Hillary Clinton Trump/Alt Right Speech

Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s ‘Trump is a racist’/attack on the Alt Right-speech might as well have been list of slogans from the Anti Defamation League’s handbook of Hate.

I’m sure a lot of people have and will dissect it – in all its two dimensional moronic glory. All I’m going to say is that I can only hope more and more people are turned off by this kind of antiquated, stupid vulgar crap.

Clinton and her supporters are just simply out of step with reality. They are entirely behind the times, somewhere stuck in the past, in a world of ideas that have failed.

Clinton, the media and the (((controlled))) Left, have demonstrated yet again in their last breaths, that they have nothing but gatekeeping to defend their positions.

All they can do – and to be frank it has in the past been effective, is to use the power of the media and other institutions to set the boundaries of acceptable discourse, and from there they can search for – then feverishly promote the next ‘injustice’ while casting the next ‘icon of diversity’.

This all ensures the public remain confused about the murderous primitive reality of diversity – epitomized by negroes and their close relatives Somalis, from ever been recognized for the monstrous burden they are.

And it’s this kind of rhetoric that smooths the way for rapists, terrorists and other dysfunctional hate-filled animals from the Third World to flood white countries so that Starbucks and other multinationals have an endless supply of low-IQ, unconscious brown coolies on tap that there is no incentive to pay properly.

The ultimate prize in protecting diversity however, is in protecting the destructive efforts of Jews from being seen for what the are. All the rest of the diversity they pretend to align themselves with is a fog and a shield for that end.

But I don’t believe Clinton really cares about the content of her speech other than how it serves her. Extrapolated that means she doesn’t even really care that much for diversity or Jews, nor does is she particularly obsessed with anti-racism. For her, playing this game is just another lie, a way of acquiring power, hoping the forces of power align herself with her rather than her opponent.

Clinton simply doesn’t care that these perverse sensibilities about race have caused a malignant murderous global calamity, appalling suffering and perpetual injustice, now paving the way for the complete destruction of the West.

Well, you bet we care. You had better accept we are going to fight back.

The world has had enough of this shit.

This wretched corrupt old bag, who stands for nothing, who would sell her own granny to Saudi Arabia if it would further her career and bring in some lobbyist money can rot in hell.

This hideous ignorant witch, part of the new gynecological axis-of-evil, along with Theresa May and Angela Merkel, has now identified herself as an enemy of the world.

Clinton cannot promote herself as an attractive candidate in this campaign because she’s too corrupt, with too much baggage, and is far too disliked, so all she can do is attack Trump.

All she can do is hide behind diversity, hide behind ‘people of color’, hide behind the lies and constructed taboos imposed by Jewish ideologues.

And you wonder why people are angry ?

How blacks live

Chicago Tribune, quoting police Superintendent Eddie Johnson after 52 shootings last weekend:

“These guys are doing this two, three, four, five times. They’re clearly telling us they don’t want to play by our rules.”

“They absolutely don’t care about the rules of society,” Johnson said.[…]

“They couldn’t care less if it’s an 80-year-old grandmother, a 5-year-old child out there,” Johnson said. “If they’re looking for someone to shoot, they couldn’t care less who’s out there.

“Little kids getting shot out there is just stupid,” he told reporters

Israel had a campaign of stealing Arab children

Independent: Over the past 70 years, Israelis have become familiar with tales of Jewish immigrants from Arab lands who say their children simply vanished, possibly kidnapped, in the late 1940s and early 50s, soon after arriving in Israel.

In some cases, the children were taken away, never to be seen again. In others, parents were told their babies had died suddenly. According to some theories, the children were handed to childless couples, possibly Holocaust survivors who could not conceive. Others think the babies may have been shipped to Jewish families in the United States.

Those who have studied the mystery point to the aggressive state-building process adopted by the ruling elite at the time – white, Ashkenazi Jews from Europe – and perhaps paternalistic notions they held toward uneducated Arabic-speaking immigrants who arrived penniless with multiple children. Some even might have thought they were helping the families by giving their children better lives.

Make of it what you will.

Essex Mulatto teenager jailed for acid attack on group of friends whites”

The Guardian grudgingly reports the recent conviction of a black/mulatto or possibly a Muslim using acid as a weapon against whites.

Like every other outlet the Guardian deliberately misrepresents the attacker using a term of white endearment – as a ‘teenager’, and describes its victims as ‘friends’ – implying the attacker was just a cognitively-equivalently peer who ‘went crazy’. Be sure to notice that it wasn’t one of the white friends that poured acid over the others.

From the one close CCTV image there is, the attacker appears to be black/mulatto (nose) or a race associated with Muslims, which just happen to be the two groups associated with this kind of attack.

DS Gail McKemmie, the senior investigating officer, said: “This was a vicious and cowardly attack carried out without a single ounce of care.

“Bassey had no apparent motive for the attack and showed absolutely no remorse when questioned by police.”

Jason Corden-Bowen, the district crown prosecutor for West Midlands CPS, said: “The teenage defendant in this case went out that evening with a bottle of highly corrosive industrial strength drain cleaner with the clear intention of harming someone.

“All five victims suffered facial burns and some have been left with permanent scarring as a result of this senseless attack.”

‘No care and no remorse’ are fully consistent with black violent crime. And as the Mail reports they don’t sound like ‘friends’.

He said: ‘Alexander Bassey walked up to the boys who remained sat at the platform.

‘He got to the stage where he was four-feet away and said “What are you saying? Where are you from?”

‘Lee Elliot remembers saying ‘we don’t want any trouble’.

‘Two witnesses recall Alexander Bassey saying “well f*** you”. He had a bottle in his right hand and he shook it and squeezed it first of all at head height straight in Lee Elliot’s face.

‘He moved the bottle along the row of boys, backwards and forwards five times.

‘It was initially thought to be acid but tests later showed the liquid was a very strong alkaline.

Iain Purdie, mitigating, said: ‘I can offer the explanation of drunkenness and drug taking but that is not an excuse.

‘He is a very intelligent young man who for some strange reason on that night completely lost control of his senses.’

But of course, the attacker was not attacking blacks, mulattos, or Muslims. It was attacking whites. It was attacking an out-group. This was a racially motivated attack against whites that the attacker perceived as easy victims to inflict violence against.

The attacker was very unlikely to be intelligent by white standards. This was probably a lie told by the judge to present a pro-diversity narrative, to move the depiction of the event away from the attacker’s cognitive function being a factor in the attack. Even if the attacker had an above-average negro or Muslim IQ, that just means IQ alone, while highly predictive of certain future outcomes is not the only cognitive measurement relevant when assessing different populations’ tendencies towards civilization or violent savagery. And if the attacker is mulatto any pretensions towards basic academic ability would have come entirely from the white genetic admixture. The black genetic contribution will still be present and just as volatile and primitive.

This is one of many similar attacks that stem entirely from the introduction of backwards, low IQ, dysgenic-dysfunctional, impulsive, violence-driven non-white populations. Sometimes these attacks are against whites but often against their own groups, often against females for no reason other than the attacker’s feelings were hurt.

This is the face of diversity. Acid attacks, terrorism, murder, rape, muggings, many categories of physical and sexual assaults and a lot of other suffering. And all of these diversity-caused crimes would be eliminated by simply not having these groups present. It’s the presence of these groups that is the cause, not ‘mental illness’, not ‘drugs’, not ‘the lack of father’ etc., which are merely normal attributes of these groups.

The malignant forces pushing diversity and their wretched coward servants who act as ‘enlightened’ apologists for diversity know this. They can’t not know it. They have to be removed from being able to make political decisions, while the system that has allowed and nurtured them is replaced with one that promotes justice.

Ethnic diversity that attacks whites should face severe and brutal physical punishment, as any other is simply a waste of time.

Victor Thorn RIP

Victor Thorn

I am shocked and saddened to read that writer and researcher Victor Thorn was recently found dead.

Prolific author, AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound. Family and some close friends contend Thorn took his own life on his birthday, August 1. Thorn would have been 54.

Thorn recently had some startling success with his research and writing. At the end of 2015, coauthors Roger Stone and Robert Morrow dedicated their book The Clintons’ War on Women to Victor

(Roger Stone, of course had been one of Trump’s key advisors and remains close to Trump.)

Victor’s family and friends are generally satisfied it was a suicide, but it’s difficult not to see it amidst his critical work about the Clintons.

Victor Thorn’s work was some of the first I came into contact with in my own journey to the truth which began roughly ten years ago.

He was a serious and dedicated author and researcher and was unafraid to delve into extremely controversial areas that a lot of other authors at the time wouldn’t touch.

An eerie aspect for me, it was a couple of days ago I thinking of Victor Thorn.

Throughout the election campaign, I kept thinking ‘there’s a lot more to Hillary than just Benghazi and email servers’, and this image of Victor’s Clinton books flashed through my mind (which I’d probably only seen the covers of once, but which are very distinctive) , and I made a note to myself I’d like to read them.

In just over a year three people have died associated with American Free Press, all important and influential figures in different ways: Michael Collins Piper, AFP’s proprietor Willis Carto and now Victor Thorn. It’s an extraordinary loss. Committed, extremely talented people who have done so much good, taken so much shit – for issues of our cause, have left this world.

Yet some people entering the movement today may not even know who they are.

I think that should change, people should know who they are. I intend to do something about that here in the future.

RIP Victor.

Black Dysfunction Matters

negroes being negroes

Unfortunately negro discord is spreading across the world as the New York Times reports:

LONDON — Black activists, responding to calls for a nationwide protest against racial injustice, staged demonstrations in London and several other cities across Britain on Friday..

Notice how the NYT concedes there is nothing to actually protest in the UK:

Because deadly encounters with the police are fairly rare, activists in Britain have tended to focus more on the treatment of black people in custody, like Sean Rigg, a 40-year-old musician who had schizophrenia and who died in a police station in Brixton in 2008; and Kingsley Burrell, a 29-year-old student who died in police custody in Birmingham in 2011.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated in London last month after the police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

So if they’re not really protesting something that’s actually happening to them in the UK, what are they protesting ?

‘Solidarity’ with negroes in the United States ? Well blacks in the US (and everywhere) don’t have solidarity with each other, and tend to kill one another, or try to, over very little.

It’s not a huge stretch to believe that this protest in the UK, and others in Canada and France are just manufactured events by BLM’s elite handlers, just one more gratuitous exercise in anti-whiteness because any case in Britain is completely unsustainable.

But US or Europe, BLM essentially want you to believe there is an ongoing homicidal injustice against blacks, that blacks are victims not aggressors, that blacks are treated harshly by the police and the legal system. When BLM’s claim is demonstrated to be inconsistent with facts, or morally redundant when seen next to blacks’ own murderous violence, it has little effect.

In key cases that fueled BLM the police officers were found to have done no wrong, but it never seems make any difference.

Blacks are treated above all, appropriately by the police, proportionate to their statistical relationship to violent crime, to the specific dangers they pose to the police and public, to their proclivity for resisting arrest and their resistance to being policed in general and to their own treatment of each other. I liked this quote from Amren:

Given the strikingly violent behavior of blacks, there is every reason for police to be cautious around them. Cops are not appreciated in the ‘hood, and an officer can never be sure that a routine traffic stop will be routine if the driver is a black man.

Subsequent videos of police shootings, whipped up by a virulently anti-white media, that taken out of context – seem disturbing or unjust from an agreeable distance, can’t be judged and condemned from the pious comfort of the liberal armchair. They must be seen within the context of dealing with specific categories of risk, where the police have to acclimatize themselves to the realities of those risks against themselves and others on a day to day basis.

Despite that, the police in the US are already more hesitant to shoot a black than a white because of potential social and legal consequences.

But again, none of that gets through to blacks, who are outright unable to absorb information about themselves that casts them in an accurate, and therefore objectionable light. They can only absorb dumb crap, platitudes that make them feel good, even when there is no justification to do so. Just one more reason not to accept any claimed legitimacy of BLM itself.

Blacks can’t see that when they are not engaged in savage violence, they are wallowing in their debased anti-culture that revolves around and celebrates savage violence, the more horrific the better, and yet they don’t want to be put under any suspicion or profiled.

To my mind that isn’t realistic.

I don’t accept BLM to be anything more than an excuse to vent the mindless rage of black racial inability in a white world; blacks asserting their blackness and trying to make up for their own intellectual deficits by screaming injustice and whooping up other blacks ultimately towards more violence.

And I’m sorry to say not one of these blacks killed was worth a fucking turd. Can we say that ? Are we allowed to say that ? These are not martyrs in the sense of white Christian monks being burned, or political dissidents in oppressive regimes, these were varying degrees of animalistic black thugs, all somewhere on the negro dysfunction/violence scale; many at the higher end – physically attacking armed police, trying to snatch police weapons or going for their own, with prior violent convictions.

So what does that make BLM ? In essence: a defense of that negro savagery, this key pillar of black identity, under the cover of victim-status, blaming cops and whites for blacks’ own violent dysfunction. BLM is not separable from general black violent dysfunction, it derives from the same black cognitive domain, and shares as much intellectual and moral legitimacy.

And if we accept that BLM is a defense of black savagery as a core part of black identity, make no mistake black lives should matter less.

BLM is a way for negroes, and their handlers, to distract us from black tendencies towards violence, disorder and failure and reinvent an inverted fraudulent narrative for themselves as misunderstood victims, rather than the number one perpetrators of murder and violence they actually are.

It is a way for blacks to hide the fact they can’t fix their tendencies towards violence and disorder, and in particular to obfuscate the fact they lack the capacity to even care about those tendencies and their consequences.

Sorry, no deal. Blacks can’t have a special case for themselves to not be policed or punished because it makes them feel bad. The only answer is racial separation. In the meantime, if blacks don’t like being policed, they are free to fuck off to a black country without police.


Further reading:

Dallas massacre: How much longer is this going to go on ?

Usual lies backfire in latest London attack by Somali

The police and media across Europe have introduced a new bureaucratic obfuscation: that some non-European Muslim attacks on Europeans are due to ‘mental illness’, that such attacks are ‘isolated’ and not related to terrorism.

Such is the case in the latest attack in London by a ‘Norwegian’ of Somali origin, killing an American woman and injuring several others.

“So far we have found no evidence of radicalization or anything that would suggest the man in our custody was motivated by terrorism”…

“Whilst the investigation is not yet complete, all of the work that we have done so far increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues”

Mental illness or not, the attacker wasn’t attacking other Somalis.

The problem with this presentation of ‘mental illness’, is it willfully omits the fact these attacks derive from the same collection of non-European populations that are committing and spreading terrorist violence, where that violence is often completely normal in their own countries, and who have been inappropriately injected into European countries where their violence is aimed at people of European origin.

It willfully omits the fact that these groups, particularly of African origin, are anthropologically primitive, have biological tendencies towards unprovoked and savage violence, have dramatically low IQs, and are morally retarded.

It willfully omits the fact that all groups in general have in-group preferences and out-group hostilities, and mixing different groups is a recipe for conflict.

So who gives a fuck if it was terrorism anyway ?

To pretend the problem is just ‘terrorism’, and that everyone can ‘be relieved and go back to sleep’ if it isn’t, is a gross misrepresentation of the wider consequences of immigration.

The snowballing catastrophe for the West is not just about ‘radical Islam’, although that is a trend and now a serious problem. The fundamental issue lies in this deluded notion of introducing backwards groups from the Third World, separated by tens of thousands of years of evolution, as well as more ‘developed’ Muslim countries into white societies, and hoping these groups will act like liberal white hipsters.

Unfortunately, in their efforts to deny the racial significance of the attackers and victims, to frame Third World murders of Europeans as ‘isolated’, and especially to exonerate diversity (aka white genocide), the establishment have tripped over themselves. This latest attack comes on the back of another attack in London by a ‘mentally ill’ Somali. During the trial the Telegraph reported:

Isil fanatics are deliberately targeting people with mental health problems to inspire them to carry out terror attacks, a police chief has warned after a man suffering from psychosis was convicted of trying to behead a tube passenger.

So in an effort to protect diversity the narrative has become a mess. It’s gone from ‘terrorists recruit mentally ill Somalis to conduct terror’ to ‘mentally ill Somalis just go out and kill people randomly’. It’s gone from one story where the ‘mentally ill’ are used as mere pawns because they are vulnerable, to another where their mental illness was the cause.

Both claims are only consistent insomuch as they lead people away from the truth:– that Somalis are not fit to be among Europeans, and a very significant section the population of Somalia –for whom it is simply a normal racial trait, would fall under the definition of ‘mentally ill’ or psychopathic by European standards,

It should therefore come as little surprise that Somalia itself is an unrelenting fetid shit hole of a region. It doesn’t even have a government to speak of, the closest it has is Sharia Law. It’s a region of incessant violence, poverty and intense retardation, and is virtually at the very bottom of the Global Peace Index. “Mired in political instability and famine”, “Somalia remains a failed state“. Corruption is “rampant…tied with North Korea for last place among the 175 countries surveyed in Transparency International’s 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index”.

A small irony about these attacks is that because of diversity, some of these attacks do happen to include non-Europeans, in this case an Israeli and in other cases Hong Kong Chinese.