I haven’t covered all of the attacks recently in Europe. They are so frequent now it’s difficult to keep track of all of them.

The attacks happen because the system wants to keep the status quo which happens to cultivate terrorism. Furthermore terrorism; the slaughter of your people, is a relatively small price to pay for all the rewards the system provides to those who have power within it.

Doing something meaningful about stopping terrorism means doing something meaningful to the system, recognizing its faults and then having to explain why you have denied those faults for so long and demonized or even outlawed those who have had the guts to.

Needless to say, every time there is another murderous attack, the response is never for those with power to question the politics of the system that led to it, or even hold the system to account, but to actually protect the system even harder. To prove a point we are ‘a democracy’ and ‘will stand strong’ against ‘the terrorists who want to end democracy’.

But no one wants you to ‘stand strong’ against terrorism, they want you to enact policies that end terrorism and stop them being murdered. France, like too many states is refusing to do so. It’s actually refusing to save the lives of its citizens because its commitment to diversity is more important a virtue.

France can’t admit that its cherished secular liberal democracy has turned into a pile of festering shit while it was virtue-signalling about how color-blind it is. It can’t accept its ludicrous ideas about absorbing swathes of its old colonies as ‘Frenchmen’ were a mistake, and it can’t accept today that its Jewish-led fetish for African and Muslim immigration is gradually turning France into ‘le monstrous turd of Europe’.

‘Stand strong’ – although it sounds stoic and tough, might well be mangled ugly code for “we will not do anything substantive to reduce terrorism as it means calling the system into question.”

Of course those people murdered by Muslims don’t matter to the system. 86 year old priests in Normandy for God’s sake, with their throats slit in front of their congregation don’t matter. Children run over in Nice don’t matter because France is ‘strong and a democracy in the face of terror’. These murders are a small price to pay for the glorious wonders of multicultural liberal democratic diversity.

Unless of course the victims are Jews – who get their own private police forces (even where nothing happened to them) , and politicians begging for forgiveness for this ‘new wave of anti-semitism’. Perhaps that should tell us something about the nature of this system that is forever being protected.

As for whites, France is actively protecting a failed system that is killing them.


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