Happy New Year. There was a recent article on Counter Currents called Alt Right and the Arts, which is topic that would seem to have a vast scope. After all, an artist could be making work which is not explicitly about the issues of direct interest to the Right, but may hold deeply right-wing political views and maybe those views flow through their work in more subtle ways or not. Does that qualify them as an AltRight artist ? Or does some element of say, nationalism or identity and a rejection of the catastrophic effects of the Left have to manifest in their work ? These questions are open to different interpretations.

Certainly somebody who is an explicit AltRight artist is Emily Youcis, who produces incredible animations which take a tremendous amount of time and effort to make. Emily is also an activist and was involved in coverage of the NPI conference.

Her piece The Ascent of Alfred, which is a visually stunning and complex work is, in her own words her ‘Meisterwerk’

Sadly this wonderful and extremely capable artist has been thrown off of Patreon which she was using for donations due to ‘hate’. She also says Patreon are withholding money she has earned.

She should probe a little further and find out who made the complaint.

Anyway, this latest incident really does underline the need for some kind of payment processor that’s immune to the standard attacks of the left.

Ideally, we need to devalue the notion of ‘hate’ as a concept, but that’s a far bigger project. Right now we desperately need a system that will not reject right-wing artists, writers, video producers and so on and that is easily accessible for the average Joe to use.

Bitcoin and similar digital currencies are great, but they can be fiddly and confusing for the average person, although there are systems which are designed to make them less so, by linking bitcoin to real currencies and payment cards, but these systems may still be subject to pressure.

A bigger problem with systems that use credit card donations are the likes of Visa and Mastercard themselves which can arbitrarily choose to punish organizations that use them.

I certainly don’t have an answer to this, but somebody might. We’ve already seen an impressive Twitter alternative just explode last year with Gab.

AltTech to support and nurture the AltRight is now a real urgency.


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