The Guardian grudgingly reports the recent conviction of a black/mulatto or possibly a Muslim using acid as a weapon against whites.

Like every other outlet the Guardian deliberately misrepresents the attacker using a term of white endearment – as a ‘teenager’, and describes its victims as ‘friends’ – implying the attacker was just a cognitively-equivalently peer who ‘went crazy’. Be sure to notice that it wasn’t one of the white friends that poured acid over the others.

From the one close CCTV image there is, the attacker appears to be black/mulatto (nose) or a race associated with Muslims, which just happen to be the two groups associated with this kind of attack.

DS Gail McKemmie, the senior investigating officer, said: “This was a vicious and cowardly attack carried out without a single ounce of care.

“Bassey had no apparent motive for the attack and showed absolutely no remorse when questioned by police.”

Jason Corden-Bowen, the district crown prosecutor for West Midlands CPS, said: “The teenage defendant in this case went out that evening with a bottle of highly corrosive industrial strength drain cleaner with the clear intention of harming someone.

“All five victims suffered facial burns and some have been left with permanent scarring as a result of this senseless attack.”

‘No care and no remorse’ are fully consistent with black violent crime. And as the Mail reports they don’t sound like ‘friends’.

He said: ‘Alexander Bassey walked up to the boys who remained sat at the platform.

‘He got to the stage where he was four-feet away and said “What are you saying? Where are you from?”

‘Lee Elliot remembers saying ‘we don’t want any trouble’.

‘Two witnesses recall Alexander Bassey saying “well f*** you”. He had a bottle in his right hand and he shook it and squeezed it first of all at head height straight in Lee Elliot’s face.

‘He moved the bottle along the row of boys, backwards and forwards five times.

‘It was initially thought to be acid but tests later showed the liquid was a very strong alkaline.

Iain Purdie, mitigating, said: ‘I can offer the explanation of drunkenness and drug taking but that is not an excuse.

‘He is a very intelligent young man who for some strange reason on that night completely lost control of his senses.’

But of course, the attacker was not attacking blacks, mulattos, or Muslims. It was attacking whites. It was attacking an out-group. This was a racially motivated attack against whites that the attacker perceived as easy victims to inflict violence against.

The attacker was very unlikely to be intelligent by white standards. This was probably a lie told by the judge to present a pro-diversity narrative, to move the depiction of the event away from the attacker’s cognitive function being a factor in the attack. Even if the attacker had an above-average negro or Muslim IQ, that just means IQ alone, while highly predictive of certain future outcomes is not the only cognitive measurement relevant when assessing different populations’ tendencies towards civilization or violent savagery. And if the attacker is mulatto any pretensions towards basic academic ability would have come entirely from the white genetic admixture. The black genetic contribution will still be present and just as volatile and primitive.

This is one of many similar attacks that stem entirely from the introduction of backwards, low IQ, dysgenic-dysfunctional, impulsive, violence-driven non-white populations. Sometimes these attacks are against whites but often against their own groups, often against females for no reason other than the attacker’s feelings were hurt.

This is the face of diversity. Acid attacks, terrorism, murder, rape, muggings, many categories of physical and sexual assaults and a lot of other suffering. And all of these diversity-caused crimes would be eliminated by simply not having these groups present. It’s the presence of these groups that is the cause, not ‘mental illness’, not ‘drugs’, not ‘the lack of father’ etc., which are merely normal attributes of these groups.

The malignant forces pushing diversity and their wretched coward servants who act as ‘enlightened’ apologists for diversity know this. They can’t not know it. They have to be removed from being able to make political decisions, while the system that has allowed and nurtured them is replaced with one that promotes justice.

Ethnic diversity that attacks whites should face severe and brutal physical punishment, as any other is simply a waste of time.


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