negroes being negroes

Unfortunately negro discord is spreading across the world as the New York Times reports:

LONDON — Black activists, responding to calls for a nationwide protest against racial injustice, staged demonstrations in London and several other cities across Britain on Friday..

Notice how the NYT concedes there is nothing to actually protest in the UK:

Because deadly encounters with the police are fairly rare, activists in Britain have tended to focus more on the treatment of black people in custody, like Sean Rigg, a 40-year-old musician who had schizophrenia and who died in a police station in Brixton in 2008; and Kingsley Burrell, a 29-year-old student who died in police custody in Birmingham in 2011.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated in London last month after the police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

So if they’re not really protesting something that’s actually happening to them in the UK, what are they protesting ?

‘Solidarity’ with negroes in the United States ? Well blacks in the US (and everywhere) don’t have solidarity with each other, and tend to kill one another, or try to, over very little.

It’s not a huge stretch to believe that this protest in the UK, and others in Canada and France are just manufactured events by BLM’s elite handlers, just one more gratuitous exercise in anti-whiteness because any case in Britain is completely unsustainable.

But US or Europe, BLM essentially want you to believe there is an ongoing homicidal injustice against blacks, that blacks are victims not aggressors, that blacks are treated harshly by the police and the legal system. When BLM’s claim is demonstrated to be inconsistent with facts, or morally redundant when seen next to blacks’ own murderous violence, it has little effect.

In key cases that fueled BLM the police officers were found to have done no wrong, but it never seems make any difference.

Blacks are treated above all, appropriately by the police, proportionate to their statistical relationship to violent crime, to the specific dangers they pose to the police and public, to their proclivity for resisting arrest and their resistance to being policed in general and to their own treatment of each other. I liked this quote from Amren:

Given the strikingly violent behavior of blacks, there is every reason for police to be cautious around them. Cops are not appreciated in the ‘hood, and an officer can never be sure that a routine traffic stop will be routine if the driver is a black man.

Subsequent videos of police shootings, whipped up by a virulently anti-white media, that taken out of context – seem disturbing or unjust from an agreeable distance, can’t be judged and condemned from the pious comfort of the liberal armchair. They must be seen within the context of dealing with specific categories of risk, where the police have to acclimatize themselves to the realities of those risks against themselves and others on a day to day basis.

Despite that, the police in the US are already more hesitant to shoot a black than a white because of potential social and legal consequences.

But again, none of that gets through to blacks, who are outright unable to absorb information about themselves that casts them in an accurate, and therefore objectionable light. They can only absorb dumb crap, platitudes that make them feel good, even when there is no justification to do so. Just one more reason not to accept any claimed legitimacy of BLM itself.

Blacks can’t see that when they are not engaged in savage violence, they are wallowing in their debased anti-culture that revolves around and celebrates savage violence, the more horrific the better, and yet they don’t want to be put under any suspicion or profiled.

To my mind that isn’t realistic.

I don’t accept BLM to be anything more than an excuse to vent the mindless rage of black racial inability in a white world; blacks asserting their blackness and trying to make up for their own intellectual deficits by screaming injustice and whooping up other blacks ultimately towards more violence.

And I’m sorry to say not one of these blacks killed was worth a fucking turd. Can we say that ? Are we allowed to say that ? These are not martyrs in the sense of white Christian monks being burned, or political dissidents in oppressive regimes, these were varying degrees of animalistic black thugs, all somewhere on the negro dysfunction/violence scale; many at the higher end – physically attacking armed police, trying to snatch police weapons or going for their own, with prior violent convictions.

So what does that make BLM ? In essence: a defense of that negro savagery, this key pillar of black identity, under the cover of victim-status, blaming cops and whites for blacks’ own violent dysfunction. BLM is not separable from general black violent dysfunction, it derives from the same black cognitive domain, and shares as much intellectual and moral legitimacy.

And if we accept that BLM is a defense of black savagery as a core part of black identity, make no mistake black lives should matter less.

BLM is a way for negroes, and their handlers, to distract us from black tendencies towards violence, disorder and failure and reinvent an inverted fraudulent narrative for themselves as misunderstood victims, rather than the number one perpetrators of murder and violence they actually are.

It is a way for blacks to hide the fact they can’t fix their tendencies towards violence and disorder, and in particular to obfuscate the fact they lack the capacity to even care about those tendencies and their consequences.

Sorry, no deal. Blacks can’t have a special case for themselves to not be policed or punished because it makes them feel bad. The only answer is racial separation. In the meantime, if blacks don’t like being policed, they are free to fuck off to a black country without police.


Further reading:

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