Milo Yiannopoulos

Not sure how to categorize this post. On the one hand it is has a feel of entertainment news, and I’m a little wary of stuff that involves clashes within the media itself or non-events on social media. So take that as a warning. On the other hand, there could be something important lurking underneath.

Like a lot of people I have mixed feelings about Milo Yiannopoulos, the flamboyant Jewish-born gay conservative personality of Breitbart News.

And yet, whatever I find difficult to stomach about Yiannopoulos’s debased personal lifestyle, whatever concerns I may have about his ethnic background, his views on Islam, feminism and political correctness (while kinda low risk/’low hanging fruit’) are pretty much sane – in as far as they go – and have made him something of a magnet for the left’s hatred, now culminating in a permanent ban from Twitter.

Looking at different news stories, I’m still not sure exactly what Yiannopoulos’s offending messages were, other than there were some criticisms made of Ghostbusters black ‘star’ Leslie Jones.

Twitter’s own chief executive Jack Dorsey couldn’t resist the opportunity to virtue-signal and intervened personally in this case to rescue Jones which isn’t a good sign.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter black lives dont matter

Dorsey appears to wallow in the typical smug, liberal, fetishistic coddling instinct towards blacks that many tech industry types have, while Twitter even gave Black Lives Matter their own icon, just not realizing it looked like three differently shaded turds.

By our standards, whatever Yiannopoulos said is unlikely to be particularly harsh, but it’s the fact he has a high profile and a following that makes him aggravating to leftist discourse.

Twitter recently partnered with the Anti Defamation League as part of its “Trust & Safety Council” initiative in stopping ‘online hate’. Although Yiannopoulos is a gay Jew, his lavish support of immigration-unfriendly Donald Trump, and his relatively outspoken criticism of subjects that are definitively Jewish proxies like feminism, Islam, or in this case – his views about a cultural Marxist monstrosity of a movie featuring an obese negro female abomination, could designate him as a problem for the wider Jewish cultural narrative.

If they are prepared to exclude Yiannopoulos it makes you wonder what hope there is for race-real whites.

It is has been suggested for a while that the Right convene its own social media platforms, as these major tech companies are virulent institutions of liberalism, inevitably setting boundaries of discourse that are ‘inclusive’ – meaning ‘exclusive of dissent towards the diversity/multicultural/nation wrecking/shit-pot narrative’


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