Donald Trump wins election America

Wow. What can I say ? I was unsure if Trump would actually get all the votes he needed. Eventually I had to sleep and couldn’t follow all the action last night. This morning I was apprehensive to see what happened, fearing a Clinton win.

But no! Trump wins!

Congratulations to America, and to ‘alienated’, ‘ill educated’ American whites who “who are just not cool and cosmopolitan enough to appreciate the modern morality of their own displacement”, and who the media keep reminding us, played the decisive role in Trump’s election victory.

A lot of us on the Right are, rightly – no pun intended- cynical about anyone in political life. There’s a tendency we have to see every candidate as a puppet of Jewish power and other lobbyists, that every person on the political stage has no agency, that they are some sort of ‘black ops’ put-up-job by the CIA, Israel or George Soros, to even believe the entire thing is one big game where nothing goes our way.

I don’t believe that is an accurate depiction of Trump.

Throughout the campaign, the media have seized on any opportunity to turn some off-the-cuff comment of Trump’s into some massive scandal. They have claimed Trump isn’t fit to be president. They have demeaned his support base at every turn. They dug up every female liar possible to paint him as a sexual predator. They have even claimed there will be a global collapse if Trump is elected. Individual reporters have even urged violence and death threats. As Kevin MacDonald notes:

Trump has unmasked the media. The media have always been liberal, but this time around, even much of the usual pro-Republican media has been hostile to Trump, and a survey by the Media Research Center found an astounding 91% of media coverage hostile to his candidacy.

You only have to look at the New York Times this morning, or indeed the majority of the Western media to see the horror. The horror is real. The butt hurt is very real.

Give yourselves permission to just enjoy.

Look, I don’t think anyone truly believes Trump represents everything we as white nationalists represent, and despite what our critics claim, there is no evidence for that, although Trump may at times have trolled them on this. It’s difficult to say as he just fires stuff out there.

Trump is a civic nationalist who loves America, with very normal, non-extreme healthy political instincts.

But even that, is an utterly unacceptable affront to our enemies. For them, if a nominee isn’t promising to flood America with billions of brown people they are ‘hateful’, ‘bigoted’, ‘discredited’ and ‘unfit’.

Our enemies are not reasonable and do not take reasonable positions, especially when it comes to our existence, so why should we ? Fuck them and enjoy. Trump is ‘on our team’ enough in this regard. Whether he really is, or isn’t, as far as they are concerned Trump’s win represents a complete repudiation of decades of their carefully constructed anti-white crap.

As for Clinton, she couldn’t fight her campaign properly, and hardly ever threw a significant punch at her opponent.

She came into this looking compromised, tired and unprepared, arrogantly assuming she would be enthroned as the next ‘oppressed woman’ queen of globalization, war and diversity off the back of Obama’s ‘oppressed’ black-chic, which little-known to Clinton apparently, had long ago stopped being cool.

That Clinton even got the nomination should be a damning black mark on the Democratic Party, and how morally ill-equipped the left is to govern. A lot of them, even the well-meaning ones must have just thought ‘Woman = good’. There was no substantive assessment of policy, just the wooly-headed belief that America would be seduced by another ‘historic’ ‘oppressed identity’ symbol.

Neither Clinton’s own supporters or the press could ever really get behind her. All they were united on was their hatred of Trump and his white support base, which, again, the media keeps reminding us was the ‘problem’ responsible for the political upset.

Americans who have put their trust in Trump need to keep a close eye on what he actually does, and to make sure he doesn’t let you down. For us, Trump himself is not the end, and everyone can’t ‘just go back to sleep now’, he’s just the beginning.

But today is an important victory for white America and the white world. Celebrate, it’s Trump Day!!! It’s ‘White Values’ Day !!!


3 thoughts on “Trump Wins

  1. “Americans who have put their trust in Trump need to keep a close eye on what he actually does, and to make sure he doesn’t let you down. For us, Trump himself is not the end, and everyone can’t ‘just go back to sleep now’, he’s just the beginning.”

    A very good point! It will be interesting to see, what’s next.

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    1. I guess a danger with Trump is if he’s cynically tapped into the white support base just to be president. It would be an incredibly cynical and ugly move. But it’s difficult to believe he would risk so much for that and I’m very sure that’s not the case. Certainly our enemies don’t think it’s the case. As far as they are concerned this IS Germany in the 1930s…

      What’s going to matter now are the kinds of people Trump has in his cabinet.

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