Trump is inevitably going to face many political challenges as president. How he’s going to work through them is, at this stage, anyone’s guess.

But somehow, some way, if Trump sincerely wants to make America great again, he needs to get to grips with the most urgent problems that are making America bad, and at the top of that list is the unwillingness to address the black question.

At the very least, Trump needs to try to make some inroads towards delivering policies which more accurately accord with racial reality, rather than maintaining the grotesque distortions that have come out of white altruism/cognitive dissonance, destructive Jewish ideas about how America ought to be to suit Jews, and unreasonable and violent black demands.

I’m certainly not expecting anything magical here, but internally, privately, away from the disapproving glare of a hateful corrupt media, rioting mobs of blacks and white blue-haired SJWs, the role, meaning and future of blacks in American society is long overdue a serious evaluation.

The accounts book on diversity has to be looked at honestly, and an honest look will show the losses outweigh the benefits. From black violence and lack of remorse, to black educability and general assimilability, a Trump administration needs to understand that the current path of race-denial is not a sustainable one.

Only small things may be politically possible, like tinkering with some of the laws and initiatives of prior administrations that could help towards more just and sensible policies in crime, education, employment and welfare.

But surely something has to be done. America, or indeed any country can never be ‘Great Again’ as long as it follows the destructive path of color-blindness and blaming white people for the disastrous tendencies of other groups.


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