The Right understands that in the world of mainstream politics, for political parties and leaders to get elected – courting the approval of the Jewish lobby is nothing new. Any US Presidential nominee who wants to win in the current system, has to have a deliberate strategy to secure support from the organized Jewish community. Indeed many politicians are perceived to have made brazen careers out of little else.

I think a lot of people also accept a degree of compromise in mainstream politics in general. They don’t necessarily like it. But realize ‘tough choices’ are something politicians and their advisory teams are constantly considering to place their candidate in the most central and appealing light to a non-ideological Joe Average voter.

Trump has of course made some very significant concessions, some abrupt policy shifts and in particular – significant appeals to Jewish interests during his campaign.

I’m not really sure what the Right feels about those appeals.

If taken at face value – does the Right feel Trump’s appeals to Jewish power are something that’s going to come home to roost later down the line?

Or are they just strategic hot air that will be safely deep-sixed when in office ?

Should they be considered as necessary annoyances to get his other policies through ?

Is Trump setting up the Jewish lobby with nonsense policies which he will later blame Israel as blocking and then won’t fulfill ?

Do they matter at all ?

Trump’s pro-Jewish positions on the Middle East are ostensibly more zealous than any US government’s including not recognizing a Palestinian statehood and even ‘committing’ to Israel’s illegal settlement building.

As Trump’s campaign developed, his position moved from an organic neutrality on the Middle East to abandoning neutrality in his AIPAC speech:

Trump, the Republican front-runner who has raised eyebrows in debates and interviews by asserting that he would be “neutral” in peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians and questioning US aid to the Jewish state, executed a 180-degree turn as he delivered what appeared to be his first prepared campaign speech before an enthusiastic crowd of 18,000 at a Washington sports arena.

Trump’s position switched on Jerusalem:

“Trump declines to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel”:

Donald Trump was heavily booed Thursday after refusing to say whether he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

then a month later it was ‘Donald Trump Has Decided Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel – The U.S. Has Not’:

The key point here is the United States does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, whatever wishful thinking might be employed by Trump and other Republicans.

Or Trump on Iran:

Well, I just see what is happening and I am so saddened by this Iran deal. It’s one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen under any circumstances, any deal, not just deals between nations. I think it’s a tremendous liability to Israel. I think it’s going to actually lead to nuclear proliferation and it’s going to cause a lot of problems. I will be very good to Israel. People know that. I have so many friends from Israel. I have won so many awards from Israel. I was even the grand marshal for the Israeli Day Parade a few years ago.

A lot of people, some of whom I really admire on the Right, credit Trump with enormous forward-thinking smarts about this kind of stuff. They may be right.

They would see all this as Trump courting the support of the organized Jewish community by announcing some unfulfillable show of commitment to Israel pre-election that’ll be lapped up by US Zionist elements (Jewish and Christian), that will be condemned by most of the international community, and at the same time tempting Israel to finally blow what remains of its cover as a ‘moral state who wants peace and just defends itself from terrorism’. At the same time to Joe Average – brought up on a diet of Israel propaganda soda – it sounds good.

They may be right. Please put me in the camp of ‘don’t know’, as I don’t.

If you think you do then please comment.


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