Trump: Ohio State Somali attacker should not have been in US

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine this must make Trump the only modern leader of a Western country that has actually said this. He’s actually said this Somali should not have been in the United States to begin with.

This is an encouraging sign.

The Hill:President-elect Donald Trump said early Wednesday that the student behind the attack on the Ohio State University campus “should not have been in our country.”

“ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Somalia in America

Challenging bigoted racist stereotypes of Somalis as savage degenerate apes, one intrepid young Somali Muslim decided to prove them all wrong:

An Ohio State University student posted a rant shortly before he plowed a car into a campus crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife in an ambush that ended when a police officer shot him dead, a law enforcement official said.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, wrote on what appears to be his Facebook page that he had reached a “boiling point,” made a reference to “lone wolf attacks” and cited radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

“America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah [community]. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” the post said.

Officials cautioned that they have not determined a motive for the ambush

We see a lot of this blatant motive denial in the media when it comes to Somalis, even when the killer makes their motives abundantly clear: as a Muslim intent on causing death to non-Somali non-Muslims..

But these attacks remain just one big mystery to the media.

It’s part of the same white-genocide-protecting lie machine that claimed ‘mental illness’ was the cause of Somali-on-white terrorist violence

How Jewish power has distorted government policy, policing and social media, Gilad Atzmon

If you wanted a clear example of what’s really going on over at Twitter, and how these unacceptable purges are not constrained to ‘Nazis’, but any opponents of Jewish power and narcissism, you really you couldn’t find a better one than described by Gilad Atzmon, in his article: Twitter joined the Zionist Purge –An Interview with Jo Stowell:

“A Zionist purge is taking place on twitter. The British ultra Zionist Community Security Trust (CST) reported recently that it has been “collaborating” with the social network platform for sometime to stop the so-called ‘antisemites.’ I guess that the freedom to express your thoughts about Israel or Jewish politics is now officially restricted on Twitter. Is this going to make Israeli politics or Jewish lobbying more popular amongst those with a critical eye on politics? I really doubt it.

Every day I learn about more friends who happen to find out about their Twitter accounts being terminated for criticising Israel. The latest one, in an ever growing list of activists, is Jo Stowell, Jo is a genius photographer, a staunch opponent of the Jewish lobby as well as a master Twitterati and a supporter of the right for free speech. I spoke with Jo this morning

GA: I do realise that a score of anti Zionists have been kicked out of Twitter in recent days, can you brief us about it?

JS: Your are correct. I believe that freedom of speech in the UK is basically an illusion. UK citizens have been indoctrinated since birth to think and behave according to a historical political narrative. Anyone deviating from this “accepted” narrative is always labeled a radical, a racist, a fascist, a Nazi, a member of the far left, or far right, a Marxist, a communist, an antisemite, an islamophobe, lunatic, etc. etc.

People seem to have a visceral, as opposed to a cogent, reaction to the question of why Zionist Israelis are the only people on the planet allowed to be nationalist? In fact, you’re not even allowed to question anything about Zionist Israeli politics and power in the UK. The reaction of Twitter to me is clearly proof of that.

Anyone challenging and questioning the perceived “established order” of things is banned from Twitter and, in some cases, arrested, harassed, bullied and subject to intensive abuse (including physical threats of harm). From my perspective, the UK police are powerless to act against this abuse and in some regards are complicit in the inertia.

GA: Can you tell us about the emerging collaboration between the ultra Zionist Community Security Trust (CST) and Twitter?

JS: I first noticed the collaboration between CST and Twitter when anonymous vicious “trolls” targeted my tweets by tagging in CST along with Barnet police and/or Metropolitan Police forces. Subsequently, at approximately 1am, I was called by a policeman from Barnet Police Station (which by the way is the head quarters for CST ) who insisted on persistently calling me an antisemite. I was shocked by this action from what I was told was an “officer of the law”. Futhermore, if this was an officially sanctioned intervention, why was my local police force (Avon and Somerset) not the harbinger of such devastating accusations. The officer was dismissive, abusive and unprofessional with me and put the phone down on me when I tried to explain the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Clearly, not someone who was impartial and seeking to find out the facts.

A few days later, however, I was visited by my local police force who said there had been a complaint made against me by the CST. The CST claimed that I was inciting hatred of all Jewish people because of my tweets. I asked how I could offend a ‘charity’ and the policeman couldn’t answer. I also asked for the name of a person that I could apologise to and discuss my thoughts about Zionism and Israeli politics. The policeman refused, stating that he had no actual names and that “his hands were tied.”

So I’ve now concluded, that any Zionist Israeli, or an individual with an affiliated religious belief, in the UK can go to CST claiming to be offended and CST will target, harass and abuse the perpetrator using a network of online trolls and the UK police to do it.

What is most disturbing is that these actions are being instigated by an anonymous organisation. Think about it, a UK government funded “charity”, whose only prerogative is to stifle debate about the action of a certain state and those that affiliate themselves with it, has the power to shut people up in the UK. “

Read the entire article…

Richard Spencer on AltRight name, and responding to recent criticisms

I found it saddening that a little bit of heat from the media throwing around the N-word (and I don’t mean nigger) would impel some people on the Right to scatter around like rats on a sinking ship.

White-interest politics -under the umbrella of the Alt Right term, cannot be so brittle as to start eating itself because of the mainstream media’s fake news about ‘Nazis’ (aka fun and exuberance) at a conference, certainly not if it wants to progress.

That’s not a serious position. And it’s extremely disloyal and extremely corrosive. Some of this criticism is from people who really should know better.

Even if there was no ‘Hail Trump’ and some people in the audience hadn’t done the salute, the media would have found something else to amplify into a scandal, because that’s what it has to do to keep the actual issues off the table.

These media attacks will continue, so it’s as well people get used to them.

Fidel Castro dead


Fidel Castro, in many ways the pinnacle of leftist dysfunction, the ultimate militant SJW, and next to his colleague Che Guevara- the supreme poster boy of left-wing autism is dead:

Fidel Castro, who led a Cuban revolution that made his Caribbean island a potent symbol of the 20th-century ideological and economic divisions, and whose embrace of communism and the former Soviet Union put the world at the risk of nuclear war, died Nov. 25. He was 90.

Promising freedom from tyranny, he instead turned Cuba into his personal libtard dungeon for his ‘equal’ peasants. Now Cuba is a destination for middle class SJW tourists to experience its quaintness, ‘authenticity’ and to imbibe a state opposed to the ‘excesses and evils of American capitalism’.

However the history of Cuba and anti-Castro resistance is a complex one. Many of the forces hostile to Castro were not exactly friends of White civilization either.

As Michael Collins Piper wrote in his important book on the Kennedy Assassination, Final Judgment, reflecting on Jewish organized crime master Meyer Lansky:

[…] Lansky had another reason to be disenchanted with Fidel Castro and supportive of anti-Castro Cuban elements. The fact is that many of the anti-Castro Cubans who had settled in Miami and elsewhere following Castro’s rise to power were Cuban Jews.

American CIA-financed anti-Castro propagandist Paul D. Bethel, writing in the December 15, 1965 issue of the Latin America Report (subtitled the “Free Cuba News”) gives us some interesting facts about the status of Jews in Cuba before and after the advent of Castro. Bethel noted that of a total of 11,000 Jews in Cuba at the time of Castro’s takeover, only 1,900 remained at that time.

The rest had already joined the anti-Castro Cuban colonies which had largely migrated to the Miami and New Orleans areas. Of those remaining, an additional 1,300 were leaving at the time of Bethel’s report.

The affluent Cuban Jewish community was, in fact, an important faction within the overall anti-Castro Cuban community. This, coupled with Lansky’s financial loss in Cuba, made him all the more inclined to strike against Castro in cooperation with the CIA.

and later:

[…] Kennedy was preparing for a rapprochement with Castro’s Cuba and therefore the Lansky syndicate would not be able to re-invigorate its massive gambling interests there as a consequence. The change in Cuban policy was also distressing to the anti-Castro Cuban community in Miami, New Orleans and elsewhere. The anti-Castro Cubans had, of course, been cooperating closely with the Lansky syndicate in anti-Castro activities. Likewise, the new Cuban policy enraged the CIA which was the primary sponsor of the anti-Castro forces. As we have also seen, the Mossad played a major (although little-known) part in the intrigue involving the anti-Castro Cubans through its base in Miami

9/11 and White Nationalism


Although it rarely gets mentioned, I always felt 9/11 played a significant role in laying the foundations for the white interest politics we see today. Now taken for granted as part of the historical backdrop, 9/11 and the wars that followed opened the door to a vast new world of conspiracy, huge skepticism of government and a focus on which groups were aggressively shaping US Middle East policy.

While there are a lot of younger people involved in white identity activism now – who frankly may have been too young to be affected by 9/11, the effects of the tragedy, coinciding with the growth of the internet laid a framework that was far more friendly to WN ideas than had existed previously.

It should be said that the problems of race, identity, immigration and diversity are extremely real and burgeoning in their own right and tackling them is a necessity, but I do believe 9/11, particularly the swirling world of alternative theories about the event were necessary components in fertilizing the soil in that direction.

And it’s not hard to see why. 9/11 was an atrocity that broke a lot of presumptions, most pressingly for Americans, who had never suffered this scale of attack on their mainland, indeed it was the worst terrorist atrocity in world history. There was a sense -rightly or wrongly- that America had become really quite insulated from the consequences of its own foreign policy up until that point. Moreover, there was a sense that the American public had become really quite disconnected from the forces in charge of them. Those feelings were only enhanced by the military responses to 9/11 and US domestic policy changes following the attack.

For the rest of the world, 9/11 shook politics in malignant but predictable ways, giving European governments an easy excuse to crackdown on their own white populations in the form of ‘anti-terror’ legislation and hastening technological surveillance -both enabled by the misery of diversity and multiculturalism, i.e: no diversity = no need to worry about Jihadists.

It also gave opportunity for politicians like Tony Blair to eagerly jump on to the world stage in an interventionist ‘War on Terror’ with the United States, based on completely fake news promulgated by the establishment media, although even there, it was just too extraordinary to pass off without any objection.

For everyone else, wherever they were on the political spectrum, conspiracy-minded or not, especially if they weren’t well versed in politics up to that point, 9/11 was like a ball of unwinding cotton. The more you kept pulling at the thread the more the unwound cotton would lead you into previously excluded and ‘dangerous’ ideas: explanations about everything that was wrong with the current global political system. Whether some of these explanations were sufficient or not, they were – for the first time in recent memory – manifestly present.

At the same time, questions about Israeli knowledge or even complicity in 9/11 started to shift focus away from terms like ‘globalists’ to Zionists through sites like

Related issues that were once taboo started to find a new and tentative, but curious audience, in particular the holocaust, although decried as a subject by many mainstream 9/11 Truthers, the mood was, ‘If we’ve been lied to about 9/11, what else have we been lied to about ?’

Meanwhile, a host of other activists energized by 9/11’s wars, led by American patriots -more counter-semitic than explicitly white nationalist, and accompanied by American Middle Eastern Christians and Muslims were becoming fierce and vocal critics of Jewish power. The Anti-Defamation League complaining about Israel-centric 9/11 theories, but really summarizing a wider emerging mood wrote in 2003:

The Big Lie has united American far-right extremists and white supremacists and elements within the Arab and Muslim world that are exchanging and repeating information, ideas and conspiracy theories.

[…]9/11 conspiracies have laid the foundation for the proliferation of similar conspiracy theories about other global disasters. […] Others blame Jews and Israelis for “pushing” the U.S. into war against Saddam Hussein.

Indeed, although I couldn’t find the specific quote I was looking for, the ADL have been highly critical of conspiracy theories in general, believing -correctly- that an atmosphere of conspiracy theories is not conducive to Jewish interests.

9/11 Truth felt like an extremely dangerous challenge to the establishment. You were essentially accusing the United States government of mass murder to launch wars in the Middle East, or even more dangerously, claiming that America was covering up for Israel’s involvement in 9/11 and that the Jews allegedly involved were part of a class too powerful and privileged to bring to justice.

And the more the establishment and lobbyists denounced 9/11 conspiracy theories, the more real and urgent the Truthers’ case seemed to them, the more determined they became to bring the corrupt establishment to justice for its crimes.

Needless to say, the current emphasis about ‘Red-pilling’ new people into race realism is highly reminiscent of 9/11 Truthers ‘waking people up’ to the questions around 9/11, although one would hope it ought to be far less controversial.

Whatever the truth about 9/11, and I suspect we may never know the entire truth, this became the first political red pill for many, and in doing so set the stage for further red pills to come.

Massive purge of right-wing activists on Twitter

Seems there’s been a huge purge of right wing commentators and activists on Twitter. The Washington Times reports:

Twitter suspended several prominent accounts associated with the alt-right movement Wednesday, spurring claims that the company has begun a coordinated crackdown against social media users of a similar ilk.

Among the accounts suspended by Twitter this week are those of author Richard Spencer, his digital magazine Radix Journal and the National Policy Institute, a D.C.-based think tank he founded in dedication to “the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.”

Especially concerning is that the purge seems to have been urged by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The Southern Poverty Law Center had asked Twitter to remove more than 100 accounts of white supremacists alleged to have violated Twitter’s terms of service prior to this week’s suspensions, specifically including Mr. Spencer’s, SPLC spokeswoman Heidi Beirich, told USA Today.

The SPLC styles itself as a ‘civil rights’ group, while it is in fact essentially a pressure group promoting Jewish ethnic interests, dedicated to attacking right wing and even quite moderate conservative voices, frankly any voices that don’t suit a preferred Jewish narrative.

Interestingly, unlike the ADL, one of the most powerful Jewish lobbying organizations in America, the SPLC do not seem to appear on Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, a body of organizations that Twitter consult with. Some of these organizations are completely reasonable, including groups seeking to prevent child bullying and so on, but others are far more partisan and sinister.

Since the election result there has been considerable alarm within the establishment media, with efforts to blame insubstantial factors such as ‘fake news’ on Facebook for Trump’s win. Although I assume that’s a Jewish/establishment dog whistle which actually means whites/The Right being ‘overly’ prominent and indeed successful on social media.

Based on his previous actions, it seems a reasonable guess that Twitter’s SJW CEO Jack Dorsey sought to make a public demonstration of his commitment to diversity and online ‘safe spaces’ by simply caving in to the demands of the SPLC, and hoping to accrue a few more pro-diversity-approval points in doing so.

It’s a bad development but not a surprising one. The left’s most powerful weapon has always been in silencing its critics, claiming to do so as a moral necessity, either by insidiously constricting the bounds of discourse, or if that fails, outright bans, ‘no platforming‘, fines and in many European countries even imprisonment.

Twitter has clearly been a hugely important tool for the Right over the course of the election campaign, and these bans should be challenged by those affected, but it may also be that nationalists and identitarians now have to have new options ready.

I think it’s important to understand though it’s not just going to end with Richard Spencer and a few high profile altRightists and trolls. This is a war against white people being able to speak up for white interests.

In the future expect to see more measured conservatives, even cuckservatives as well as even left-oriented whites become suspended if they make a comment at odds with the worldview of a Jew, black, SJW, or diverse sexuality/gendered type on these platforms.

An emerging alternative to Twitter is

Net worth of white households in D.C. region is 81 times that of black households

It’s become strangely gratifying to discover some new report about racial differences in wealth, education, violent crime and so on, and then having to read the awkward lies to obfuscate the obvious causes of those disparities. Some days back the Washingon Post reported that:

A new study that aims to explore the historical wealth disparities between black and white residents in the D.C. region found that white households have a net worth 81 times that of black households.

[…] In 2013 and 2014, white households in the D.C. area had a net worth of $284,000 while black households had a net worth of $3,500, the report said. Hispanics had a net worth of $13,000. Net worth is the value of assets minus debt.

[…] it is the lack of net worth of the region’s black residents — and the reasons behind the gap — that is so stark.

“The wealth differential is staggering,” said William Darity Jr., a professor at Duke University, which collaborated on the study with the Urban Institute and New York’s New School.

Then they stumble on the truth…

“The findings we have show that education does not close the racial wealth gap. That’s consistent with what we have found on the national level, but it’s far more dramatic here.”

But turn away from it to blame Whitey…

The report traces the historical trends that have prevented black families from attaining wealth in the region and across the country, from slavery to shortages in affordable housing. In 1840, for example, laws prohibited black residents from owning businesses.

It’s been a long time since 1840.

… structural barriers in housing and employment have affected the mobility of black residents, according to the report.

“Structural barriers”.

.“Black people in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area are located at the bottom of the racial wealth hierarchy,” the report says. “There is a tendency to attribute the racial wealth gap to individual character flaws among people without wealth.

Black people are located at the bottom of the racial wealth hierarchy everywhere not just in Washington, DC, and it’s not just the racial wealth hierarchy but virtually every racial hierarchy. But at least they are at the top of the racial violence and incarceration hierarchy. Could it be to do with group character flaws ? Just a wild, crazy out-there thought.

The report is credited first to a black female Kilolo Kijakazi. The Urban Institute is a liberal think tank formed in 1968, with considerable funding from the US government.

From Rwanda to Lego, the Tragedy of the Left: Richard Wilson

I was surprised to read this story that British left wing activist Richard Wilson, has actually been successful in his “#StopFundingHate” campaign to get the toy manufacturer Lego to stop advertising in the Daily Mail, because he feels, the Mail’s coverage of the ‘refugee’ crisis is ‘hate’ to sell newspapers.

The Danish toy company Lego said Saturday it won’t advertise anymore in Britain’s Daily Mail, one of several British newspapers targeted by a social media campaign for their anti-immigrant stances.

The maker of multi-colored Lego building bricks tweeted Saturday “@StopFundingHate We have finished the agreement with the Daily Mail.”

Richard Wilson works for NGOs and appears to be a blogger and occasional writer of so called ‘skepticism’ (aka he’s basically an apologist for liberal/state/Jewish power), and he’s written various ‘skeptic’ books.

What’s interesting, and extremely tragic about Wilson is that his sister Charlotte, herself an NGO worker, who held a PhD, was brutally murdered in Burundi in 2000, in a case that garnered some publicity at the time, in large part due to Richard Wilson’s own efforts to turn it into a ‘human rights’ issue. (She was also engaged to an African -with an IQ possibly just one third of her own).

So you have this educated liberal family with the sister going to ‘help’ blacks in Burundi (essentially they both gravitated towards incentivized careers in anti-whiteness with creepy NGOs). The sister ‘falls in love’ with one of them, and is then murdered in an operation that was widely believed to be the work of Hutu-extremist group Palipehutu-FNL (i.e blacks).

The passengers, who had travelled from Kigali in Rwanda, were robbed of their valuables and then separated according to their ethnicity. Hutus and most Congolese were released unharmed. The Tutsis on board, and one British woman, Charlotte Wilson, who was traveling with her Burundian fiancé, were forced to lie face down on the ground and then shot. According to news reports, one of the Hutu passengers had been told to “tell the army we’re going to kill them all and there’s nothing you can do.”

You white people you are the ones that supplied all the weapons,” he yelled at her. “Now you are going to feel what it is like.”

Wilson’s sister was a clear victim of inter-ethnic, indeed inter-racial violence, so it seems entirely inappropriate for him to be demanding immigration from the war-torn Third World into his own country today, an action that will result in more sisters being raped, assaulted and even killed.

But apparently the addiction to moral highs and liberal peer-approval in demanding anti-white policies supersedes not only his own tragedy, it’s actually more important than any of the consequences it engenders to the receiving population.

Wilson did not learn from what happened and adapt his worldview, joining the obvious dots between his sister’s awful murder and interfering in the ethnic affairs of primitive violent populations. Instead he remains committed to the worst kind of pathological virtue-signalling, and virtue-seeking at any cost.

And today this signalling and seeking has worked in recruiting others to the cause, like Lego who now want to bravely show how moral and pious they are too and how much they love their customers’ sisters being victims of inter-racial violence.

Yes, his sister’s death was a tragedy, however fucking stupid she was to wade into a war zone where different gangs of negroes with IQs closer to chimpanzees were hacking each other to pieces with machetes.

Let’s also concede that tragedy can affect people in different ways that may not always seem entirely reasoned to outside observers.

But it’s safe to say that Wilson is more than familiar with the violent dysfunction of the Third World, which means his intent to increase Third World populations in the UK can only be interpreted as a hostile one, while his personal loss provides a moral shield to peddle anti-whiteness.

Wilson believes it’s his moral duty, not to focus on the real causes of his sister’s murder but to accelerate the decline of more whites, by seeking to deprive them of what pitiful – and ironically rather flawed I might add, anti-immigration coverage there is.

His campaign is trying to say that even having an anti-immigration position is just beyond the limits of acceptable discourse. It’s hate and off-limits. He’s saying it’s a moral imperative to inject the UK with the Third World.

Wilson’s campaign appears to be a reflection of his own lamentable white pathological altruism, and his inability to really deal with what killed his sister. It was never an issue of ‘human rights’, a concept completely alien to black Africa. Charlotte Wilson was killed by blacks during an inter-black war because she was white. Furthermore, whatever her feelings, she was there for really bad reasons. Her murder is a textbook argument against diversity. Rather than facing reality, Wilson now seeks to punish others.

Some people may suspect that Richard Wilson is Jewish, acting in ways destructive to white people to advance Jewish interests, or acting on behalf of Jewish interests. After some research I couldn’t find any clear evidence of that, but his actions are completely consistent with Jewish political activity.

Although #StopFundingHate has also been especially animated by the Mail’s coverage of the treacherous judges who became involved in seeking to stop Brexit, two of them being Jewish, and the entire anti-Brexit subversion being almost exclusively Jewish.

If Trump really wants to Make America Great Again, here’s what he needs to do.

Trump is inevitably going to face many political challenges as president. How he’s going to work through them is, at this stage, anyone’s guess.

But somehow, some way, if Trump sincerely wants to make America great again, he needs to get to grips with the most urgent problems that are making America bad, and at the top of that list is the unwillingness to address the black question.

At the very least, Trump needs to try to make some inroads towards delivering policies which more accurately accord with racial reality, rather than maintaining the grotesque distortions that have come out of white altruism/cognitive dissonance, destructive Jewish ideas about how America ought to be to suit Jews, and unreasonable and violent black demands.

I’m certainly not expecting anything magical here, but internally, privately, away from the disapproving glare of a hateful corrupt media, rioting mobs of blacks and white blue-haired SJWs, the role, meaning and future of blacks in American society is long overdue a serious evaluation.

The accounts book on diversity has to be looked at honestly, and an honest look will show the losses outweigh the benefits. From black violence and lack of remorse, to black educability and general assimilability, a Trump administration needs to understand that the current path of race-denial is not a sustainable one.

Only small things may be politically possible, like tinkering with some of the laws and initiatives of prior administrations that could help towards more just and sensible policies in crime, education, employment and welfare.

But surely something has to be done. America, or indeed any country can never be ‘Great Again’ as long as it follows the destructive path of color-blindness and blaming white people for the disastrous tendencies of other groups.