EDIT/note: I’m talking about a general attitude of this generation, not every person of that generation. There are many Baby Boomers who are definitely not like this!


For a long time I’ve wondered how many Baby Boomer generation whites (those born within around 20 years post-WWII), liberal or otherwise, live side by side with blacks without going mad, especially as they may very well remember a time when there were far less or none.

Today, they seem oblivious to the black dysfunction and black hatred festering around them.

When you probe this question, when you talk to these whites, what you find is – despite the proximity of negroes, they usually have little direct contact with them (if retired), and then only with outliers if such contact is part of a career.

They have usually made, or acquired, certain assumptions about negroes, placing negroes in a certain kind of mental category where they are sterilized, the result of which is a sort of a mixture of their own tendencies as whites (and as whites of a certain age), amplified by media lies. Something like:

(White tendencies x age x (((Media)))) + penalties for discussing race.

Their immediate answer goes like this: blacks have been ‘exploited’, whites have been ‘colonial’ and there are whites who are ‘just as bad’.

Not that I seek to scare them, but they are often completely unaware of empirical evidence about black crime rates, the nature of black crime, blacks’ lack of remorse, about black social achievement, IQ and educability and fitness for work at all.

They haven’t really put too much energy into thinking about the West becoming less and less white, with the white values they take for granted being replaced with brown and black ones, although they may be dimly aware of disparities in birth rates between whites and the Third World, but tend to shrug their shoulders.

It appears they haven’t really consciously thought that if whites weren’t present, blacks would be running around in Africa naked with no technology or engineering (not even the wheel), industry, a system of writing, medicine or even agricultural development, although you get the impression part of them does instinctively know this too.

Sometimes, as an explanation, they will trot out something they’ve read in the newspaper written to defend the establishment’s latest floods of brown sludge, although they do have a dislike to Angela Merkel’s actions in Germany. It’s as if it’s safe to have a dislike to diversity and immigration at a distance.

I soon started to realize that this racial-piety layer is very thin. Underneath, you can sense there are real doubts and concerns about blacks (and other new diversity) too, which with a bit more probing they will concede to, but even then they have a demeanor of being predominantly detached from the black problem around them, as if it’s going on in a parallel universe.

It’s like it’s something going on ‘underneath them’ somewhere. For them it’s still the 1960’s or 70s. Having to deal with violent hate-filled shit-encrusted orcs is mostly not something ‘happening to them’.

You can also detect a sense of white smugness, white superiority. They seem to really think blacks are ‘serving whites’ somehow. They think blacks are being turned into ‘good’ people by ‘our values’, and serving the country.

Any natural alarm to the notion that blacks need teaching values at all seems absent, and any awareness that blacks cannot hold onto ‘values’ is simply missing.

They see blacks playing for their sports team, or blacks resentfully serving them – kissing their teeth and grunting in a retail store and they think all is well.

Well, count me among those who think a lot of this post-war generation of whites completely failed, utterly relinquishing any responsibility to provide a better world for their children, although I suspect the failure is not their fault. They are whites born in a certain period and have absorbed certain trends, and have not been as exposed to the consequences of them. But underneath the smug veneer, you can sense the unease.

Many, even most of these Baby Boomers are nice good people, some are our family, who were simply intoxicated by the Left’s heady ideas, and have stubbornly remained so, being engulfed as useful idiots by the ideological framework they found themselves in, and that now threatens the existence of their children and their children’s children.

We should like them as friends, love them when they are family, as long we can all understand their political outlook is an inappropriate worthless fossil for the world we actually live in today. They need the support of younger generations to protect them from the shitty policies they surrendered to.


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