CNN: French President François Hollande said Tuesday that Donald Trump’s “excesses” give those watching a “retching feeling,” adding his voice to the onslaught of criticism directed at the Republican candidate.

You really have to wonder about Hollande. This monstrous sack of shit, this liberal ghoul is just pigheadedly oblivious to the “retching feeling” he evokes.

Look at the priorities of these people:

Trump makes a few off-the-cuff comments and the whole world is falling to pieces. It’s a ‘principle’ and matter of ‘respect’.

But when confronted by the Muslim slaughter campaign of French including children and the elderly by running them over, shooting them, slitting their throats, and torturing them, Hollande’s response is to actually deny why that is happening, paint a grotesquely false picture of ‘French unity’ and complain about the rise of right-wing parties. Hollande is truly someone no longer fit to be president.


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