New Year’s Feelings

I hate where am.

I hate diversity.

I hate multiculturalism.

I hate being swamped by the Third World.

I hate walking though them.

I hate being around brown people babbling in various Third World languages.

I hate watching an obese and hideous Somalian female in a hijab –because it’s not a woman in any conventional sense– waddle along babbling into its mobile phone as it takes advantage of a world it couldn’t hope to create itself to shit out hundreds more of itself.

I hate standards being eroded.

I hate pretending all is well.

I hate a society that means and stands for nothing but the pursuit of money.

I hate being around blacks.

I hate blacks spitting. It’s easy to see where blacks have been by the trail of spit on the street.

I hate blacks kissing their teeth.

I hate blacks flapping their arms.

I hate blacks’ primitive and ridiculous collection of walks.

I hate black music.

I hate seeing stupid, ignorant white women with blacks. They have chosen their path, and should be forced to permanently adopt it far away from the advancements of the white race.

I hate the effect of blacks on whites.

I hate watching whites speak like negroes, walk like negroes, listen to negro music.

I hate how whites talk to negroes either as privileged special entities, or to try to speak in ways appealing to the negro, proving they can be as degenerate and imitating to varying degrees, negro ebonics.

I hate watching whites bury their collective heads into the sand, smiling with that dumb cuckface to focus on ‘important issues’ like sport, iPhones, games, alcohol or a bunch of other worthless shitty pursuits as their world is taken from them.

I hate black crime, which is different in quality and nature to white crime and requires different laws, punishments and answers.

I hate the denial.

I hate reading about yet another new law in a white country designed to protect this monstrous fucking lie of ‘diversity’ and ‘racial equality’.

I hate the media and its constant stream of lies.

I hate the film industry which is mostly anti-white propaganda.

I hate advertising, and if I see another mulatto on a poster with a white woman, or an image of a white woman surrounded by negroes I’m going to scream.

I hate virtually every institution or company which talks about its ‘commitment to diversity’.

I hate initiatives which promote ‘diversity’, which is a way of promoting our genocide.

I hate seeing beautiful places starting to become stained by diversity.

I hate the way beautiful rare animals are being pushed to extinction on the planet, but ugly monstrous animals are being artificially assisted to breed like flies.

Michelle Obama likened to an ape again. Is there a pattern ?

I missed this just before Christmas. On the one hand we constantly hear about how ‘popular’ Michelle Obama is – how ‘well liked’ she is by Americans, but for someone so well liked, Obama certainly attracts a lot of unflattering comments and comparisons to non-human primates, as the New York Times reports:

Carl Paladino, a western New York builder, one-time Republican candidate for governor of New York and political ally of President-elect Donald J. Trump, came under fire on Friday for racially offensive comments about President Obama and the first lady… […]

“I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla,” he said.

Objectively, it should be of major concern that the First Lady of the United States is sometimes not perceived as a human woman.

So are the people who liken Obama to an ape or gorilla morally-flawed, unsophisticated or stupidly hateful ? Or are those who don’t liken Obama to an ape or gorilla lying about –or suppressing, what they actually see?

Remembering Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015)

A nice post found on Stormfront by someone called Advocate reflecting on the late Michael Collins Piper.

I met Mike at the 2005 Euro Conference. We spoke together during the socializing and rode on the shuttle to the air port after the conference ended. What a great guy!

A couple of weeks later there was a package in the mail for me. It was a brand spanking new copy of the latest edition of Final Judgment that was personally inscribed to me by the author himself. Here he was a pillar of the movement and the author of many wonderful books and he was kind enough to send to me, a comparative nobody, a copy of his most important book and sign it to me.

We met at other events and became friends and correspondents. I was a faithful listener to his pod casts and ocassionally he would share with his audience some interesting historical nugget I came across and emailed him. It was always a thrill for me to hear him mention something I brought to his attention. To think that I could add to his encyclopedic knowledge was very exciting to me.

He was always a gentleman and unwavering in his life long search to find the truth and write about it.

During the last tumultuous year with the TRUMP candidacy and all the other political developments, I often thing of Michael Collins Piper and wonder what he would have to say about it. I wish he could have lived to see it, whatever its long term significance might be. How many times have I said silently to myself, “What would Mike Piper say about this?”

Apart from TRUMP, there has been a WHITE AWAKENING and Michael contributed a great deal to it.

A great voice in a great cause has fallen silent, but the power of his written word and the many contributions will survive.

Thank you for posting this thread.


Happy Christmas to all.

UN, Israel, Obama, Trump

If Obama really wanted a reasonable political legacy instead of the one he has: as a hollow symbol of diversity that exacerbated black hatred of whites, he should have been doing this stuff as a matter of course:

Reuters: The United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building, defying heavy pressure from long-time ally Israel and President-elect Donald Trump for Washington to wield its veto.

Trump should be congratulating Obama, or criticizing Obama that it has taken so long. But of course he’s not. He’s basically spouting on about how Israel will be in a safe pair of hands again when he takes over and this will ‘never happen again.’

I love the way Trump has shaken up American politics, the impact he’s made and the way he’s energized the Right. It’s difficult not to, but I don’t believe, as some really seem to, that it’s possible to extract a serious strategy that suits white people out of Trump’s positions on a lot of issues, including Israel. I think people give him way too much credit.

There will be people right now, scrambling to declare that Trump ‘the great negotiator’ is giving Jews what they want, or want to hear with Israel, to buy some more breathing space for white people in America, as a kind of a trade. ‘Great.’

Or they will say Trump is “setting up the Jews” and will “pull the rug out from under them later” and they will claim with absolute straight-faced certainty that the average person doesn’t get this because they “can’t see the big picture of what Trump is doing”.

This strategy– that Trump gets to build The Wall in America, and maybe tinker with immigration if he simply denies or ignores Jewish Israeli crimes in the occupied territories; that Trump can end white genocide by pandering to the Jewish Israel lobby, is a really bad one and it won’t work because collective Jewish demands are not reasonable ones, they won’t ‘stop’ at a certain point, and white genocide is key value of organized Jewry. In any implicit ‘deal’ like that, they will just consume more and more and more like a political Pacman, and what they will consume will far outweigh some watered-down version of The Wall.

Then you have Trump’s policies on Iran, which appear to mysteriously be in accord with Israel’s.

No one knows what’s really going on in Trump’s mind, but trying to please the Jewish lobby will not help whites in the long run and will just continue to dig America and the rest of the world even further into diversity, terrorism and war.

The only way for a patriotic real leader to deal with the Jewish lobby is to refuse what it wants. On this issue, at this moment in time, I’m sorry to say Obama is doing slightly better than Trump.

Diversity kills again in Berlin

CNN: A tractor trailer barreled into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing nine and injuring at least 50. Officials are investigating the crash as an act of terrorism, according to a German intelligence official familiar with the matter.

Authorities have apprehended the suspected driver, according to a police spokesman. Another person who was in the truck died at the scene, police tweeted.

How much should the world care about Dylann Roof’s crime ?

Dylann Roof

TIME: It took twelve jurors less than two hours to decide the fate of Dylann Roof, the avowed white supremacist who killed nine parishioners in a Charleston church in 2015. On Thursday, after an emotional seven-day federal trial, Roof was found guilty of all 33 charges of murder, attempted murder and federal hate crimes.

Roof faces either the death penalty or life imprisonment for his crimes. […] the issue before the court was whether or not Roof’s act was a hate crime and whether it impeded on the Emanuel A.M.E. church members’ religious freedom…

Firstly, who cares if it was a ‘hate crime’ ? Hate crimes are nothing more than a distortion of law to extend the privileges of the most privileged ethnic group. And it’s idiocy to describe it as anything other than a politically motivated act.

But how much should we care about what Roof did?

White nationalists (SUPREEEMISTS) can honestly care from a point of view of ‘optics’ –pursuing non-violent political solutions to reach the average person through reason and persuasion. Roof’s actions were ‘unhelpful, disruptive and played into the hands of the media’s stereotypes’ it could be argued.

Well okay. But please don’t bother caring about a rare example of a white kid turning to violence when whites are overwhelmingly the victims of black violence and murder.

Roof was widely condemned for attacking a soft target, despite the fact that blacks are regularly attacking and killing white soft targets including white women, the elderly, even children, and in far more brutal ways than Roof.

In these circumstances, with a group that has serious deficits in morality or remorse, and where the more extreme the violence, the more it is celebrated as the central focus of black ‘culture’, it’s very difficult to see Roof’s actions as particularly unjust.

So I’ve got very little interest in these fake media tears for these ‘noble’ blacks with their ‘historic black church’ and their ‘forgiveness’. All that happened here is the black-on-white violence (aka the vibrancy) of their own ‘black community’ finally caught up with blacks.

Fact Checking Hypocrisy: ‘Russia hacking US election’

There is no actual evidence that Russia were behind the email hacking scandal that rocked the US election, which ought to make it fake news on its face, but the allegation comes on the back of a series of ludicrously obvious attempts to delegitimize Trump’s win, Trump’s consituency and Trump himself. The claim is also in sync with a long-standing neoconservative interest to demonize Russia and intensify American aggression towards it.

So let’s consider some questions here.

Even if Russia were involved, what would it actually mean ?

Very little. And it should be of extremely minor moral significance. If anything, Russia should be trying to influence America as it’s constantly threatened by provocative and dangerous US/NATO military escalations on its borders. The implications of this are extremely serious. It would be completely reasonable for Russia to take steps to reduce that military escalation, not only for Russia’s sake but for the rest of the world. Russia is also still being attacked by economic sanctions, a punishment for trying to defend itself from US/NATO advance.

Was the American ‘system’ before the election a precious sacred ‘truth’ worth defending from ‘outside influence’?

No. America, like every historically white country that it effectively leads had gone badly wrong. By the time of the 2016 election, it was off course ideologically, politically, spiritually, heading eventually to civil war and break up and the collapse of its empire if the current path continued unabated. Nobody really knows if Trump will be able to fix it, but he was the only bet, and said a lot of the right of things and grew a movement of supporters behind him.

Meanwhile, all the good stuff about America that was still worth defending wasn’t under threat from Russia, but by a Clinton presidency.

Today, the elite media constantly claim America is no longer a country with an ethnic identity, but it is a ‘proposition nation’ an ‘idea’, the idea being to make Jews happy. Everyone else can enjoy unprecedented freedom to buy more worthless junk to entertain and distract themselves, while the country is gradually replaced demographically, reframed socially, and it’s taught to bomb other states the Jewish/Israel lobby finds objectionable. When most politicians and the media talk about ‘American values’, these are the values they are talking about. When the New York Times is talking about ‘Russia interfering in our democracy’, this is the ‘democracy’ it’s talking about.

Even if the leaks scandal swayed the election result (which is mostly not actually being claimed and there is no evidence for) was Clinton a fit candidate for president ?

No. Clinton was not a fit candidate for US president. She was a symptom of something that had gone horribly wrong. She had too much baggage, and was essentially a shameless corrupt career politician taking advantage of the mess as much as she could. In fact she was so unfit the media could never even really get behind her for fear of losing what little credibility they had left. All they could do was attack Trump and his supporters. Meanwhile Clinton’s alleged grassroots support were not interested in her abilities or policies, merely the fact she was a woman. Like Obama it would have given them some kind of ‘oppressed identity symbol’ warm high.

So if Russia had been involved, it was a completely fair and humane act to seek to contribute to the removal of a bad corrupt candidate from the American political system and the global political stage.

So were the American public served by the leaks, were they in the public interest ?


What lessons should America and its allies draw from this affair?

That there is staggering hypocrisy when it comes to this subject. America has been interfering in the elections and political systems of other countries for decades; from the Middle East, to Latin America, to Europe, overturning leaders and movements it objects to either by subterfuge or outright violence, including a significant role fomenting the coup in Ukraine, that led to the current crisis with Russia:

Listening to the US media, even the most diligent news junkie would find it difficult to know that the U.S. State Department played not only a vital role in the violence and chaos underway in Ukraine but was also complicit in creating the coup that ousted democratically elected President Viktor Yanuyovch.

These actions have a long tradition of being defended by the New York Times, Washington Post and other media under a variety of smug, benign-sounding slogans such as ‘protecting fragile democracies’, ‘fighting for shared values’, ‘humanitarian intervention’ and a myriad of other industrialized lie-words.

Furthermore the leftist media, as a manifestation of Jewish power, doesn’t even believe in borders for America or countries generally, and doesn’t see illegal immigration into America as having any moral burden. It claims to believe in globalization, global integration and ‘interdependence’, so under those premises, surely it would be completely legitimate for Russia to try to affect American politics –affording the same selective regard of sovereign legality as the leftwing media does.

At the same time, the Israel lobby constantly interferes in American politics, it more or less dictates criteria for any presidential candidate in an election, and wields decisive influence over American foreign policy.

Moreover, Israel has been frequently caught in acts of extreme espionage against its so called ‘ally’ the United States:

Scratch a counterintelligence officer in the U.S. government and they’ll tell you that Israel is not a friend to the United States. This is because Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the U.S..

The fact of Israeli penetration into the country is not a subject oft-discussed in the media or in the circles of governance, due to the extreme sensitivity of the U.S.-Israel relationship coupled with the burden of the Israel lobby, which punishes legislators who dare to criticize the Jewish state.

As far as I am aware there have been no calls by the entire media to label Israel a major threat to America democracy that ‘must be defended against’, or to punish Israel and its spies, so presumably the likes of the New York Times don’t see it as such…….. for some mysterious reason.

Molyneux: Another honest conversation about race

Another valuable video by Stefan Molyneux, this time with a female caller who –although she agrees with the reality of the information about race and diversity that Molyneux has discussed in his videos, favors a ‘soft touch’ in how it’s applied as policy.

It starts off on the measured end of the scale, with Molyneux even appearing conciliatory towards some of the left’s ideas at times, but the key issues are present, and the heat picks up in the second half of the show.

He correctly says those promoting diversity are not really interested in living it, and that people naturally gravitate towards people more like themselves.

In response to the woman’s concern about a ‘rising white nationalism’, he says:

I don’t know much about white nationalism […] but that people are getting sick of being called racist all the time…

“People are getting sick and tired of seeing other groups consuming their resources”

And perhaps most importantly:

“There is reason to be concerned about the ability of different ethnicities to live together”.

He even mentioned ‘Jewish in-group preference’. That sounds a lot like Kevin MacDonald.

I wonder if we will ever see some of the big names and big intellectuals who really do know a lot about white nationalism on Molyneux’s show? People like Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer.

There may be good strategic reasons it shouldn’t happen and I could understand those reasons, but he’s already had Jared Taylor on, so it’s not a proposition that’s that ‘out there’ or unrealistic anymore. In terms of the kinds of discussions he’s having, it’s hopefully inevitable.

But in any event, I am always impressed with Molyneux’s videos and can only appreciate the tremendous good his work is doing.

What’s important about Molyneux’s audience, is that the vast majority are just moderate, regular people, overwhelmingly white, intelligent, decent.

He really is bringing the questions of race to a whole new, much more regular audience.

Molyneux is bringing reasonable balanced facts to reasonable people.