Greg Johnson counter-currents interview with Radio Evropa

Another illuminating interview with Greg Johnson of, who always succinctly communicates the key political issues the world faces.

I’m very optimistic about the future. I think that the future really belongs to nationalism, and especially to ethnically defined nationalism because what we have in the United States, what we just inaugurated in the form of Donald Trump is, at best a civic nationalism. And civic nationalism is basically the idea that you can have a multicultural society that’s unified by laws and by common values, and we don’t believe that’s a very stable form of society. In fact it’s a form of society that’s based on telling lies about differences in human nature.

Diversity, whether it’s racial diversity, or ethnic diversity or religious diversity within the same system leads to conflict, and often to bloodshed and civil war. Or at best the conflict sort of wears away all the differences between the peoples who are forced to live together so they just become some homogenized group that has lost their cultural distinctness. And neither of those outcomes is a desirable thing. And the best way to prevent either ethnic strife or warfare, or just bland homogenization and the destruction of distinct identities is for distinct peoples to have distinct states -sovereign homelands.

What should happen to Dylann Roof ?

Dylann Roof

I haven’t seen that much written about Dylann Roof lately on the Right, who’s now been sentenced to death for the Charleston Church shooting. It’s almost as if people want to distance themselves from his fate.

I suppose one can understand that, as any glimmer of reasoned consideration to Roof could be seized upon by the media as a kind of endorsement. (The conspiracy theorist in me has niggling questions in the back of my mind about the shooting as well). But in any case, I don’t think it’s realistic, appropriate or fair to simply ignore Roof’s situation, pretending he doesn’t exist.

Taken at face value, Roof is somone who’s used violence to change politics. That would make him a terrorist by any standard definition, yet he was clearly never presented, let alone tried as one. There’s no mention of terrorism in any of the Washington Post articles about his trial, nor in his Wikipedia entry, but there are of course many references to the word ‘hate’. Consider the original federal charges against him:

…a grand jury had indicted Roof on 33 federal charges: nine counts of using a firearm to commit murder and 24 civil rights violations (12 hate crime charges under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act and 12 counts under a second hate-crime statute that prohibits using force or threatening the use of force to obstruct a person’s free exercise of religious beliefs), with 18 of the charges carrying the federal death penalty

Despite that fact that Roof’s political grievances were entirely real, apparently seeking to defend white people -through violence in this case, does not even count as an authentic political motive. It’s purely ‘hate’ and can be trivialized as such. (Compare to blacks killing cops at a BLM rally)

My personal view, is that after the ‘hate’ dimension is thrown in the trash can where it belongs, Roof’s actions –and any punishments, should be seen in the context of a racial conflict that has been imposed on white people, and where white people are overwhelmingly the victims of horrendous violence against them by blacks –and increasingly other imported groups, which is remorseless in nature. This remorselessness is inextricably a part of blackness and the laws as they stand are completely useless in dealing with black crime.

The media encourages this violence by constantly denigrating whites, and presenting attacks on whites as a victimless crime, –by simply lying about the conflict, painting whites as a group as the privileged supremacist oppressors, while blacks as a group are perpetually elevated as the ‘pious oppressed’. Day in, day out savage violence against whites by negroes is routinely explained away as a conflict between the ‘haves and have nots’, the ‘racist majority against the minority’, denied or outright justified.

The federal government in the United States is also fully aware of racial crime statistics and that they are putting white people disproportionately at risk of serious violence and death by forcing them to coexist with blacks.

So Roof has used violence to impact politics –to try to change a dire and oppressive political situation, but is himself a victim of partisan ‘hate’ laws that simply negate his motives. His politically true understanding of the situation and his authentic political demands need to be formally recognized.

Roof should not be executed to publicly cleanse the ‘sin’ of white racism – so white cucks and liberals can self-flagellate, worshiping at the altar of diversity, venerating blacks as some kind of religious icon to signal their piety to other white cucks and liberals, and their (((masters))).

Nor should Roof be executed to ‘send a signal’ to other potential white racial terrorists or to uphold the broken lying system that created him in the first place.

And Roof should not be executed because he responded to whites being killed by blacks.

In fact Roof should not be executed at all. He should be isolated to a place for white political prisoners until some formal acceptance and reconciliation is reached with the US government over the realities of racial conflict, that takes into account: the government and media’s own role in fomenting and facilitating that conflict, and that whites are overwhelmingly the victims of that conflict. He should then be conditionally released as part of a brokered deal in resolving and ending the conflict by racial divorce.

Message to President Trump: HINT: IT’S BLACK ‘PEOPLE’

As I’m catching up with recent news, it appears the early signs with President Trump on The Wall and immigration reform are extremely promising.

Trump also made a comment about ‘sending the feds into Chicago’, which appears to be a message that he’s not interested in maintaining the malignant culture that has coddled negro violence.

The question is, will Trump really be able to give the problem in Chicago its proper name, in the way he demanded with “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, rightly scoring a significant political blow on Obama for refusing to ?


It will be fascinating to see what Trump does here. As every honest person knows it’s normal black biology; normal black ‘culture’ that has ruined Chicago and every other fucking place blacks have shitted up.

Blacks in Chicago are shooting each other to settle petty scores and to increase their status among other blacks, because ‘black culture’ celebrates extreme and savage violence as its central ‘cultural’ pillar.

Cognitively, blacks have very little in the way of impulse-control. They don’t have the capacity to really think about the future or the consequences of their actions and so are not deterred by the same punishments and legal frameworks whites are. Negroes don’t have remorse, which makes them more like animals; chimpanzees running around with loaded guns –as neither blacks nor chimpanzees could actually invent a gun for themselves, so consequently they lack the restraint not to use them arbitrarily.

I would like to think Trump is implying blacks require ‘special treatment’ when it comes to law and order. So do I.

Millennial Woes video

Pleased to see an update from Millennial Woes a few days back:

If I’ve understood him correctly he describes an event where, for very good reasons, he needed to make himself and his channel known to the police prior to his recent doxxing. I can’t help wondering then, if it was actually someone in the Scottish police who gave his name to the newspapers or Antifa types. (The conspiracy theorist in me also wonders if he could have been set up into having to call the police out.)

In any case, I agree with those who say the doxxings must empower our cause and be turned into opportunities. They are going to happen, and the more they happen the less effective they are, and the more our enemies are exposed as nothing more than a hate-filled pile of shit.

Dear black people…

When Trump spoke of “the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential”…and ending the “violent American carnage” –a phrase the media picked up on, he’s talking about you.

Taking the above statements alone, one might hope that the more extreme forms of white-pathological negro-coddling, artificially compensating for black violent dysfunction in America are now over.

But Trump went on to say:

“We are one nation and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams”.

Which couldn’t be more incorrect, and plays straight back into the feelgood lie –plucked from the pages of the civil rights bullshit book, that black dysfunction is somehow the responsibility of whites, and that there’s some sort of shared accountability for black failure and worse, some of kind of shared destiny between blacks and whites, and if it wasn’t for some political or economic circumstance everything would be just great.

It would be far preferable if Trump just stuck to the truth saying ‘American carnage’ is actually just black carnage, and it’s the same black carnage wherever blacks are around the world.

Millennial Woes

Despite intending to, I hadn’t written anything about Millennial Woes yet on here, the popular Scottish vlogger who’s become something a hub for a lot of AltRight discussion on YouTube, and who was recently spitefully ‘doxxed’, i.e his real name exposed by a Scottish newspaper.

I’d like to comment a little more about this shortly, but for now, I think the good thing is MW has built up quite a support network through his channel that can help. As I understand it, he’s not a fugitive in the sense of being a criminal on the run, but certainly I can understand why he would feel that way.

When I first came across his work about a year ago, my very first impressions were this was great, I liked his style a lot, and his verbal skills. At the same time, I also thought wouldn’t it be great if there were a 1000 Millenial Woes doing this or 10,000 ? I had hoped he would inspire others to get in front of the camera and start talking about the issues. There’s a safety in numbers, and it would send a clear signal that our message isn’t going to be marginalized by threats.

After MW appeared at the NPI conference, the UK media started to take more of an interest in him. It was clearly intolerable to the Jewish establishment and their controlled minions that a guy from the UK could hold these views.

Here is some commentary on his current situation:

Blacks kidnap and torture white disabled man and stream on Facebook

A disabled white guy in Chicago was kidnapped and tortured by negroes and the attack streamed on Facebook for the amusement of other negroes. I haven’t watched it. I don’t need to. The description is enough.

And there’s very little unusual about this attack. It’s just unusual that it was streamed live on Facebook, but now even this is becoming a way for negroes to present their violence to other negroes and earn some ‘respect’.

Again and again on here I’ve written that negroes don’t have the moral equipment to not to do this stuff. These monsters, these shit animals, were not just attacking the person because they were white. They are attacking them because they were white and defenseless and represent an easy victim. They were torturing him because blacks feel gratification from this kind of violence and it’s a central pillar of ‘black culture’. They were torturing a white disabled guy because blacks don’t consider the future and worry about consequences. Because blacks lack empathy. That’s because blacks are not sufficiently human by white standards.

When Hillary Clinton described negroes as ‘super predators’ who have ‘no conscience, no empathy’, a term which ironically and stupidly was used by some MAGA types to convince liberals that Clinton was the ‘real racist’, she wasn’t incorrect. The Washington Post incidentally declared ‘super predators’ as a “now-debunked theory”. Go and watch the video and tell me if you think it was debunked. (Fact check: Blacks are super predators: True.)

Until racial separation happens there needs to be a different standard of law and punishment that applies to blacks that reflects their cognitive and moral realities, their tendencies towards extreme and harrowing violence, their lack of remorse and empathy, and the fact that the more extreme and savage the violence the more it is celebrated as the cornerstone of ‘black culture’.

Some of you will say, “Well not all blacks are like this”, but right now privately a lot of blacks are celebrating this, finding it exciting, inspiring. Or are completely ambivalent to it.

The correct way forward needs to recognize that blacks only naturally understand violence. They don’t adequately resonate with the delicate moral and legal frameworks whites have created for themselves. Blacks tend to see these structures as ‘raciss white man sheet’ that stops them having fun and interferes with their identity.

What the world has done is to try to placate negroes with more ‘stuff’, more gibs, more unearned artificial ‘opportunities’, and more lies to stop them acting like animals so white people can pretend to themselves they are not and can continue to feel smug and righteous. Obviously such a strategy to deal with black violence is neither just nor real.

It’s a lie. It’s a lie with appalling consequences.

In the Daily Mail, Pieres Morgan laments the attack not immediately being declared a hate crime and says:

“Imagine for a moment that a young black man with special needs had been kidnapped, abused and tortured by a gang of smirking white youths?

Imagine watching a video of this black man’s horrific ordeal streamed live on Facebook?

Imagine seeing and hearing the white assailants systematically torment their black victim, physically and mentally?”

Firstly, I think such a crime is unlikely by whites, but Morgan can’t understand the reality that ‘hate’ is not a fair concept. We have to understand hate as a theme in the law, was simply a way for Jews to maintain their ethnic privileges through proxy groups. Hate has never been some universal idea, it’s a specifically anti-white tool to delegitimize any resistance whites might have to their own displacement by other groups. It’s presented in moral universalist terms, but is implemented selectively in ways which exclude whites as victims.

Outside of pointing out the glaring double standard, I don’t believe justice can be achieved in pursuing ‘hate’ as a theme, but by rejecting the concept and coming up with something better that is just.

The answer here is not to worry about ‘escalating tensions’ as Morgan considers but to consider the future. Blacks have to be removed from the white experience, and until that happens the state needs to inflict on blacks the same or worse violence that they inflict on whites.

These are not ‘underprivileged kids’, they are part of a group not sufficiently separated from non-human primates. Blacks do not deserve the same rights.

Funding AltRight Artists in a Broken World

Happy New Year. There was a recent article on Counter Currents called Alt Right and the Arts, which is topic that would seem to have a vast scope. After all, an artist could be making work which is not explicitly about the issues of direct interest to the Right, but may hold deeply right-wing political views and maybe those views flow through their work in more subtle ways or not. Does that qualify them as an AltRight artist ? Or does some element of say, nationalism or identity and a rejection of the catastrophic effects of the Left have to manifest in their work ? These questions are open to different interpretations.

Certainly somebody who is an explicit AltRight artist is Emily Youcis, who produces incredible animations which take a tremendous amount of time and effort to make. Emily is also an activist and was involved in coverage of the NPI conference.

Her piece The Ascent of Alfred, which is a visually stunning and complex work is, in her own words her ‘Meisterwerk’

Sadly this wonderful and extremely capable artist has been thrown off of Patreon which she was using for donations due to ‘hate’. She also says Patreon are withholding money she has earned.

She should probe a little further and find out who made the complaint.

Anyway, this latest incident really does underline the need for some kind of payment processor that’s immune to the standard attacks of the left.

Ideally, we need to devalue the notion of ‘hate’ as a concept, but that’s a far bigger project. Right now we desperately need a system that will not reject right-wing artists, writers, video producers and so on and that is easily accessible for the average Joe to use.

Bitcoin and similar digital currencies are great, but they can be fiddly and confusing for the average person, although there are systems which are designed to make them less so, by linking bitcoin to real currencies and payment cards, but these systems may still be subject to pressure.

A bigger problem with systems that use credit card donations are the likes of Visa and Mastercard themselves which can arbitrarily choose to punish organizations that use them.

I certainly don’t have an answer to this, but somebody might. We’ve already seen an impressive Twitter alternative just explode last year with Gab.

AltTech to support and nurture the AltRight is now a real urgency.