The New York Times has been running a lot of articles on the Alt Right lately, and despite its prominence as effectively the world’s most powerful Jewish newspaper, not all of the coverage has been inaccurate, although it’s naturally overwhelmingly hostile and condescending.

The movement is also acutely image-conscious, seeing the burning crosses, swastikas and language of yesteryear as impediments to recruitment. Its adherents talk of “getting red-pilled,” a reference to the movie “The Matrix,” in which the protagonist ingests a tablet that melts away artifice to reveal the truth.

Despite the inclusion of some facts, it wants the reader to be very clear that this new White interest politics is bad because it’s just the same old racist arguments with a new presentation:

But for all the fresh approaches — the slick marketing, the internet savviness — the message remains the same. It is one of separation, of supremacy, of a refusal to recognize the equal worth of others who do not have the same skin tone or share the same religion.

Believe it or not, it’s because there was nothing wrong with the ‘old‘ message to begin with, and it’s actually a tragedy it was not heeded adequately in the past. Instead the message was heavily maligned, smeared, misrepresented and excluded on an industrial scale and with disastrous consequences.

You see this claim a lot in the mainstream media. That the Alt Right is just the ‘same old racists and Nazis and KKK’, but this simply gets the whole thing the wrong way round. It’s not that White/nationalist/racial politics are secretly ‘Nazis’ trying to rebrand themselves, it’s that movements like National Socialism in Germany happened to be just one manifestation of political racial consciousness -legitimately responding to specific crises in its era.

Whatever white nationalists do, the elite media will always find a way to reduce their efforts back to a few stigmatizing keywords: “Nazi”, “KKK”, “Supremacist”, “Racist”, which makes me wonder about the futility of trying to avoid these labels across the board.

The ‘equal worth of others’ that the NYT mentions is just meaningless yet dangerous rhetoric. There is no sane answer to these same old messages, these same old slogans which mean absolutely nothing in reality, but are intended to blind people into believing that all humanity is interchangeable.

But can you imagine for a second – the horror, if gays were forced to accept sexual partners of the opposite sex, if they were forced into heterosexual relationships? When it comes to sexual identity, we are told identity matters. There it’s special, meaningful; it’s wrong to make someone with one identity do something in conflict with that identity.

But that’s essentially what’s happening to whites on a far worse scale, they are being manipulated and coerced into giving up who they are, dissolving into other groups, and surrendering their values, communities and nations.

And just because the majority of different populations, when forced to share one state, want to all feel legally ‘equal’ and entitled, and that even many liberal whites want everyone to feel equal because it feels good and hopeful that different people could coexist in some kind of harmony isn’t an argument that demonstrates equality.

I guess whites still have a considerable way to go to achieve the levels of educational inability of blacks and to break the glass ceiling to achieve parity in black violent crime rates. But even if everyone had ‘equal worth’, why can’t they explore and develop their equal worth in their own states ?

The fact is, the dismal reality of multiculturalism and diversity could not be more disconnected from the same old rhetoric of the elite liberal media that’s been churned out for decades.


5 thoughts on ““Rebranding of just the same old racial separation and supremacy”

    1. Good point!

      “I guess whites still have a considerable way to go to achieve the levels of educational inability of blacks and to break the glass ceiling to achieve parity in black violent crime rates.”

      The same goes for muslims and non-white immigrants in general, over here.
      PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) showed in the 90s how poorly immigrants performed in school. The result was the same or worse, a few years ago (2013 I think).

      Denmark have “conscription by law, but loose enforcement or less than 20% of age group are compelled to enlist”, but all men have to go and be tested. The military was already out in public in the mid 90s and warned that immigrants in general had to low IQ to pas (see Helmuth Nyborg`s IQ studies).

      The government keep wasting large amount of money on integration projects, ghetto improvements, extra effort for immigrants in school program, language course for adults, job training etc. and nothing good ever comes out of it.

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      1. Right, and let me guess some in the media said the tests were ‘biased’, ‘racist’ etc ? Did they lower the standards ? Nothing good ever comes out of extra efforts for non-whites. It’s an industry- because the more money is spent on assimilation and closing the educational gap etc. the worse the problem gets and so they have to spend even more white money on the failings of other groups.

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    2. “Right, and let me guess some in the media said the tests were ‘biased’, ‘racist’ etc ?”

      Not so much, as you might think. They just had alot of debates about what to do and more reasons to waste more money. As I remember it!

      “Did they lower the standards ?”

      Oh yes. In many ways and areas, befor and after.

      I agree. We have something we call “godhedsindustrien” (industry of goodness) amongst other names. Which is what you are referring to. An endless circle or just white (taxpayer) slavery.

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