The Daily Mail reports (with some fake virtue-signaling) that the UK has become a pool of unrecognizable seething, violent brown sludge that whites naturally don’t want to live in anymore:

Entire districts of British cities are becoming racially segregated as white populations move out and the proportion of ethnic minorities increases, a major report said yesterday. The study, by Professor Ted Cantle, said cities were suffering from deepening polarisation between white and minority groups that had gone largely unnoticed by academics and politicians.

Not really. It’s been willfully denied and buried by academics and politicians who don’t want to lose their careers as a result, so they have to be seen to be eagerly devouring the fecal pie of diversity and pretending it tastes like delicious top grade caviar.

Meanwhile Jewish academics celebrate white genocide, and actively advocate for more of it. I suspect this is what this report could be about.

Professor Cantle named Slough, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Bradford and a series of London boroughs as ‘areas with an increasingly dwindling white British population and growing minorities’.

His report also called for concerted state action to reverse segregation. This included the suggestion that white pupils should be diverted to schools in districts with greater ethnic minority populations;

So they will get bullied, beaten up, raped and pushed into depression and despair? So you can you feel either morally superior or ‘special’ you sickening cunt.

I can’t tell for sure if Cantle himself is Jewish and advocating a Jewish position. This site believes he is, and the Mail’s article states that he partnered with another academic who is very likely Jewish:

Professor Cantle, who after the 2001 riots warned that populations in northern cities were living ‘parallel lives’, produced the report, Is Segregation Increasing In The UK?, with Professor Eric Kaufmann of Birkbeck College

According to the Mail, Cantle was bestowed with the worthless job of ‘investigating diversity’ back under Tony Blair’s days after the UK’s 2001 race riots – i.e: so Blair could evade conceding that diversity is a murderous failure and be put in the awkward position of having to explain its consequences himself.

(These ‘reports’ are almost always a way for government to pass something awkward and embarrassing – that they know the answer to, to a third ‘neutral’ party, and hopefully get back a sterilized result that supports government policy.)

Said the Government needed to do more to encourage white British residents to remain in diverse areas;

The report’s demand for state-directed desegregation echoes the controversial attempts to reverse racial division made by American cities in the late 20th century, known as ‘busing’

No. Too late. It’s all just declarations of hollow dead rubbish – Jewish sputum aimed at hurting what pitiful spaces remain for whites in the UK.

Here’s the facts: The UK is dead. It’s over. It’s finished. Whites are leaving. They don’t want to live around negroes, Somalis or Muslims because these groups are an alien hostile Other: violent, primitive, cognitively retarded and culturally barbaric, they are nothing to do with the history whites have created for themselves, they can’t hope to meaningfully contribute to a world whites need to prosper, and are in fact, gibs/KFC and iPhones aside, completely hostile to it and want to change it into a Third World society that suits their collective psyche and biological blueprint.

Should different species of animals be forced to live together in the same cage to please the ego of the zookeeper ? That’s basically what’s happening here, fully typical of the destructive pattern of Jewish influence on immigration and diversity.

It was time for the Government to move in to stop the spread of ethnic division, said Professor Cantle, who runs the iCoCo community cohesion foundation. ‘This has gone under the radar, but it is time this became a national priority because cohesion is at stake,’ he said.

Translation: It’s time to coerce whites into abandoning their race and identity so we can make sure Jews carry on feeling like very special little people.

The correct way to deal with the Cantles and Kaufmanns of this world is to hound them out of their jobs. The UK needs to create the kind of contemporary post-Jewish pressure where that is now possible.

After all fair’s fair. It’s what Jews have been doing to their opponents for decades.


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