Sorry things have got way behind here. There’s a lot to talk about with Trump, the US election, Wikileaks and other breaking Clinton scandals, and of course the ongoing stink-shit hell of diversity but I’ll get on that stuff shortly.

Today, I wanted to share this interview, from some days back, with Daryl Bradford Smith, an American expatriate who lives in France.

Many/some of you will be aware that for long period Daryl Bradford Smith was a prominent, and frankly sometimes incendiary figure in the American patriot movement, who ran the important website (archive) which, after a long run, he closed earlier this year due to potential pressures from the French authorities.

It’s ironic, that talking about Jewish influence today, while still difficult publicly, has become almost trendy, ‘edgy’ and that’s a great thing that we welcome, but ten or more years ago it really wasn’t. was perhaps the first major grassroots internet effort, certainly the most well known, to popularize the notion that Jewish power was a considerable political problem and that ignoring it wasn’t really an option. At its peak, it was probably the most developed, popular and influential strictly counter-Semitic website up until the rise what we call the Alternative Right today and also one of the most controversial.

It deserves enormous credit, and Daryl’s bravery at attacking a topic that very few people were at the time, should be applauded.

The site was extremely influential on me in my early understanding of Jewish power.

In the interview on Andrew Carrington Hitchock’s site, titled, October 18 2016 Daryl Bradford Smith – World War 3, Daryl reflects on his work and closing his site, often with his usual bitterness:

If you read the new Patriot Act for France, it looks like they wrote it to come and get me, if you read it and translate it into English.

So with all my health issues I would not be a good candidate for a six by eight room with bed and a stainless steel toilet.

That would be a bad place for me to hang out, so I decided that to serve my family interests as well as my health that I would step back, and hopefully the seeds that I planted around the internet were going to show some promise. That’s only been half realized in my view.

But you know something ? I don’t actually with agree Daryl, I believe Daryl’s work has been a significant dynamic, a considerable influence, one important factor in bringing to light the Jewish Question, that has contributed to the popular backdrop for what is called the ‘Alternative Right’ today.

Daryl just needs to sit back, relax and feel good that his work has had an effect, and believe people have picked up the ball and that this is a long journey, and isn’t going to be fixed overnight. We are trying to undo decades of brainwashing, entrenched policies and aggressive lobbying.

And sure, he made some mistakes along the way. He got involved with some crappy people. People who – while they were effective polemicists against Jewish power, were also vitriolic spreaders of lies, disinformation and outright filth against other opponents of Jewish power, often out of nothing more than a combination of jealousy, spite and seriously deranged thinking.

I always got the impression Daryl’s impatient desire for the truth and antagonistic streak led him into associating with too many of the wrong people and, then consequently attacking the wrong people.

And Daryl could, and as the interview shows, still can be, overly negative and conspiratorial, framing events in excessively doomed terms. Everyone is a bad guy from Trump to Putin, all are somehow on the payroll of Jewish power.

“He’s no better than Hillary Clinton in the final analysis… They are making it seem like there is two separate camps of influence in this election but reality is it’s going to be decided by the people behind.”

I’ve been open here about Trump’s policies on Israel and highlighted them.

But that Trump has, like every American political candidate – or indeed world politician, courted Jewish Zionist power in his campaign, does not mean he is in the pocket of Jewish power.

Whatever sweeteners and concessions Trump has made, whatever Trump’s flaws, make no mistake organized Jewish power is overwhelmingly against Donald Trump and his policies.

Nonetheless, these are small issues in the big picture. Daryl Bradford Smith deserves a tremendous amount of credit for all he has done.

If you’re not familiar with IamtheWitness there is an archive of it below. There are many interesting interviews (particularly for me, the period early 2006-2007 and many important books have been collected there by historical critics of Jewish power)

Archive of


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