Dylann Roof

TIME: It took twelve jurors less than two hours to decide the fate of Dylann Roof, the avowed white supremacist who killed nine parishioners in a Charleston church in 2015. On Thursday, after an emotional seven-day federal trial, Roof was found guilty of all 33 charges of murder, attempted murder and federal hate crimes.

Roof faces either the death penalty or life imprisonment for his crimes. […] the issue before the court was whether or not Roof’s act was a hate crime and whether it impeded on the Emanuel A.M.E. church members’ religious freedom…

Firstly, who cares if it was a ‘hate crime’ ? Hate crimes are nothing more than a distortion of law to extend the privileges of the most privileged ethnic group. And it’s idiocy to describe it as anything other than a politically motivated act.

But how much should we care about what Roof did?

White nationalists (SUPREEEMISTS) can honestly care from a point of view of ‘optics’ –pursuing non-violent political solutions to reach the average person through reason and persuasion. Roof’s actions were ‘unhelpful, disruptive and played into the hands of the media’s stereotypes’ it could be argued.

Well okay. But please don’t bother caring about a rare example of a white kid turning to violence when whites are overwhelmingly the victims of black violence and murder.

Roof was widely condemned for attacking a soft target, despite the fact that blacks are regularly attacking and killing white soft targets including white women, the elderly, even children, and in far more brutal ways than Roof.

In these circumstances, with a group that has serious deficits in morality or remorse, and where the more extreme the violence, the more it is celebrated as the central focus of black ‘culture’, it’s very difficult to see Roof’s actions as particularly unjust.

So I’ve got very little interest in these fake media tears for these ‘noble’ blacks with their ‘historic black church’ and their ‘forgiveness’. All that happened here is the black-on-white violence (aka the vibrancy) of their own ‘black community’ finally caught up with blacks.


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