Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s ‘Trump is a racist’/attack on the Alt Right-speech might as well have been list of slogans from the Anti Defamation League’s handbook of Hate.

I’m sure a lot of people have and will dissect it – in all its two dimensional moronic glory. All I’m going to say is that I can only hope more and more people are turned off by this kind of antiquated, stupid vulgar crap.

Clinton and her supporters are just simply out of step with reality. They are entirely behind the times, somewhere stuck in the past, in a world of ideas that have failed.

Clinton, the media and the (((controlled))) Left, have demonstrated yet again in their last breaths, that they have nothing but gatekeeping to defend their positions.

All they can do – and to be frank it has in the past been effective, is to use the power of the media and other institutions to set the boundaries of acceptable discourse, and from there they can search for – then feverishly promote the next ‘injustice’ while casting the next ‘icon of diversity’.

This all ensures the public remain confused about the murderous primitive reality of diversity – epitomized by negroes and their close relatives Somalis, from ever been recognized for the monstrous burden they are.

And it’s this kind of rhetoric that smooths the way for rapists, terrorists and other dysfunctional hate-filled animals from the Third World to flood white countries so that Starbucks and other multinationals have an endless supply of low-IQ, unconscious brown coolies on tap that there is no incentive to pay properly.

The ultimate prize in protecting diversity however, is in protecting the destructive efforts of Jews from being seen for what the are. All the rest of the diversity they pretend to align themselves with is a fog and a shield for that end.

But I don’t believe Clinton really cares about the content of her speech other than how it serves her. Extrapolated that means she doesn’t even really care that much for diversity or Jews, nor does is she particularly obsessed with anti-racism. For her, playing this game is just another lie, a way of acquiring power, hoping the forces of power align herself with her rather than her opponent.

Clinton simply doesn’t care that these perverse sensibilities about race have caused a malignant murderous global calamity, appalling suffering and perpetual injustice, now paving the way for the complete destruction of the West.

Well, you bet we care. You had better accept we are going to fight back.

The world has had enough of this shit.

This wretched corrupt old bag, who stands for nothing, who would sell her own granny to Saudi Arabia if it would further her career and bring in some lobbyist money can rot in hell.

This hideous ignorant witch, part of the new gynecological axis-of-evil, along with Theresa May and Angela Merkel, has now identified herself as an enemy of the world.

Clinton cannot promote herself as an attractive candidate in this campaign because she’s too corrupt, with too much baggage, and is far too disliked, so all she can do is attack Trump.

All she can do is hide behind diversity, hide behind ‘people of color’, hide behind the lies and constructed taboos imposed by Jewish ideologues.

And you wonder why people are angry ?


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Trump/Alt Right Speech

      1. What grates me is that she doesn’t even care about what she claims. Hillary doesn’t give a damn about racialism at all, and is probably privately quite racist. It’s just a totally hollow lie in her case.

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    1. I believe so. She is a cynical and amoral opportunists. “gatekeeping to defend” her position and keep gaining more. I guess, that most politicians are like that now a days. That would explain the mass immigration of useless and harmful people.


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