A nice post found on Stormfront by someone called Advocate reflecting on the late Michael Collins Piper.

I met Mike at the 2005 Euro Conference. We spoke together during the socializing and rode on the shuttle to the air port after the conference ended. What a great guy!

A couple of weeks later there was a package in the mail for me. It was a brand spanking new copy of the latest edition of Final Judgment that was personally inscribed to me by the author himself. Here he was a pillar of the movement and the author of many wonderful books and he was kind enough to send to me, a comparative nobody, a copy of his most important book and sign it to me.

We met at other events and became friends and correspondents. I was a faithful listener to his pod casts and ocassionally he would share with his audience some interesting historical nugget I came across and emailed him. It was always a thrill for me to hear him mention something I brought to his attention. To think that I could add to his encyclopedic knowledge was very exciting to me.

He was always a gentleman and unwavering in his life long search to find the truth and write about it.

During the last tumultuous year with the TRUMP candidacy and all the other political developments, I often thing of Michael Collins Piper and wonder what he would have to say about it. I wish he could have lived to see it, whatever its long term significance might be. How many times have I said silently to myself, “What would Mike Piper say about this?”

Apart from TRUMP, there has been a WHITE AWAKENING and Michael contributed a great deal to it.

A great voice in a great cause has fallen silent, but the power of his written word and the many contributions will survive.

Thank you for posting this thread.


Happy Christmas to all.


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