Donald J Trump

Donald Trump is certainly shaking up the GOP in his own way, and made an impressive acceptance speech at the RNC. But although Trump is more strident and fearless in his oratory than most, many of the themes of the different speakers at the recent Republican National Convention are quite familiar conservative territory, such as a return to ‘law and order’, ‘safety’, ‘family’ and ‘respect’.

Perhaps aside from Trump himself who’s not really a Republican, you get the impression Republicans feel that it’s almost as if Democrats had laid waste to these ideas, substituting them with something rotten, ineffectual and incurably politically correct.

When conservative politicians talk about these specific values, what do they actually pertain to ? The left and cucks are very clear in their claims about what they mean, but remain hopelessly delusional by asserting that is a ‘bad’. The Right similarly see their interests in Trump.

I think it is entirely accurate to say values like ‘respect’, ‘law and order’, ‘family’, ‘tradition’, ‘making society safer’ all happen to mean overwhelmingly white values, intrinsic to civilizations whites have built for themselves. It also, entirely properly means whites protecting themselves from groups who can’t share those values.

So there are two related but distinct meanings: white tendencies towards civilization and whites’ protection of those civilizations from the harm now being inflicted on them.

Where these pertain to the first meaning, these are values that derive from white cognitive and moral ability, white evolutionary psychology and were simply taken for granted by whites of previous generations.

These white values have declined, not because whites have abandoned them willingly, but as a result of non-white ethnic encroachment on them that they never consented to, notably via racial integration, immigration/globalization and also sophisticated efforts by Jews in the media and academia to denigrate or nullify, and ultimately supplant those values with aggressively anti-white ones. (The second definition seeks to redress this)

Of course these ‘conservative values’ are never described for what they are: as white values – by the people who support them. They are always framed as ‘conservative’ values. But I find that an obsolete political label dangerously evasive of the real demographic shifts and incursions on white people now occurring.

I’m never sure if conservatives are so self-deceived they believe that if they just had everything their entire way, including a better grip on the media, they could get blacks to stop killing and raping and committing other crimes by presenting America to them in some even more wholesome moral way.

I’m never quite sure if they really believe Detroit would be transformed from its current embarrassment – as something very close to a third-world enclave of the United States, to a city of decency, and ‘respect for law and order’ if it could just somehow adopt these conservative values ?

Sometimes you even read that ‘Democrats ruined Detroit’ (with their policies).

But the fact is Detroit was ruined when blacks moved in in large numbers and when whites moved out to get away from black violence. Detroit’s condition today follows predictable, typical patterns of decline in all areas in the world where blacks are present in high numbers.

Detroit might be an extreme example, but it’s only not repeated everywhere in America because the population density of negroes is not that extreme everywhere, not because Detroit has abandoned conservative values, or been insufficiently exposed to them. Since blacks flooded Detroit it simply doesn’t have values at all, the values conservatives talk about are uncontrollably antithetical to negroes.

Moreover, wherever blacks, and many other non-Whites groups are – even in far less density, they are eating away at, and bringing down those very values that conservatives claim to stand for.

When conservatives are talking about a ‘decline in values’ they are really talking about the inability of some non-white groups, with blacks at the top of list, to be part of civilization itself. They are fundamentally talking about other groups bringing white civilization down, dragging it down in the case of blacks, or in the case of Jews poisoning it with anti-white ideas from the top-down.

If conservatives in America really want a return to law and order, decency and respect then they need to aggressively pursue policies to reimpose the demographics and ethnic-biases to what they rightly were at time when America enjoyed those values.

Sure, it’s difficult not to admire a lot of what Trump is doing, but I can’t help feeling that sometime somewhere politicians, leaders and the electorate are going to have to start clearly embracing what these values actually are.

You never know, maybe there’s some hope:

laura ingraham salutes

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