It’s become strangely gratifying to discover some new report about racial differences in wealth, education, violent crime and so on, and then having to read the awkward lies to obfuscate the obvious causes of those disparities. Some days back the Washingon Post reported that:

A new study that aims to explore the historical wealth disparities between black and white residents in the D.C. region found that white households have a net worth 81 times that of black households.

[…] In 2013 and 2014, white households in the D.C. area had a net worth of $284,000 while black households had a net worth of $3,500, the report said. Hispanics had a net worth of $13,000. Net worth is the value of assets minus debt.

[…] it is the lack of net worth of the region’s black residents — and the reasons behind the gap — that is so stark.

“The wealth differential is staggering,” said William Darity Jr., a professor at Duke University, which collaborated on the study with the Urban Institute and New York’s New School.

Then they stumble on the truth…

“The findings we have show that education does not close the racial wealth gap. That’s consistent with what we have found on the national level, but it’s far more dramatic here.”

But turn away from it to blame Whitey…

The report traces the historical trends that have prevented black families from attaining wealth in the region and across the country, from slavery to shortages in affordable housing. In 1840, for example, laws prohibited black residents from owning businesses.

It’s been a long time since 1840.

… structural barriers in housing and employment have affected the mobility of black residents, according to the report.

“Structural barriers”.

.“Black people in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area are located at the bottom of the racial wealth hierarchy,” the report says. “There is a tendency to attribute the racial wealth gap to individual character flaws among people without wealth.

Black people are located at the bottom of the racial wealth hierarchy everywhere not just in Washington, DC, and it’s not just the racial wealth hierarchy but virtually every racial hierarchy. But at least they are at the top of the racial violence and incarceration hierarchy. Could it be to do with group character flaws ? Just a wild, crazy out-there thought.

The report is credited first to a black female Kilolo Kijakazi. The Urban Institute is a liberal think tank formed in 1968, with considerable funding from the US government.


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