JULY 17/BATON ROUGE, La. — Three law enforcement officers were fatally shot and three others wounded on Sunday in Baton Rouge, La., the authorities said, less than two weeks after a black man was killed by the police here, sparking nightly protests.

The gunman, who was identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City, Mo., was killed by the police. Mr. Long was a Marine who served six months in Iraq, according to his service record. He joined the corps in 2005, served five years and was made a sergeant in 2008.

It’s getting increasingly arduous to keep up with black ‘political’ violence on top of black ‘normal’ violence. The situation is clearly getting more serious and we are by no means covering it all here. The recent terrorist-style events are an attempt by blacks to escalate their violence into a kind of guerrilla race war.

The shooting in Baton Rouge – again carried out by a negro with a military history amounts to a black collective psyche gradually shaking off any simulation of ‘progress’ and assimilation, i.e:

the incitement to kill among blacks is working.

Blacks are simply encouraging one another into targeted murders of American police, despite the fact that for decades whites have bent over backwards to try to accommodate blacks and placate and explain away black aggression and dysfunction, even rewarding blacks for their own inability. This strategy has been a lethal mistake. It’s literally cost thousands of lives.

It’s worth a mention that one of the dead in the Baton Rouge killing was black cop Montrell Jackson, pictured above.

When blacks kill black cops, it is surely a signal that blacks not only do not want to be policed by whites, but do not want to be policed at all.

The demand does not amount to ‘don’t kill us’ as there simply isn’t a killing spree by cops of blacks, in fact it’s the complete reverse of reality:

..an officer’s chance of getting killed by a black has been 18.5 times higher than the chance of an unarmed black getting killed by a cop.

It really amounts to ‘don’t police us’.

Whites have to stop accepting the blame for the vast spectrum of sickening black behavior and start dealing with reality now.

The answer is not in placating blacks yet again, trying to reason with them, pretending their unassimilable violence is merely a prejudiced artifact of white racism and that if we just try harder everything will work.

There is no answer in trying to change laws for an easy life – which would actually amount to mollifying black violence and aggression, ignoring black crime and creating more dead whites and cops.

The answer is just accepting that this entire forced relationship between whites and blacks has been an overwhelming catastrophe.

These recent murders do not arise from ‘injustice’ but from serious cognitive differences between whites and blacks and current legal/constitutional frameworks are utterly useless to cope with those differences.

There can never be justice as long as blacks are present.

Non-blacks who are legitimizing black hatred against whites – that means much of the media and BLM-sponsor George Soros need to be understood as literally helping to incite police and white murders.

The entry on Dallas also applies to this latest shooting and goes into more discussion.


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