I was surprised to read this story that British left wing activist Richard Wilson, has actually been successful in his “#StopFundingHate” campaign to get the toy manufacturer Lego to stop advertising in the Daily Mail, because he feels, the Mail’s coverage of the ‘refugee’ crisis is ‘hate’ to sell newspapers.

The Danish toy company Lego said Saturday it won’t advertise anymore in Britain’s Daily Mail, one of several British newspapers targeted by a social media campaign for their anti-immigrant stances.

The maker of multi-colored Lego building bricks tweeted Saturday “@StopFundingHate We have finished the agreement with the Daily Mail.”

Richard Wilson works for NGOs and appears to be a blogger and occasional writer of so called ‘skepticism’ (aka he’s basically an apologist for liberal/state/Jewish power), and he’s written various ‘skeptic’ books.

What’s interesting, and extremely tragic about Wilson is that his sister Charlotte, herself an NGO worker, who held a PhD, was brutally murdered in Burundi in 2000, in a case that garnered some publicity at the time, in large part due to Richard Wilson’s own efforts to turn it into a ‘human rights’ issue. (She was also engaged to an African -with an IQ possibly just one third of her own).

So you have this educated liberal family with the sister going to ‘help’ blacks in Burundi (essentially they both gravitated towards incentivized careers in anti-whiteness with creepy NGOs). The sister ‘falls in love’ with one of them, and is then murdered in an operation that was widely believed to be the work of Hutu-extremist group Palipehutu-FNL (i.e blacks).

The passengers, who had travelled from Kigali in Rwanda, were robbed of their valuables and then separated according to their ethnicity. Hutus and most Congolese were released unharmed. The Tutsis on board, and one British woman, Charlotte Wilson, who was traveling with her Burundian fiancé, were forced to lie face down on the ground and then shot. According to news reports, one of the Hutu passengers had been told to “tell the army we’re going to kill them all and there’s nothing you can do.”

You white people you are the ones that supplied all the weapons,” he yelled at her. “Now you are going to feel what it is like.”

Wilson’s sister was a clear victim of inter-ethnic, indeed inter-racial violence, so it seems entirely inappropriate for him to be demanding immigration from the war-torn Third World into his own country today, an action that will result in more sisters being raped, assaulted and even killed.

But apparently the addiction to moral highs and liberal peer-approval in demanding anti-white policies supersedes not only his own tragedy, it’s actually more important than any of the consequences it engenders to the receiving population.

Wilson did not learn from what happened and adapt his worldview, joining the obvious dots between his sister’s awful murder and interfering in the ethnic affairs of primitive violent populations. Instead he remains committed to the worst kind of pathological virtue-signalling, and virtue-seeking at any cost.

And today this signalling and seeking has worked in recruiting others to the cause, like Lego who now want to bravely show how moral and pious they are too and how much they love their customers’ sisters being victims of inter-racial violence.

Yes, his sister’s death was a tragedy, however fucking stupid she was to wade into a war zone where different gangs of negroes with IQs closer to chimpanzees were hacking each other to pieces with machetes.

Let’s also concede that tragedy can affect people in different ways that may not always seem entirely reasoned to outside observers.

But it’s safe to say that Wilson is more than familiar with the violent dysfunction of the Third World, which means his intent to increase Third World populations in the UK can only be interpreted as a hostile one, while his personal loss provides a moral shield to peddle anti-whiteness.

Wilson believes it’s his moral duty, not to focus on the real causes of his sister’s murder but to accelerate the decline of more whites, by seeking to deprive them of what pitiful – and ironically rather flawed I might add, anti-immigration coverage there is.

His campaign is trying to say that even having an anti-immigration position is just beyond the limits of acceptable discourse. It’s hate and off-limits. He’s saying it’s a moral imperative to inject the UK with the Third World.

Wilson’s campaign appears to be a reflection of his own lamentable white pathological altruism, and his inability to really deal with what killed his sister. It was never an issue of ‘human rights’, a concept completely alien to black Africa. Charlotte Wilson was killed by blacks during an inter-black war because she was white. Furthermore, whatever her feelings, she was there for really bad reasons. Her murder is a textbook argument against diversity. Rather than facing reality, Wilson now seeks to punish others.

Some people may suspect that Richard Wilson is Jewish, acting in ways destructive to white people to advance Jewish interests, or acting on behalf of Jewish interests. After some research I couldn’t find any clear evidence of that, but his actions are completely consistent with Jewish political activity.

Although #StopFundingHate has also been especially animated by the Mail’s coverage of the treacherous judges who became involved in seeking to stop Brexit, two of them being Jewish, and the entire anti-Brexit subversion being almost exclusively Jewish.


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