NYT:WASHINGTON — In his strongest denunciation of Donald J. Trump so far, President Obama on Tuesday said Mr. Trump was “unfit to serve as president” and urged the leaders of the Republican Party to withdraw their backing for his candidacy.

Mr. Obama said the Republican criticisms of Mr. Trump “ring hollow” if the party’s leaders continue to support his bid for the presidency this fall, particularly in light of Republican criticisms of Mr. Trump for his attacks on the Muslim parents of an American soldier, Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq.

Let’s remind ourselves what actually happened:

Khizir Khan said:

Donald Trump, you’re asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy.

Have you ever been to Arlington cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing — and no one.

Asked about the content of the speech in an interview with ABC News, Trump questioned whether Hillary Clinton’s staff had written the speech, contrary to the claims of the Khans, and disputed the charge that he has not made sacrifices, explaining his sacrifices in terms of hard work, success in business, and financial support of veterans’ causes. Trump also remarked on Ghazala’s presence on stage: “If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”His comments sparked strong reactions in the press and among both Democrats and Republicans

Sometimes I wish Trump could be a little more restrained, not rising to every troll, but this is just another non-story. Trump was just being himself, making his usual off-the-cuff remarks which the media then blew up into a huge frenzy hoping it will hurt him, but it doesn’t seem to generally. Now their pet symbolic person-of-color-in-chief has picked up the ball.

Democrats can roll out as much indignant diversity – as tempting, luscious, feels-good liberal-white-bait to prove some Muslims are good Americans as they like, but the fact is, the media is dominated by people who don’t care about Gold Star families and war dead, who they will willingly throw onto the fire to ensure Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East.

Furthermore the issues at stake: war, immigration, race, Islam, terrorism and white displacement are far more burgeoning. They can’t just be expunged away with more ‘good Muslim’ symbols in the form of the Khans – appealing to white liberal altruism/guilt/etc.

I suspect Trump saw this too, and part of him was genuinely angered by the vulgar rhetoric of this diversity parade – put on by the Democrats, when the overarching political situation is so serious.

So when Trump responds in his usual fashion along comes the media, ‘outraged’ – pretending to embrace a high principle about war dead, but they don’t care about war dead or veterans anymore than this theme can be used to hurt Trump. In fact it’s just another such attempt in long list of attempts spanning his campaign.

To be clear, the problem is not really Trump, although he really needs to learn to ride above a lot of attacks, but the media trying to inflate Trump’s comments, one after another, each time to pretend they are a ‘crisis’, to try to extrapolate a massive negative story out them, when in reality nothing has actually happened at all, their overall claim being he’s ‘not fit’ to be president.

What they really mean is his policies are not fit for them.

Even if we indulge their arguments for a moment, and think about ‘unfitness’ of presidents – when they are attacking Trump, they always conveniently forget their outright acceptance (or support) for the most unfit (by their criteria) president in living memory, George W. Bush.

And here, I assume Bush’s unfitness was actually a large part of how he became president: as a moron the establishment could simply feed with their instructions.

Bush, a serious contender for the ‘worst president in US history’, knew nothing about international affairs before he became president, had no discernible political skills or intellectual ability, had possibly been permanently impaired by alcohol abuse, struggled with English phrases and owed his chances near-exclusively to his father having been president, the Bushes being the ‘safe pair of hands’ under the old order. In the end, Bush didn’t even win the popular vote in 2000, and while there were howls about that issue, Bush’s unfitness as president was largely ignored, and then after 9/11, it became taboo.

It simply didn’t matter because whatever Bush’s blatant faults, he would indeed go on to become a ‘safe pair of hands’ for globalism, immigration, American Jewish power and Israel, perhaps most visibly manifested in the neoconservative’s weighty influence on the Bush administration. Bush himself became the ideal person for the job, manipulable into declaring war on Israel’s enemies on a pile of lies. For the rest of the world, the actions of the Bush administration were calamitous, their repercussions are still going on today and will be for a long time.

Later on there were some serious political concerns raised about Bush, but they were long after the damage had been done, probably initiated more for political reasons than principle. There were also jokes about ‘Bushisms’ but I couldn’t find a record of anyone with power calling for the Republican Party to distance themselves from Bush or there being serious questions in the mainstream media about his fitness as president. Outside the mainstream media, those questions were not unusual.

Perhaps then, this is a case of the media and Obama letting us know their priorities: off-the-cuff comments are bad, while wars rubber-stamped by dependable morons effectively for another country are good.

Consequences ? What consequences?

The Iraq War was, by the standards the media espouse, a considerable war crime – in this case excused because it was driven by Jewish ideologues and its rabid Israel-first lobby, who hold considerable power within the media. The war benefited no one but Israel and has facilitated a massive new Islamic terrorism problem for the rest of the world, and its continued consequences have enabled a new, savage diversity pandemic of alleged refugees from the Middle East into white countries.

Attacking Trump over Khan also allows the media to divert memory from their own culpability in the Iraq War, helping to send thousands of American troops to die in Iraq. Trump has correctly said that Khan’s son would still be alive if he were president at the time because there would have been no Iraq war.

The media are demonstrably ambivalent about who’s psychologically ‘unfit’ to be president, the question for them is if that person will carry out the policies they want.

Each time they seize on Trump’s comments to escalate them into mountainous stories, it’s because they are afraid of Trump and his policies which, despite some – and I’m starting to think more designed to impress than be delivered concessions, are overwhelmingly in complete opposition to their own.

As for person-of-color-in-chief, their unfitness can be the subject of another article, but I think their comments will help Trump, while history will place them next to G.W Bush in the list of worst presidents.


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