As I’m catching up with recent news, it appears the early signs with President Trump on The Wall and immigration reform are extremely promising.

Trump also made a comment about ‘sending the feds into Chicago’, which appears to be a message that he’s not interested in maintaining the malignant culture that has coddled negro violence.

The question is, will Trump really be able to give the problem in Chicago its proper name, in the way he demanded with “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, rightly scoring a significant political blow on Obama for refusing to ?


It will be fascinating to see what Trump does here. As every honest person knows it’s normal black biology; normal black ‘culture’ that has ruined Chicago and every other fucking place blacks have shitted up.

Blacks in Chicago are shooting each other to settle petty scores and to increase their status among other blacks, because ‘black culture’ celebrates extreme and savage violence as its central ‘cultural’ pillar.

Cognitively, blacks have very little in the way of impulse-control. They don’t have the capacity to really think about the future or the consequences of their actions and so are not deterred by the same punishments and legal frameworks whites are. Negroes don’t have remorse, which makes them more like animals; chimpanzees running around with loaded guns –as neither blacks nor chimpanzees could actually invent a gun for themselves, so consequently they lack the restraint not to use them arbitrarily.

I would like to think Trump is implying blacks require ‘special treatment’ when it comes to law and order. So do I.


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