Seems there’s been a huge purge of right wing commentators and activists on Twitter. The Washington Times reports:

Twitter suspended several prominent accounts associated with the alt-right movement Wednesday, spurring claims that the company has begun a coordinated crackdown against social media users of a similar ilk.

Among the accounts suspended by Twitter this week are those of author Richard Spencer, his digital magazine Radix Journal and the National Policy Institute, a D.C.-based think tank he founded in dedication to “the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.”

Especially concerning is that the purge seems to have been urged by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The Southern Poverty Law Center had asked Twitter to remove more than 100 accounts of white supremacists alleged to have violated Twitter’s terms of service prior to this week’s suspensions, specifically including Mr. Spencer’s, SPLC spokeswoman Heidi Beirich, told USA Today.

The SPLC styles itself as a ‘civil rights’ group, while it is in fact essentially a pressure group promoting Jewish ethnic interests, dedicated to attacking right wing and even quite moderate conservative voices, frankly any voices that don’t suit a preferred Jewish narrative.

Interestingly, unlike the ADL, one of the most powerful Jewish lobbying organizations in America, the SPLC do not seem to appear on Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, a body of organizations that Twitter consult with. Some of these organizations are completely reasonable, including groups seeking to prevent child bullying and so on, but others are far more partisan and sinister.

Since the election result there has been considerable alarm within the establishment media, with efforts to blame insubstantial factors such as ‘fake news’ on Facebook for Trump’s win. Although I assume that’s a Jewish/establishment dog whistle which actually means whites/The Right being ‘overly’ prominent and indeed successful on social media.

Based on his previous actions, it seems a reasonable guess that Twitter’s SJW CEO Jack Dorsey sought to make a public demonstration of his commitment to diversity and online ‘safe spaces’ by simply caving in to the demands of the SPLC, and hoping to accrue a few more pro-diversity-approval points in doing so.

It’s a bad development but not a surprising one. The left’s most powerful weapon has always been in silencing its critics, claiming to do so as a moral necessity, either by insidiously constricting the bounds of discourse, or if that fails, outright bans, ‘no platforming‘, fines and in many European countries even imprisonment.

Twitter has clearly been a hugely important tool for the Right over the course of the election campaign, and these bans should be challenged by those affected, but it may also be that nationalists and identitarians now have to have new options ready.

I think it’s important to understand though it’s not just going to end with Richard Spencer and a few high profile altRightists and trolls. This is a war against white people being able to speak up for white interests.

In the future expect to see more measured conservatives, even cuckservatives as well as even left-oriented whites become suspended if they make a comment at odds with the worldview of a Jew, black, SJW, or diverse sexuality/gendered type on these platforms.

An emerging alternative to Twitter is


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