Another illuminating interview with Greg Johnson of, who always succinctly communicates the key political issues the world faces.

I’m very optimistic about the future. I think that the future really belongs to nationalism, and especially to ethnically defined nationalism because what we have in the United States, what we just inaugurated in the form of Donald Trump is, at best a civic nationalism. And civic nationalism is basically the idea that you can have a multicultural society that’s unified by laws and by common values, and we don’t believe that’s a very stable form of society. In fact it’s a form of society that’s based on telling lies about differences in human nature.

Diversity, whether it’s racial diversity, or ethnic diversity or religious diversity within the same system leads to conflict, and often to bloodshed and civil war. Or at best the conflict sort of wears away all the differences between the peoples who are forced to live together so they just become some homogenized group that has lost their cultural distinctness. And neither of those outcomes is a desirable thing. And the best way to prevent either ethnic strife or warfare, or just bland homogenization and the destruction of distinct identities is for distinct peoples to have distinct states -sovereign homelands.


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