Another valuable video by Stefan Molyneux, this time with a female caller who –although she agrees with the reality of the information about race and diversity that Molyneux has discussed in his videos, favors a ‘soft touch’ in how it’s applied as policy.

It starts off on the measured end of the scale, with Molyneux even appearing conciliatory towards some of the left’s ideas at times, but the key issues are present, and the heat picks up in the second half of the show.

He correctly says those promoting diversity are not really interested in living it, and that people naturally gravitate towards people more like themselves.

In response to the woman’s concern about a ‘rising white nationalism’, he says:

I don’t know much about white nationalism […] but that people are getting sick of being called racist all the time…

“People are getting sick and tired of seeing other groups consuming their resources”

And perhaps most importantly:

“There is reason to be concerned about the ability of different ethnicities to live together”.

He even mentioned ‘Jewish in-group preference’. That sounds a lot like Kevin MacDonald.

I wonder if we will ever see some of the big names and big intellectuals who really do know a lot about white nationalism on Molyneux’s show? People like Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer.

There may be good strategic reasons it shouldn’t happen and I could understand those reasons, but he’s already had Jared Taylor on, so it’s not a proposition that’s that ‘out there’ or unrealistic anymore. In terms of the kinds of discussions he’s having, it’s hopefully inevitable.

But in any event, I am always impressed with Molyneux’s videos and can only appreciate the tremendous good his work is doing.

What’s important about Molyneux’s audience, is that the vast majority are just moderate, regular people, overwhelmingly white, intelligent, decent.

He really is bringing the questions of race to a whole new, much more regular audience.

Molyneux is bringing reasonable balanced facts to reasonable people.


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