If Obama really wanted a reasonable political legacy instead of the one he has: as a hollow symbol of diversity that exacerbated black hatred of whites, he should have been doing this stuff as a matter of course:

Reuters: The United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building, defying heavy pressure from long-time ally Israel and President-elect Donald Trump for Washington to wield its veto.

Trump should be congratulating Obama, or criticizing Obama that it has taken so long. But of course he’s not. He’s basically spouting on about how Israel will be in a safe pair of hands again when he takes over and this will ‘never happen again.’

I love the way Trump has shaken up American politics, the impact he’s made and the way he’s energized the Right. It’s difficult not to, but I don’t believe, as some really seem to, that it’s possible to extract a serious strategy that suits white people out of Trump’s positions on a lot of issues, including Israel. I think people give him way too much credit.

There will be people right now, scrambling to declare that Trump ‘the great negotiator’ is giving Jews what they want, or want to hear with Israel, to buy some more breathing space for white people in America, as a kind of a trade. ‘Great.’

Or they will say Trump is “setting up the Jews” and will “pull the rug out from under them later” and they will claim with absolute straight-faced certainty that the average person doesn’t get this because they “can’t see the big picture of what Trump is doing”.

This strategy– that Trump gets to build The Wall in America, and maybe tinker with immigration if he simply denies or ignores Jewish Israeli crimes in the occupied territories; that Trump can end white genocide by pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby, is a really bad one and it won’t work because collective Jewish demands are not reasonable ones, they won’t ‘stop’ at a certain point, and white genocide is key value of organized Jewry. In any implicit ‘deal’ like that, they will just consume more and more and more like a political Pacman, and what they will consume will far outweigh some watered-down version of The Wall.

Then you have Trump’s policies on Iran, which appear to mysteriously be in accord with Israel’s.

No one knows what’s really going on in Trump’s mind, but trying to please the Jewish lobby will not help whites in the long run and will just continue to dig America and the rest of the world even further into diversity, terrorism and war.

The only way for a patriotic real leader to deal with the Jewish lobby is to refuse what it wants. On this issue, at this moment in time, I’m sorry to say Obama is doing slightly better than Trump.


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