I hate where am.

I hate diversity.

I hate multiculturalism.

I hate being swamped by the Third World.

I hate walking though them.

I hate being around brown people babbling in various Third World languages.

I hate watching an obese and hideous Somalian female in a hijab –because it’s not a woman in any conventional sense– waddle along babbling into its mobile phone as it takes advantage of a world it couldn’t hope to create itself to shit out hundreds more of itself.

I hate standards being eroded.

I hate pretending all is well.

I hate a society that means and stands for nothing but the pursuit of money.

I hate being around blacks.

I hate blacks spitting. It’s easy to see where blacks have been by the trail of spit on the street.

I hate blacks kissing their teeth.

I hate blacks flapping their arms.

I hate blacks’ primitive and ridiculous collection of walks.

I hate black music.

I hate seeing stupid, ignorant white women with blacks. They have chosen their path, and should be forced to permanently adopt it far away from the advancements of the white race.

I hate the effect of blacks on whites.

I hate watching whites speak like negroes, walk like negroes, listen to negro music.

I hate how whites talk to negroes either as privileged special entities, or to try to speak in ways appealing to the negro, proving they can be as degenerate and imitating to varying degrees, negro ebonics.

I hate watching whites bury their collective heads into the sand, smiling with that dumb cuckface to focus on ‘important issues’ like sport, iPhones, games, alcohol or a bunch of other worthless shitty pursuits as their world is taken from them.

I hate black crime, which is different in quality and nature to white crime and requires different laws, punishments and answers.

I hate the denial.

I hate reading about yet another new law in a white country designed to protect this monstrous fucking lie of ‘diversity’ and ‘racial equality’.

I hate the media and its constant stream of lies.

I hate the film industry which is mostly anti-white propaganda.

I hate advertising, and if I see another mulatto on a poster with a white woman, or an image of a white woman surrounded by negroes I’m going to scream.

I hate virtually every institution or company which talks about its ‘commitment to diversity’.

I hate initiatives which promote ‘diversity’, which is a way of promoting our genocide.

I hate seeing beautiful places starting to become stained by diversity.

I hate the way beautiful rare animals are being pushed to extinction on the planet, but ugly monstrous animals are being artificially assisted to breed like flies.


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