Fidel Castro, in many ways the pinnacle of leftist dysfunction, the ultimate militant SJW, and next to his colleague Che Guevara- the supreme poster boy of left-wing autism is dead:

Fidel Castro, who led a Cuban revolution that made his Caribbean island a potent symbol of the 20th-century ideological and economic divisions, and whose embrace of communism and the former Soviet Union put the world at the risk of nuclear war, died Nov. 25. He was 90.

Promising freedom from tyranny, he instead turned Cuba into his personal libtard dungeon for his ‘equal’ peasants. Now Cuba is a destination for middle class SJW tourists to experience its quaintness, ‘authenticity’ and to imbibe a state opposed to the ‘excesses and evils of American capitalism’.

However the history of Cuba and anti-Castro resistance is a complex one. Many of the forces hostile to Castro were not exactly friends of White civilization either.

As Michael Collins Piper wrote in his important book on the Kennedy Assassination, Final Judgment, reflecting on Jewish organized crime master Meyer Lansky:

[…] Lansky had another reason to be disenchanted with Fidel Castro and supportive of anti-Castro Cuban elements. The fact is that many of the anti-Castro Cubans who had settled in Miami and elsewhere following Castro’s rise to power were Cuban Jews.

American CIA-financed anti-Castro propagandist Paul D. Bethel, writing in the December 15, 1965 issue of the Latin America Report (subtitled the “Free Cuba News”) gives us some interesting facts about the status of Jews in Cuba before and after the advent of Castro. Bethel noted that of a total of 11,000 Jews in Cuba at the time of Castro’s takeover, only 1,900 remained at that time.

The rest had already joined the anti-Castro Cuban colonies which had largely migrated to the Miami and New Orleans areas. Of those remaining, an additional 1,300 were leaving at the time of Bethel’s report.

The affluent Cuban Jewish community was, in fact, an important faction within the overall anti-Castro Cuban community. This, coupled with Lansky’s financial loss in Cuba, made him all the more inclined to strike against Castro in cooperation with the CIA.

and later:

[…] Kennedy was preparing for a rapprochement with Castro’s Cuba and therefore the Lansky syndicate would not be able to re-invigorate its massive gambling interests there as a consequence. The change in Cuban policy was also distressing to the anti-Castro Cuban community in Miami, New Orleans and elsewhere. The anti-Castro Cubans had, of course, been cooperating closely with the Lansky syndicate in anti-Castro activities. Likewise, the new Cuban policy enraged the CIA which was the primary sponsor of the anti-Castro forces. As we have also seen, the Mossad played a major (although little-known) part in the intrigue involving the anti-Castro Cubans through its base in Miami


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