The Gorilla Effect

I missed this one at the time.

Former ESPN commentator Doug Adler, dropped by the channel following his “gorilla effect” comment during the match between Venus Williams and Swiss Stefanie Voegele, has filed a lawsuit against the network.

The comment, which Adler made during the broadcast of the Australian Open women’s singles second round match between Williams and Voegele on January 19, sparked outrage on social media, with many observers challenging the insensitivity of the comment.

“She (Venus) puts the gorilla effect on,” said Adler during the broadcast.

The commentator, however, claims that he was talking about “guerrilla” tactics, and says he in no way intended to compare the African American athlete with a “gorilla.” Adler did though apologize for the poor word choice.

The sports network nonetheless decided to part ways with the commentator.

It was reported by ESPN on Wednesday that Adler has cited “emotional distress” in the filing with the Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that he has lost other TV opportunities after being wrongly branded a racist.

The lawsuit calls for punitive financial damages, although the amount isn’t mentioned.

Milo Yiannopoulos

I have the same reservations many of us have about Milo Yiannopoulos, although when it comes to winning, and how we get there, I’m increasingly becoming less of a purist. The fact is the ‘Alt-Light’ has been extremely useful for us.

From what I can understand Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart News because of pressure over some ‘edgy’ comments he had made in a video that have been presented as an endorsement of pedophilia.

Again I have many reservations about Yiannopoulos, but I suspect the allegation is somewhat disingenuous, or at least certainly hypocritical.

We can look at this in two ways: that there could be limits to the role of homosexuality on the Right (considering the Right as a broad spectrum not just WN), and that it will have a tendency to degenerate into advocating for pedophilia and pederasty. Then that person, whatever their political and rhetorical skills, is going to rightfully become a prime target for other conservatives.

Or we could say there has been a concerted effort to ‘get’ Yiannopoulos for a long time, to break him away from his own platforms, not because they really believe he’s one of us, which he clearly isn’t, but because he’s undermining to an ultimately -anti-white- discourse –helping shift the window of acceptable discussion away from the Left’s constraints by attacking Islam, feminism, political correctness while at the same time endorsing a president who’s interested in immigration restriction. And where will that end, right ?

The situation is also disturbing, as the media and the Left really doesn’t dislike pedophilia and in fact are insidiously pushing the world towards an acceptance of pedophilia along the same lines as homosexuality and transgenderism.

From a post from /pol sourced by Vox Day:

Milo, Southern, McInnes, Crowder, Compound Media are basically the right’s version of MSNBC/Vice/Daily Show/Colbert Report. I’d also toss in Alex Jones, but Jones is considered a whole other beast in than the others in a lot of ways, by my fellow journalists so I’m leaving him out.

Them being on the internet also puts them beyond the traditional media’s reach to silence them. And they are bringing in the young conservatives and converting jaded, pissed off liberals to the right.

They want them dead, now while they are still on the brink of mainstream acceptance, because the left is TERRIFIED of the right having their own version of John Stewart/Stephen Colbert/Samantha Bee/John Oliver types and the mainstream media definitely wants to kneecap the right claiming any significant internet territory to rival the left’s control over most of the internet.

Tony Blair: An illustration of evil

I don’t want to be that crude and absolute about it, but it’s really not such a stretch to describe Tony Blair’s entire career as essentially being a fervent implementer for the will of organized Jewry, presenting Jewish values, such as globalism, mass immigration and White Genocide as something Gentile and of essential interest to everyone. As such, his latest move should come as little surprise:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair launched a campaign Friday to persuade the U.K. to rethink its decision to leave the European Union, saying those who want to remain should rise up and make their wishes known. Blair argued that the Conservative government’s drive to leave the EU “at any cost” will hurt future generations and damage the unity of the country itself.

Last year’s vote to leave the 28-nation bloc was “based on imperfect knowledge” and Britons made their decision without knowing the true terms of Brexit, he said in a speech in London

Blair is a strange mix of high corruption -insomuch as his corruption is obscured by high-minded self-deception and blessed by those he serves, and a kind of extreme evangelical mania. Where a wishlist from Jewish and corporate elites ends, and his own psyche begins is extraordinarily difficult to tell, but he’s certainly very much aligned to the former, having presided over the most radical and explicitly anti-white government in the history of the United Kingdom.

Then there are some significant parallels between Tony Blair and his ghoulish wife Cherie, and the intrigues of the Clintons, even down to Cherie’s own bizarre version of ‘spirit cooking’ which involves collecting her husband’s toenails in a jar for a witch to perform spells over.

Certainly, Tony Blair is somebody who’s sold his soul to the Devil in return for power. He’s a destroyer, a nation-wrecker and a committed servant of the forces of evil. His job, whether as prime minister, ‘European extremism (aka antisemitism) chairman‘, or now as somebody trying to interfere with Brexit, is to manipulate white people into believing that their genocide is a good and healthy progressive advancement; a kind of ‘necessity for the modern age’.

If they can just make way for the swarms of child-raping, illiterate mud people, just allow more multinational mega-corporations to ruin their communities, just give up the last remains of sovereignty, humanity and dignity they have, just allow their institutions to be poisoned and overthrown, just consent to more wars for Israel, just become compliant drones living in a government-run panopticon -managed by unaccountable invisible elites somewhere then real social progress will have been made.

The rightful next stage for Blair’s career is simply to be hung from a lamppost.

Trump’s View of the Media is Correct and Welcome

NYD: President Trump launched another salvo in his incessant war against reporters, saying that the news media is “the enemy of the Ameican people.”

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @Nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!,” the President posted on Twitter Friday afternoon.

The post was quickly unavailable after it was posted, though later reappeared with the addition of CBS and ABC and without the “SICK!”

Lashing out at news outlets he doesn’t like has long been a personality trait of Trump, but the term “enemy of the people” is an escalation over his normal assertions that they are “fake” or “failing.”

Trump’s comments are essentially the same as those of American Free Press, who’s mantra always was “The media is the enemy”

Trump Needs More Power

The media have been relentless in attacking President Trump in office so far. Their intention is to delegitimize him at every turn, particularly his policies on immigration –and his more sane approach to Russia– by wearing him down with leaks, rumors, and lies, painting his administration as bungling, ill-formed, not quite ‘real’, somehow being run or manipulated by Russia, and as a curious mistake of American history that needs to be moved on from rapidly.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, these allegations of some sort of collusion with Russia, to paint Trump effectively as a traitor, are just laughable on their face. There is only one country with an inappropriate and gross influence over the United States government, and that is Israel. Of course, the media never complains about US officials in their dealings with Israel however sordid, corrupting, abusive and undermining they are to the United States.

Trump has to be able to keep the public who voted for him on his side, and not let the media run the government for him, or detach him from it, which is what they are trying to do. At the same time, to get his ideas through, Trump has to start thinking about the machinery of government and state and how it’s going to be a barrier to him, and really ask what he can do to dismantle the layers of judicial and ideological sludge that have built up.

The Constitution, while still upholding important values, has also been deformed by decades of Jewish interpretation into something to promote equality and diversity.

It’s distasteful to consider, but it will only be a matter of time before some new Muslim terrorist atrocity happens, and Trump would benefit from a big political opportunity to acquire more power and consent and also to say, “Look I told you so”. And he needs to use any opportunity to mount an attack on the structures that are likely to be a barrier to his program.

In any event, I feel the biggest mistake Trump can make is to try to tone down his policies. He needs to go more radical, more extreme as the bargaining point, and then as politically necessary, bring his positions slightly more towards the center to give the impression of concession and flexibility and ‘politics as usual’ to his critics, this final policy with grudging consensus being the intended policy.

Random thoughts on the Left

Two worlds currently coexist which are completely incompatible with each other. The first is an emerging nationalist, populist and for us, racial world, the other is a globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world.

The overwhelming bulk of mainstream discourse supports the globalist, degenerate, anti-white homogenized world by spreading lies and delegitimizing its primary intended victims: whites.

But when the propaganda of that system no longer works, however loudly it tries, when it’s been peeled away as a ridiculous offensive lie, when more and more people know it’s a lie, that system no longer has a certain future. Change has to come. It’s only a matter of time. And I think we are seeing some signs of that, of which President Trump is obviously a considerable factor.

Naturally a lot of people still want to cling desperately to the old world. To cling on to the lie. They want to believe they are ‘fighting Nazis’ and ‘ending hate’ etc. Some of them really want to believe in a post-racial utopia, even though they strenuously avoid living in it themselves, preferring their gated mono-racial communities. They really want to believe Trump is Hitler just for having some sensible and quite moderate ideas about immigration. It makes them feel good to believe that. Indeed, it makes them feel good to have the approval of Jewish power, and the approval of others who are also under the thrall of Jewish power.

Whether those people can ever be fixed or not, remains an open question, but it’s an increasingly less important one. For now they have chosen their side simply because it makes them feel like bigger, more important people.

Meanwhile, what is becoming clear from some of the violence of the Left, which is nothing new, is that this war won’t be won by reason alone. Our enemies are not reasonable, do not listen to reason, and do not hold reasonable positions. That means they should not be treated reasonably.

I haven’t looked into this in depth, but I strongly suspect Antifa is basically Jews with very priviliged parents on top selling drugs, and underneath a swarm of degenerates and broken damaged young people buying drugs and who are looking for a sense of group belonging. They are looking to ‘fit in’ and will do stuff to please those at the top of their social hierarchy. It’s a pretty pathetic life, full of self-hatred, full of denial, full of pain. I should know. Part of my teenage years were regrettably spent around something not so dissimilar.

Perhaps if the drugs were removed they could see things a little clearer, but drugs on the developing mind + self hatred fueled by Jewish propaganda is a pretty lethal combination.

Clearly this contingent of the Left intends violence, and should be treated exclusively as such.

But not all variations of the Left are quite so loyal to all aspects of Jewish power. The anti-globalization and anti-Zionist left, while it may frequently pay homage to notions of anti-racism has been a thorn in the side of Jewish groups for a long time -as a ‘new antisemitism’. It might be useful for the Right to exploit this with the intention to collapse the Left entirely.

Everything you need to know about Black History Month

black history month

To have a meaningful history as a people, you need to have a firm grasp of the concept of history, a means of recording that history, the desire to learn and discover new things from that history that inform the present. You need a sense of time. You need a sense of right and wrong, of good and evil, of morality, of justice and injustice , of purpose, of process. You need the ability to embrace and interpret facts. Perhaps most significantly of all, you need the capacity to desire a history, to want it, to care about it.

Call me blunt, but blacks as a race don’t possess any of those attributes sufficiently.

As it happens, black history month owes its origins to an early kind of ‘black studies’ promoted by the negro Carter Godwin Woodson who said:

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization.”

While that has some truth to it, the reality is, Woodson had to imitate the importance of history to other groups. He had to be influenced by the experience created by American whites. He had to embrace something blacks themselves didn’t actually have and can’t ever really possess.

The truth is black history is really a history of the biological differences between blacks and whites; it’s a history of primitivism, dysfunction and violence. It’s a history of rape, murder, assault and looting. It’s history of incapacity, inability, of being trained like chimpanzees to ride a comedy bike by well-meaning whites. It’s a history where everything blacks appear to have actually comes from whites and other groups.

If you want to get a good understanding of black history just follow the trail of spit on the sidewalk. That is black history.

If you want to understand black history look at the crime statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at the education statistics.

If you want to understand black history look at Chicago, Detroit, South Africa, Haiti.

As far as whites are concerned, their interest in a ‘black history month’ is because they know deep down, blacks are not capable of having one. So it’s a compensation for not having a history. It’s a pretense, another vulgar way for whites to demonstrate their virtue to other whites, and feel bigger and smugger by ‘helping’ blacks.

Further reading: black history month resources at Counter-Currents