There should be no mistake that the shooting of many police officers, resulting in five deaths in Dallas by a militant negro “Micah X. Johnson” at a ‘peaceful’ Black Lives Matter protest is an attack on all white people:

A suspect in the ambush of 12 Dallas police officers "wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," the police chief said.

The attack is somewhat unusually organized for blacks, while Johnson’s military profile is highly consistent with blacks trends, Johnson being accused of sexual harassment in his division.

In any case, this appalling cowardly mass murder is claimed as a retributive act due to recent police shootings of blacks. But the police – in their interactions with blacks are undoubtedly and justifiably governed by their experience of blacks as a group, and that must reflect the specific and unique risks to police officers and the public blacks pose on average. The way police deal with blacks is overwhelmingly appropriate:

The nation’s police killed 987 civilians in 2015, according to a database compiled by The Washington Post. Whites were 50 percent–or 493–of those victims, and blacks were 26 percent–or 258. Most of those victims of police shootings, white and black, were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force. […]

Officer use of force will occur where the police interact most often with violent criminals, armed suspects, and those resisting arrest, and that is in black neighborhoods.

The number of police officers killed in shootings more than doubled during the first three months of 2016. In fact, officers are at much greater risk from blacks than unarmed blacks are from the police. Over the last decade, an officer’s chance of getting killed by a black has been 18.5 times higher than the chance of an unarmed black getting killed by a cop.

In many ways the police remain the main barrier between civilization and chaos. They are the system that seeks to enforce white laws and white values i.e civilization and uphold order. The police are a creation of white experience and so whites are generally quite amenable to being policed, and surprise…you guessed it, blacks aren’t. The police represent the will of the white World to blacks, one they experience so often because of their natural proclivity to crime and disorder.

With this latest crime, black groups are letting us know they don’t want to be policed. It’s an incursion on their rich vibrant identity and makes them feel bad.

Blacks want the right to resist arrest, to attack armed officers and not be shot.

Blacks want the right to engage in violent crime but face no consequences.

Blacks want the right to look and act as violent criminals and wallow in a worthless feces-culture that revolves around senseless violence as its key pillar and not be judged or profiled or put under suspicion.

Blacks want the right to hate whites, to make victims of them and to promulgate their hate as they wish.

And all the time negroes want the free handouts, the gibsmedat to flow from whites to them, along with access to all the puerile crap that forms their ‘culture’.

But blacks can’t have those luxuries because those demands are not adult ones. Any injustices black feel are a result of their own inability to adapt to civilization, not civilization’s harsh treatment of them.

To have a moral just cause on behalf of your race is for the race to be in possession of morality and justice, reflection and empathy. But these qualities are disproportionately not well developed in blacks, so any way of separating black political violence against alleged injustice, from general black violence is an exercise in futility.

This latest killing of police by a black, while more planned than usual still fits into a wider pattern of typical black violent behavior and attitudes towards the police and whites. It’s an objection to interference in their right to violence, where violence is a natural part of the black ‘vibrant’ identity.

Engaging in more murderous violence, which is all they have at their disposal, they believe they can better themselves and ‘restore’ the dignity of their identity, back to a time before their own dysfunctionality had to be policed.

But when you look a the track record, Dallas need not be seen as an act of retribution for some thing, but just a continuation of black violence.

So no. Blacks are not fighting injustice and Dallas didn’t occur because of injustice. It occurred because blacks are violent, unintelligent, amoral, unable to self-analyze and easily whooped up into opportunities for more violence against whites by other blacks. Surely this begs the question why do blacks enjoy the same rights as whites when those rights are not actually appropriate to them ?

Needless to say, some voices have tried to make a distinction between BLM and the killer. They are trying to suggest that somehow Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement rather than another vector for black hatred, despite the fact that Black Lives Matter itself was inspired by a black police murderer, and that BLM supporters have celebrated the killings in Dallas.

But despite these pathetic attempts, the liberal narrative is getting progressively worn down to the point it is kept alive only by fear of what it will be, and must be, replaced with.

The dire fact is the world has taken an egregious wrong turn on the question of race and that there is no such thing as literal equality. Groups are different on average, are cognitively separated, have different capacities, tendencies and dispositions and cannot and should not be mixed into some hellish melting pot to prove a point about how tolerant we are. ‘Tolerance’ to me means accepting something we know is bad and damaging and wrong. Like how much pain can you tolerate from sticking nails into your hand ? It’s ‘tolerance’ that has helped kill five cops in Dallas, and countless other whites. If we believe in justice we need to become intolerant and whites must protect themselves from black violence.

It is not a virtue to keep pretending blacks and whites are the same and trying to integrate populations that cannot be integrated. The only answer is to trash the failed doctrines of anti-racism and diversity, and replace them with something that reflects reality. The system has to cut its losses and concede that racial equality and harmony were nothing but dangerous deluded myths, that have cost thousands of lives and ruined many thousands more. It needs to do it now, not after more whites are killed.


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