Despite intending to, I hadn’t written anything about Millennial Woes yet on here, the popular Scottish vlogger who’s become something a hub for a lot of AltRight discussion on YouTube, and who was recently spitefully ‘doxxed’, i.e his real name exposed by a Scottish newspaper.

I’d like to comment a little more about this shortly, but for now, I think the good thing is MW has built up quite a support network through his channel that can help. As I understand it, he’s not a fugitive in the sense of being a criminal on the run, but certainly I can understand why he would feel that way.

When I first came across his work about a year ago, my very first impressions were this was great, I liked his style a lot, and his verbal skills. At the same time, I also thought wouldn’t it be great if there were a 1000 Millenial Woes doing this or 10,000 ? I had hoped he would inspire others to get in front of the camera and start talking about the issues. There’s a safety in numbers, and it would send a clear signal that our message isn’t going to be marginalized by threats.

After MW appeared at the NPI conference, the UK media started to take more of an interest in him. It was clearly intolerable to the Jewish establishment and their controlled minions that a guy from the UK could hold these views.

Here is some commentary on his current situation:


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