From everything I’m reading – and it’s a deluge coming thick and fast all the time, Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House now appears to be under some pressure.

The handling of government information on the email server, the Wikileaks revelations, a resurgence of those around Clinton in sexting scandals and the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into the email affair are like a growing rolling snowball of bad feels.

It’s completely naturally for us to take sides. For the White World, Trump represents at least something in their interests, while Clinton represents the continuation of the appalling decline of the West.

And I still think that is essentially true.

Clinton is corrupt and feels a duty to make war. She will create more war and flood America with a new tsunami of murderous, unassimilable low-IQ diversity.

She is close to lobbyists like George Soros who means harm for America and Whites everywhere.

She will placate violent negroes and their representation in the form of BLM with more ‘historic’ gibsmedat.

She will ignore diversity-related crimes against whites.

She will ignore Muslim terrorism and blame guns and ‘inequality’.

She will put pressure on the Second, and possibly the First Amendment for Americans and she could make nominations to the US Supreme Court that are extremely damaging for America and White people.

She could even trigger a Third World War with Russia.

While the Wikileaks stuff is compromising, I don’t think there’s anything in it, at least that I’ve seen, that’s particularly surprising.

And who is Guccifer 2 ?, the mysterious hacker entity that has been feeding the DNC material to Wikileaks ? Or Fancy Bear? involved in the Podesta emails ?

There is an elite public consensus that Guccifer 2.0 and ‘Fancy Bear’ are really Russia, and Clinton herself has tried to tie this allegation to Trump’s campaign.

If Russia are behind it, it’s a good thing, and speaks to Putin’s values.

But I guess the conspiracy theorist in me can’t help at least considering the dark possibility that there could be other forces involved in seeking to make sure she doesn’t become US president for quite different reasons than ours or Russia’s.

Clinton hasn’t always been liked by Jewish power, as this article from 2009 by the late great Michael Collins Piper points out:

…Mrs. Clinton is very much under scrutiny. Although it has not been widely reported, the fact is that after seeing the devastation wrought by Israel’s bloody incursion into Gaza, Mrs. Clinton outraged supporters of Israel by urging Israel to speed up aid to Gaza. The headline “Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton Over Israel Criticism,” as reported by the website of the CBS affiliate in Manhattan, told the story. The report noted that top Jewish leaders say that the “new” Clinton is “not the Hillary Clinton they used to know.”

CBS quoted Mortimer Zuckerman as among those in distress. This is significant. Zuckerman, publisher of The New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, is a prominent member of the New York City Jewish Community Relations Council and former president of the Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the official umbrella group of the Jewish lobby.

New York State Rep. Dov Hikind (D) expressed the view of many who have long been suspicious of Mrs. Clinton’s real attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying, “Now, I wonder—as I used to wonder— who the real Hillary Clinton is.” Another Clinton critic, Babak Chafe, charged, “She is pro-Palestinian 100 percent, really. Of course, we always knew it.”

As first lady—at the time when hard-line elements in Israel were working with their allies in the United States to undermine Bill Clinton’s efforts to build a consensus for peace in the Middle East—Mrs. Clinton called for a Palestinian state, even in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky affair first unveiled by pro-Israel stalwart William Kristol. As a consequence, when Clinton first ran for the Senate in New York, she received barely more than half the Jewish vote even as Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate, was winning 80 percent. Now that she is in a policy-making position, perhaps having foresworn future elective ambitions, the Jewish lobby clearly fears Mrs. Clinton may be reverting to form.

The weight of Jewish disdain and elite media hatred has clearly fallen on Trump and his supporters, but it does make you wonder if another faction could have a different set of concerns about Clinton.


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