for a long time -as a ‘new antisemitism’. It might be useful for the Right to exploit this with the intention to collapse the Left entirely.


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