This story – which made me laugh out loud- is a clear cut example of wonderful DAYLIGHT breaking through the clouds of lies. It’s a shocking irony that China will happily warn its citizens about the dangers of blacks and other diversity in London, but the UK government will do anything to feverishly cling to its intellectually-bankrupt, post-war, Jewish-constructed delusion about ‘values’ and tolerance, and damn whoever gets hurt.

The Telegraph: China’s national carrier is embroiled in a race row after its inflight magazine carried a warning that visitors to London should avoid ethnic minority areas.

Air China’s Wings of China magazine said the British capital was generally safe, but warned “precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people”.

It was carried in English and Chinese in an article about London’s attractions under the headline “Tips from Air China”.

The following sentence added: “We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when traveling.”

Of course the media have framed it as the usual moral outrage, condemning China’s more normal and healthy attitudes about race for not being sufficiently Jewish. Indeed, the Telegraph seeks to establish a ‘pattern’ of Chinese racism:

Chinese companies have previously been criticised for their depictions of other races.

In May, a Chinese laundry detergent commercial sparked outrage with its depiction of a black man being ‘cleaned’ in a washing machine before he came out as a Han Chinese man.

And over the New Year, Chinese promotional posters for the latest Star Wars film saw black British actor John Boyega being shrunk.

The Telegraph even managed to find a Chinese academic, Hu Xingdou, ‘an expert in political science at the Beijing Institute of Technology’ who would confirm their deepest fears. Yet it’s interesting that the Telegraph summarized his comments as “Racism is common in China”, when that’s not actually what he appeared to say. What he said was:

“In Western countries, there are clear boundaries when it concerns minorities and religion, but Chinese society doesn’t take ethnic minority issues seriously, which is clearly expressed in this magazine,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Ordinary Chinese people usually have racially discriminatory views,” Prof Hu added.

“Such as Chinese people don’t like black people, who are regarded as dirty and dangerous.”

Younger Chinese are generally less likely to have racist views, but many in China see those from the country’s rural areas who have darker skin as inferior.”

Guess what ? It’s not just a Chinese cultural trait. So do we! Black people are dirty and dangerous, and discrimination against them is fully warranted.

The terrible word racism, and the guilt and penalties associated with it, are entirely Jewish fabrications imposed on the West, exploiting the moral nature of white people. Being afraid of being perceived as racist, looking for ways to be less racist are abnormal unnatural conditions. The propaganda about race has nothing to do with how people feel or live or wish to interact.

Because Jewish influence is far weaker in China, the Chinese still have a completely normal and healthy attitude to race and ethnicity. Moreover, when young Chinese are presented with unbiased facts about European history, Europe’s wars and leaders, and the problems now facing white people, they are quite candid in their views that white countries are on a path to self-destruction, and in large part this is due to Jewish influence.


2 thoughts on “Chinese airline warns about negroes and other diversity in London, UK government will not

  1. Great post. Hopefully the chinese (korean and japanese) attitude will help change what is PC.
    I was in New York about 10 years ago. The tourist map went blank after a surden number in northern direction, so we wouldn’t end up in Bronx.

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    1. You know I was thinking the same.. China is in a position where, it could it if it wanted – put some pressure on the racial nonsense in Europe and America. Whether it suits it to do so or not is another question. Time will tell. And yes, despite all the talk of diversity, no countries promote their slums to tourists.

      Thanks for posting.

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